7 Summer Shirts EVERY Man Should Own (Chambray, Linen, Cotton, & More!)

7 Summer Shirts Every Man Should Own So, the first shirt on this list, gentlemen, the linen shirt. Been in men’s wardrobe for thirty five thousand years. If you go back and you look in ancient Egypt, actually, the mummies were buried with linen because when it comes to a fabric, nothing can beat linen when it comes to breathability. And, definitely you should have a linen shirt in your wardrobe. Now, what type of linen shirt? You’ll notice I’ve got a dark-colored linen shirt right here. This is the color that I usually gravitate towards. I do have white as well, I think it’s a great color, and I’ve got some, you know, an oatmeal right here. And here’s a protip, when you’re grabbing your linen shirt, go with a simple design.

So, this linen shirt right here, I had custom-made. I went for the chest pockets, I had the epaulets on the shoulders, even on the sleeves I had little strap little fastener there. Guess what? I have only worn this two times. Why? It’s a headache to iron. And, that is the thing with linen, you got to understand that this is going to wrinkle, but if you’re cool with that and you want the most breathable shirt fabric out there, definitely go for this style. In today’s video, gents, seven summer shirts that every men should look to buy. Next up, gentlemen, we’ve got the classic summer check. You’re looking for either a poplin or broadcloth in cotton or maybe you’re looking for a synthetic performance material. There are some great shirt options out there, but what you’re looking for here is something that has a nice airy feel and has a very nice drape with a lightweight breathable fabric.

The pattern that you’re seeing here is a classic gingham. Now, white is the base and then we have two variations of blue. This is a complex pattern which is great for layering and matching. So, I could throw in a V-neck sweater, it would look awesome, even if I brought in maybe a maroon. I could layer this with a jacket, maybe bring in a dark green jacket. Another option is a graph check or a tattersall. Again, you want to go with a white base or a light colored base, great for summer. Go with a breathable fabric. And very similar to gingham, this particular pattern is easy to layer. It’s also easy to wear by itself. Some other patterns to look at, tartan, although mostly you’re going to find that in wool and madras. Now, madras comes out of India, comes in a wide variety of very bright combinations, but what I like about this is you can also find it in trousers.

Gents, all the shirts you’ve seen in today’s video, brought to you by Tailor Store, the sponsor of today’s video. And, for years I’ve been working with them because when it comes down to the perfect fit, they guarantee it. And, I love a company that takes care of people. Whenever you’re looking to buy your first custom shirt, design something unique, they make it so easy. Go over and you download a simple app, you take a picture of yourself, you enter your height and your weight, that’s all you have to do. That’s what I did and I got this perfectly fitted shirts. I’ve got to go in and design y’all a fancy inside collars, the buttons, everything. I could go in there and design how I want. And I love this I got exactly what I wanted at an amazing price. And, you guys know I used to own a clothier, so I’m very particular when it comes to fabrics, when it comes to quality built. I’ve got over twenty Tailor Store shirts in my wardrobe that I wear in the vast majority of my videos.

Why? Because the fabrics are amazing, the fit is spot on. Hey, it doesn’t fit the first time? Ask them to remake it. That’s why I love this company, great customer service, they do everything in-house. And, of course, guys, I’ve got you covered. Use that link down in the description. When you use that link, you’re going to get the best deal you’re ever going to find from Tailor Store.

Again, that link is in the description, you’ve got to use it to get the best deal on your first shirt from Tailor Store. Next up, we’ve got the simple white shirt with a small accent. So, I like to go with simple white dress shirts made from a lightweight material. You’re looking for a very lightweight poplin, lightweight broadcloth. And notice right here, I’ve got these small stylistic details right on the inside of the collar. Now, if you can’t find something like that, you may be able to change up the buttons, go for maybe a contrasting button. On these buttons right here, I’ve got a contrast stitching in there. But, what you’re looking to do is to do a little bit of a play on this, so it’s not just that simple white dress shirt, it’s one with that small accent which stands out from the crowd.

White, what’s great about this, it’s perfect for summer. It’s going to reflect away the heat the sun, it’s not going to absorb that heat and you can dress it up, you can dress it down. Next up, we’ve got a bold patterned button-down. Again, we’re going for a lightweight fabric preferably in a hundred percent cotton, broadcloth, poplin. Now, this bold pattern right here, this is a paisley. It comes out of India. This is something that’s definitely going to stand out and that’s what you’re looking to do, have a shirt that’s going to help you stand out from the crowd. Another option would be to go with florals, small flowers or even larger flowers. Another option could be a small repeating dot on a dark colored background. And darks, I’m going to gravitate towards just because I think they have the flexibility to be worn at night maybe to the club or something like that. Next up, you’ve got a lightweight chambray. Now, some people confuse this with denim, they’re very different. Denim, heavyweight not breathable; chambray, the complete opposite. We’re talking something that’s going to be incredibly breathable, very lightweight.

In fact, when you go and you touch this, you’re going to be amazed by how soft this fabric is. Now, why is it so soft? It has a bit of a napped surface. It feels great when you wear this out in about during a hot day. So, the next shirt on our list is a classic summer shirt and that is the polo shirt. Now, when you think of the polo shirt, you notice, this one has a lot more stretch than all the other shirts we talked about. Why is that? This is a knit. A knit is made from a single long yarn and this is made to stretch. You’re going to usually see two, three, or four buttons. When you see four buttons, it’s actually a golf shirt. Three buttons or two buttons are going to be classic polo shirts. Now, polo shirts come in a wide variety of styles, options, and ways to wear them. Most guys are going to wear polo shirts untucked. And when you look at the bottom style of that, that actually facilitates this because it’s going to be made shorter and it’s going to have a straight bottom.

And, let’s talk about color. This is where you can really liven up your wardrobe. You can bring in really strong colors like a true blue, bring in a bright red, even bring in a yellow, you can bring in pink or you can go for a solid blue or a classic white. Now, when it comes to fabrics you got tons of options out there, cotton pique though is going to dominate. You’re going to see some performance fabrics out there, and you’re even going to see some polos made from wool. I think those are great, they have a really nice drape if you wanted to dress it up. Now, let’s talk about the short-sleeve button-down. This is a great shirt if you’ve got the body for it. If you’re fit, if you’ve got larger arms, go for it. Normally going to be worn untucked, so you want to make sure it’s the right length. And, when it comes down to the sleeve length, you don’t want it too short, you don’t want it too long.

So, if you’ve got built if you’ve got the guns for, then you can have it raised up a bit have it a bit closer in on the sleeves. But, if you’re really thin, I would recommend you look at a longer sleeve shirt and you just simply roll it up. If you though decide to go with a shorter sleeve button-down, make sure that you get it tapered though in on the sleeves, you don’t want to have tons of excess fabric there. All right, guys. So, what video to watch next? Check out this one, how to be attractive in a dress shirt. I give you ten simple tips to up your style. And if you want to learn how to build your own custom shirt, I’ve got you covered with this other video right here, how to build your first online shirt. And I break out the styles of the collars, I go into the cuffs. I go into excruciating detail, so you can go out there and build your first custom shirt, no problem. End of Audio .

Brooklinen at WeWork | Member Stories | WeWork

– We started the business working out of our apartment. When we moved into our WeWork office, I think the business actually really started to accelerate its growth. – It’s like hitting next level in the game. We wanted luxury bedding that didn’t cost a fortune. We stayed at a hotel that had incredible sheets and then they were $800 when we went to get them in the store. We thought, we can’t believe that you can’t buy your bedding direct-to-consumer, and that was why we founded Brooklinen. – We had moved into the building when we were only two people.

WeWork has really helped us to grow as the team has grown. With the speed at which the company moving, seeing six months in advance can be a challenge. Having a really flexible solution such as WeWork, allows us to be really agile. – I did at first think it was only a cool working space, but then we saw they have small offices, medium and large. Knowing we could have the flexibility to grow was monumental for us. – We expanded to 32 people as of last week. – If we were expanding an office that we owned there would be a lot of logistical hurtles we would have to overcome. WeWork really takes care of all of that for us. – In sometimes less than a week really. – What I love about our space is that its our own office, there are different nooks and crannies to work in.

We have tons of natural light. – Flexible space is really great for us because we’re not locked into anything, and we can keep it very cost effective. – We can put that money towards giving customers what they really want. – By taking the office logistics out of the equation, it allows us to really laser focus on our business, and we can be very very agile. – When we think about growth, we really just think about growing the business within WeWork.


Perfect Way To Upgrade Your Summer Blazer: Handcrafted Linen Pocket Squares – Fort Belvedere

Welcome to Fort Belvedere! In this video, we talk about the linen pocket squares with hand rolled X stitches. How they’re different from one another, how you can wear them and what makes them so unique. First of all, we have two different variations of linen. One is a more traditional linen which is softer yet still stiff enough to fold into a nice pocket square shape, but it’s more what you’re used to from a regular store. The other option is a so-called handcrafted linen which is handwoven. It has a very open weave which makes it very summery and casual. And if you look at the fabric itself, it has little knobs.

Some are thicker than others. It’s very transparent. It is stiffer and because of that we had to make that pocket square smaller. Why smaller? Basically, we design all of our pocket squares so they stay in your pocket without being too big. They will never disappear. They will never pop out. They’re just proportioned exactly the right way for your pocket. On top of that, all these pocket squares are hand rolled not just in a usual way but with an X stitch. That basically takes more than twice as long because the X’s have to be the same so they look harmonious and proportional. If you already have shoestring pocket squares with contrasting edges this is the next step.

It’s much rarer. You can really not find it made from China. These are made in Italy from Italian linen which is very high-quality. For the finer traditional linen, we offer it with a red X stitch as well as the navy X stitch. You can wear it with blazers or with business suits. It just adds a little bit of something extra to it. One of my favorite pocket squares is the pale yellow one with a pale yellow X stitch. It’s just summery, it’s subtle, it works well with pastel shirts and so does the brown and blue one with a brown base and blue X stitching.

On top of that we have our handcrafted linen. One in a burgundy red with white. It’s a very summery, very light fabric but you can also wear it with tweed jackets. Then we have a yellow one with a navy blue X stitch, which is different than the other yellow one that I mentioned before and so you can combine it with either your yellow and blue socks or maybe with elements in your jacket or your tie. The other version is a plain white even though it’s not a 100% white. It’s slightly more muted than that but it has light blue X stitching which is really great on summer blazers or sport coats. Last but not least, we have a blueish version of the handcrafted linen with a dark navy X stitch which goes really well with any kind of blue outfit.

It makes it a little more casual, a little more relaxed and a little more summery even though you could wear them during the fall especially with flannel and tweed jackets. For a full selection our pocket square head over to the shop here, where you can also find a pocket square with hand stitch dots which is kind of polka dot effect or with the suits when you play cards. Really great if you like poker or if you go to Vegas a lot. .

Meet the Team: Pablo and the Cloughy Linen

Hi my name is goblin here we are the wrecked fabric showroom in Miami scores today we’re going to talk about a variety of different types of fabrics but primarily we’re going to focus on the lid here X average would carry a wide variety of fabrics dedicated to men ladies decorative pocket or upholstery and every other spectrum in the textile industry anywhere from linens to silks to cashmere to polyester to Mikado Charles organza and the other kind of time you can possibly think of we carry and if we don’t have it we’ll make it today we’re going to talk about Chloe limit which is a fantastic linen because it has sat in on one side which gives it a fantastic weight and texture for suiting and jacketing Chloe linen offers a quality that is new to texture being satin on one side it is a weave that is perfect for sophisticated tailoring tucked amongst on the finest men’s brand such as Holland and sherry dorm a cabal Loro Piana and zhenya chloe linen offers its fantastic quality in a wide array of colors please visit our web store at WWF Champion it could also be reached directly at table at rex average dark

The Woodlands Houston Texas Luxury Home For Sale By Auction

Welcome to the distinguished architectural heights of Glensheen Retreat selling at Absolute Auction with no reserve on August 6th. Located in the prestigious gated community of Carlton Woods in The Woodlands just north of Houston, here you will find the George Mitchell Nature Preserve, top-notch medical facilities, Town Center and Market Street. The Woodlands is home to both the Tom Fazio and the Jack Nicklaus Signature Golf Courses. Leave the ordinary behind as you approach Glensheen Retreat. Set among perfectly manicured lawns with a stone pattern circular drive.

This stunning home was custom built by Rohe & Wright, with traditional French theme and promises nothing but the most luxurious of features inside and out. Including a screened in patio, a formal lounge area and dining room are separated only by a barrel-vaulted walkway. Expansive windows pour in natural light from the Texan sun. Any chef in the family will delight in the master kitchen with its high end appliances and spacious preparation areas. With plenty of room for seating. Custom touches abound throughout this majestic estate. No matter where you are within the home you are treated to natural light entering from every room. The grotto style wine cellar with its 1,500 bottle capacity is climate controlled for storing all of your favorite vintages.

A self contained suite of rooms at the top of the stairs offers a hidden recreational haven. Including a home theater and an upper living and game room with french doors that lead you to a relaxing balcony overlooking the pool and back patio. The master suite provides ultimate privacy and a level of luxury beyond compare. Step into the en-suite master bathroom with its whirlpool tub, ornate tile backsplash and walk-in rain head shower. Perfect for relaxing at the end of your day.

His and her walk-in closets complete the on-suite with custom ivory-cabinets vanities, and french doors provide access to the patio and pool. This is your time to make Glensheen Retreat yours. Selling at absolute auction on August 6th. Call Supreme Auctions to view today. .

Arhaus | Bedding | The Ava Bedding Collection

Ava Washed Linen is a new Collection that Arhaus has designed exclusively for us to help you design the bedroom of your dreams. We feature 100% linen, machine washability, four colors, and three styles that we know you’re going to love. I’d like to talk to you about linen first of all. Linen is a fabulous textile, it’s one of our favorite fabrics to use. Linen is inherently breathable, it’s soft, it’s washable, and it’s incredibly durable.

The more you wash linen, the tighter and stronger the fibers get, the softer it gets, the more you’re going to love it in a bedding collection. Our collection is designed to mix and match the three styles and the four colors to make a gorgeous bed. We carry three different styles – the first one is called, Ruffled, Frayed Edge, the second one is a Picot Edge, and our third is a classic quilt, done in a stipple style of linen. One of the things we’re introducing in our Ava Collection is a sheeting group. In the sheets we carry a deep pocket fitted sheet, a top sheet in the Picot or Ruffled edge, and king and standard shams. A term that often comes up when we talk about sheeting is thread count.

Thread count is a term that’s thrown around by a lot of different manufacturers and companies to try and describe how finely-woven their fabric is. Thread counts don’t really refer to linen – that’s a term that’s used in cotton for cotton sheeting. In linen, it matters how finely spun your fiber is as to how nice and soft your sheets are, and we use a very finely-spun fiber. So in conclusion, our Ava Collection is exclusive to Arhaus, it’s very competitively priced, and it’s absolutely beautiful.


Should You Wear Cuffed Pants?

Welcome back to the Gentleman’s Gazette! In today’s video, we’ll discuss cuffed trousers and whether you should wear them or not. In recent years, cuffs, also known as turn-ups, have somewhat fallen out of favor with mainstream men. At the same time, it’s a very classic look that has been around for a long time and will likely also be a part of classic men’s wardrobe for the foreseeable future. First of all, what are trouser cuffs? Basically, it is a folded edge at the hem at the bottom and it looks like a turned-up edge that it’s added to the pant leg. Traditionally, a cuff is not cut but simply folded from excess fabric at the bottom hem. Because of that, if you will let out the cuffs, you could always create a longer pair of pants or trousers. When you do that, you usually don’t have enough fabric left to put a cuff back on.

In that case, you simply add a faux cuff meaning it is cut separately and then sewn on to give you a little more extra room when you’re short on fabric. For bespoke trousers or suits, you sometimes also see angled cuffs which is more difficult to do and they are always faux cuffs because you cannot have a continuous piece of fabric with a faux cuff. The benefit of the angled cuff is that you don’t have a break in the front, at the same time, the back part of the trouser leg reaches almost the heel which is very pleasing. You also reveal more of the shoe. Normally, cuffed trousers are all plain hemmed and to learn more about the proper trouser length, please check out this video here. On the formality scale, cuffed trousers are always less formal than pants without cuffs. Historically, the origins of cuffs stemmed from a time where you would turn up the bottom hem of your trouser in muddy weather. In 1890, the then Prince of Wales who later became King Edward the seventh introduced the permanent turn-up which was there just for fashion reasons and was not a necessity due to outside weather conditions.

Cuffed pants became the norm for businesswear between the 1890s and the 1940s. During World War II, there was a fabric shortage and so it was decided to forego the cuff or the turn-up so you could save on a fabric and create more garments instead. Ever since the 1950s, cuffed trousers have gone in and out of fashion but over the years, they’ve always remained, they’ve always come back and likely they will always come back even though they might not be super fashionable at this point in time. By the way, the British refer to cuffs as things you have on your sleeve versus on the pants or trousers, they’re called turn-ups. Sometimes Savile Row tailors also call them PTUs or permanent turn-ups. At the end of the day, they’re all the same and we use the terminology interchangeably in this video.

So when and where do you typically see cuffs on trouser hems? You definitely see them in suits and in Italy, I’d say the majority of suits will have the cuff. They’re also popular in white-collar professions with lawyers, bankers, and the like. Cuffs can help to make a suit silhouette to look more grounded especially when you have vertical stripes such as a pinstripe or a rope stripe. To learn more about stripes, please check out this guide here and for more about office wear or how to dress as a lawyer, please check out their respective guides. In terms of the seasons, you can find cuffs anywhere from flannel suits or tweed suits all the way up to summery seersucker suits. In the collegiate realm, cuffs are favored by people who are interested in trad style and you can learn more about that style here. On the other hand, if you’re more a follower of the preppy style you’re more likely to just manually turn-up your uncuffed pants.

You guessed it, we also have a video on preppy style here. Cuffs are also often a feature on odd trousers or slacks that are worn to the office. Just think of the typical gray flannel pants with a navy blazer, for example, or other office outfits that are a bit more serious. When it comes to casual pants, you still may encounter turn-ups on chinos or khakis even though you can also find them without cuffs. When it comes to traditional workwear such as denim or jeans, you will not find a cuff because that would simply be impractical. In this day and age, a cuff on a pair of jeans would simply look weird. That aside, you can also find cuffs on shorts sometimes especially in the Bermudas, typically, they make it a little less formal so for most shorts, I don’t think they’re appropriate but it is an option that exists. To learn more about summer shorts, please check out this guide here.

So to cuff or not to cuff your pants, that is the question! The bottom line is cuffs or turn-ups are optional and it’s a personal style choice. For example in my suit collection, I have a bunch of suits with cuffs that are a little more casual, at the same time, I have three-piece suits that don’t feature cuffs whereas others do feature cuffs. The big advantage of cuffs is that it adds a bit more weight to the bottom part of your pants thus creating a nicer drape or hang of the trouser especially if you have pleated pants.

Of course, they also can help to create a visual balance, for example, for double-breasted suits or vertically striped suits but to learn more about pleated pants, please check out this video here. Cuffs definitely give you a slightly more traditional look and if you want a contemporary look with a slim fit, oftentimes, it’s better to forego the cuff for a cleaner silhouette. That being said, there’s one area where cuffs and turn-ups are always unacceptable from a historical point of view and that is formal wear. So you’ll never see cuffs on a proper tuxedo, a black tie ensemble, a white tie ensemble, or a morning coat.

Likewise, you also won’t encounter it with a stroller suit. For more details about Black Tie white tie or morning wear please check out our respective guides So if you’re buying trousers that are not for a formal occasion, should you add cuffs or not? At the end of the day, if you’re undecided, I always argue in favor of cuffs because you can always have them very easily removed at the alterations tailor. Think of it as an additional fabric that allows you to be creative with the size of your cuff but if you don’t like it, you can always get rid of it. On the flip side, if you decide against cuffs from the get-go and you later realize that the fabric is too flimsy and you would like to have a cuff in there, it’s very difficult to add one back on because most of the time, there’s not enough fabric left even for a faux cuff.

So if you decide to go with cuffs on your trousers or slacks, here are a few tips to wear them well. First of all, for a true cuff, you always need a plain hem and you want the front just to slightly touch the top of your shoe. In general, cuffs look best if they just slightly touch your shoe without creating a deep break or any puddling around your ankle. So when in doubt, a cuffed pair of pants is always slightly shorter than an uncuffed pair of pants. Having too much excess fabric at the ankle paired with a cuff can just look sloppy. Also, if your pants have cuffs as well as pleats, the break can interrupt the nice crease and the nice line of the pair of trousers.

When you wear dress boots, make sure that the pants have enough space so they go over the boot and don’t just get caught on it, otherwise, you always have some puddling going on that’s very unsightly. In terms of cuff size, there is again no right or wrong. Historically, there has been anything from under one inch to all the way up to two and a half even three inches. As with most things in menswear, it pays to stay in the middle which is typically between one and a half inches or two inches. In the metric system, that’s about 3.5 or 3.75 centimeters and 5 centimeters. According to Alan Flusser, a traditional cuff size is 1 and 5/8 of an inch for men who are 5’10” or shorter. If you are taller than that, you should go with an inch and 3/4. Personally, I like it slightly larger so sometimes I have a two-inch cuff or slightly smaller something that’s also slightly bigger but it definitely is a bit more noticeable and if you want to go for a classic look, this guideline hits the nail on the head. Of course, you can also pay attention to other aspects in your suit.

Let’s say you have very wide lapels, you should not have a very slim cuff because it simply looks not proportional. Also, you can look at the height of your collar in the back of your neck of your jacket and try to match that to the size of your trouser cuff. So what are some good ways to get started with cuffs? I suggest you maybe start with a pair of chinos because you can wear them a little more casually and otherwise, you can also wear them with a suit including a solid navy suit which is quite formal for a suit but nevertheless, it can be worn with cuffs. If you don’t wear suits a lot, you could experiment with cuffs on slightly more casual pants such as flannel pants, tweed slacks, or linen pants. So in conclusion, it pays to have cuffed trousers in your wardrobe whether it was a really casual slacks that’s just chinos or slacks that are a part of a suit.

At the same time, you never want to add cuffs to very formal ensembles because they are simply not meant for that. When you opt for cuffs, go with a slightly shorter trouser length so you have a nicely hanging pair of pants and at the end of the day, the sky is the limit and your choice or preference decides on whether you have a lot of cuffs in your wardrobe or very few but it always pays to have at least a few pairs of pants with cuffs because it just gives you a complete wardrobe. So what about you, do you prefer pants with or without cuffs? Please share with us in the comments and if you enjoyed this video, give us a thumbs up and I’m sure you’ll also enjoy the other videos about trousers which you can check out here.

In today’s outfit I am wearing a combination of cuffed trousers in houndstooth with black and white as well as a green jacket that is part of a suit I combined it with a white dress shirt with French cuffs and cufflinks with an onyx stone from Fort Belvedere which go well with the silver buckle on the black double monk strap for my shoes my tie is purple with tones of green and orange which are picked up by the Pocket square as well as my socks you can find all three of those accessories in our shop here the cuffs on this pair of pants are about 2 inches or 5 centimeters which is just a style I personally like and the weight helps to create a nice silhouette for my trousers .

India Hicks Castaway Cotton Linen Sheet Set

Just an absolute joy I waited so long for this I I know you’d agree with me when I say that HSN is famous for its sheets and we see a lot of wonderful sheets from microfiber two Cotton’s of all different thread counts there is a type of sheet called cotton linen it’s something you don’t see because typically they cost about two hundred to four hundred dollars in the marketplace India brought them to HSN a year ago they remind me of home they are more than special and to touch them is to understand why people love them or never without them on the way next we’re going to do them at the lowest price ever right in the meantime the lovely Cathy wealth is standing by because there’s always something fun happening here on HSN things that we’ve got a lot going on here in our spotlight and I’m here to tell you more about it in our special giveaway on HSN spotlight we are giving away 50 thousand dollars in jewelry prices during HSN’s birthday from now until July thirty-first shoes can visit hsn.com / arcade for your chance to win 100 surprises all month long from fine gold and gemstones to fun on trend statement pieces from jewelry brands including mine finds by Jay King rarities heidi daus victoria wieck and so many more join in on the celebration with a fifty-thousand-dollar jewelry give away and come back each week to discover the brand new prizes visit the arcade rewards store at hsn.comm for your chance to win not only is HSN celebrating their birthdays but some of our models are celebrating their landmark birthdays as well four of our models kita Cara Natalie and Carol are turning 30 40 50 and 60 this year and to celebrate host Shivan Sarna interviewed the birthday girls for her blog you can like us on Facebook and you can read all about it luxury means to me great style elegance and comfort without any compromise some of my must-haves travel essentials a great versatile bag and my contour curve denim jeans in my multiple roles as a woman I feel balance is key but my motto is family comes first elegance luxury good taste never ever go out of style no woman is one woman Iman global chic celebration Thursday on HSN it is HSN’s birthday month and we are bringing out all the superstars from the HSN family and India Hicks is certainly one of our superstars that’s nice it’s true it’s true for the past year and a half now that India’s been here we’ve just had an absolute blast we’re going to probably round out the show with the most exclusive the most desirable and the most sought-after product that India brought to this company and into our homes you’re going to hear right now about cotton linen sheets these aren’t normal sheets they’re not regular sheets there’s nothing simple about these sheets this is something that in the marketplace could easily cost two to four hundred dollars the feel of these is more substantial than any sheet you have ever felt before when India first brought these on to HSN everybody was like hang out what are these every single time that we are on the air people like to listen and hear about them and understand them and then the phone lines go crazy what we’re going to do today for the first time ever is off of these are under $100 these typically sell on HSN as our HSN price at 130 while supplies last where you’re going to offer these at 99 and for flex pay they are a customer pick and look even here even here on this camera shot you can see there is a thickness to these but a softness to these that is unrivaled in any other sheets that we offer so let’s begin at the beginning and India we’re not used to seeing linen cotton for me reminds me of home my mom had some linen cotton sheets and she would never ever ever be without them they are in a league of the run that’s absolutely right and it exactly the same I very much grew up in a household but had linen sheets my mother to this day has all the beds made up with linen sheets there is that real feeling of Downton Abbey luxury to these sheets it is not even hotel it is very it’s sort of state english homes and their there is a real luxury to them and I think it was unusual HSN that we were able to bring this kind of product at this price well we know that and they have done very very well we’ve thought through the colors incredibly hard one of the color we wanted to make sure that the colors were still very reflective of my island life that they felt like the Sun had been on them that they felt that they have been a family heirloom I think these sheets are something that you’re going to be able to keep for a long time your guests are going to feel good on them your mother-in-law’s going to feel good on the kids are going to feel good or them they make a very very generous gift it’s more of a wedding gift but we’ve had great success with them I want to take you through the colors if I’m a white is over here and already I have 300 people ordering the white they’re all available in full queen king or california king nobody will pay more no matter what size you order this is the white this is going to be your what color are we calling coral this is the coral gosh my car doesn’t even have some of these colors because some of these are the new ones this is going to be your denim this is going to be your light pink this is a beautiful absolutely gorgeous are we calling this simply gray yes that is gorgeous great this one over here I believe is the taupe Dorado I mean well here we go this will make life easier guys let’s show this image thank you light pink white coral lavender lavender is new lavender is one of the new ones denim gray and taupe so very quickly without boring everybody this was for host pick just about two months ago this was my star item again because India was at court doing something else elsewhere we wanted to hold off until she was here this was my ultimate host pick it was my top pick we are able to do it at $99 if you were here and you could touch and feel these everybody would take a set home I’ve know that about it the thing is a lot of us by sheetz India and they shrink and they pill early don’t last horrible both all those words shrink until bring this not these at all I am holding this lavender here because again it is quite a thought that could sleep on lavender sheets when I first thought about this I thought who is going to be sleeping on a lavender color sheet now of course I’m in love with this I think it works really well look how gorgeous it is there on the pale grey look at those together I love that color I think we’ve got big success story going there spectacular yeah very very unusual like the sheet itself the color is really good there can you see this again I’m obsessed with trying to get this through the camera the hardest thing is that you’re not here look look look the hardest thing is that you’re not here that is that it isn’t it definitely a disadvantage yeah can you see the way this is being constructed the way this is made with the linen and the cotton combine there is if I just grab this for a second there is a am a substance to this these aren’t flimsy there is an absolute substance to this that is regal yeah I mean you talk about royalty you talk about quality from estate houses and mansion houses that’s exactly what this is they are in a league of their own I remember when and and you won’t know this India but when we do a host pick we have to do a presentation to all the executives and all that being are the bigwigs in management and everything and they all said to me so why why the linen cotton sheets so I got that I got the set out and I said here feel these and I gave was set to all the management and that’s when they knew that’s when they said okay we get it absolutely will bring them in at the discounted price you spend a fortune for these sheets nobody in HSN’s history has ever brought in linen cotton sheets at under one hundred dollars they are two three four hundred dollars so these are not the norm these are not every day as it were in terms of what we offer these are spectacular we have been able to do for this one show for this one presentation a price that is we think unmatched unrivaled for designer sheets like this okay at this stage so good at this why he so good as I just go off on a rant about my dogs lying on the bed and Adam a she gets in he actually shows you the quality he talks about the quality he makes sense I just rambling about dogs bad you’re going look at NE sont aussi I look there is let’s take a break from both of us and go to Michael I believe Michael welcome to the show you are live with Adam but more importantly say hello to India Hicks hi india how you doing I’m good Michael you are Sam I am now I just Wi-Fi were watching TV we just remodeled our kit or bathrooms and we’re noticing the towels and we’re just gone oh my god that’d be a perfect addition to our bathrooms and that’s we which shows the coral oh what a good choice I love that and I love that you’re a man calling in that’s fantastic that you really paid attention that makes me feel very proud well I mean it as thick as these towels are just how as you’re describing the luxurious steel and a very generous towel all of that is what we’ve been looking for cows and we just go now nothing just appeal to us but like when you went through the fibers are so you can even see the now the matting of the back or anything is just like oh my gosh that’s I just makes you just want to keep taking showers you know just go just to wrap up and I’m very good Michael Michael you got it my friend you really have we’re going to get them sent straight out to you did he take advantage of the flex pay today I sure did that was a great deal to do that and free shipping and handling you you got everything we pulled out all the stops of the finale Michael thank you for your call we hope you enjoy them and let us know what you think when you do it means a great deal when people call in it really does Michael thank you so much for taking the time it makes me feel that it’s all worthwhile it really does well I do have some news coming through that’s why I grabbed these two colors this beautiful pink here let me just show it is now in second place a lot of people are going for this ping please tell me about the pink and the inspiration the pink we live on this extraordinary island it’s three miles long half mile wide it’s in the middle of nowhere we call it the rock we gather rock you get rock fever after a while but really what’s extraordinary is we have this three mile pink sand beach and it really is very very unique and it’s from this extraordinary mollis that lives on the coral on the reefs app and over time when it dies it falls to the seabed and the waves wash it and wash it wash it and it gets ground down and mixed in with the sand and that’s what gives our Sanders extrordinary pink color and that’s the color there that Adams got in his hands that is the pink sand beach color right there and it’s absolutely gorgeous look at it I want to show you with the gray as well as a career it’s really pretty look at this it feels like a conch shell oh my two together say I’m good listen to you it’s really lovely that just look at this this gray by the way is not just gray gray this is India Hicks gray oh that’s so good it is India Hicks grey this is an exclusive gray this is a great just for you when nearly 500 sold already and I’ll tell you it is absolutely worth every single penny if India with if India was here every week i would put these on the show every single week because they are phenomenal they are just so special and that’s the biggest thing that i want to get across to you that for those was that would like to sleep in luxury and feel comfortable you know when you when you have sheets that are old or scratchy or you have sheets that have seen better days you just tend to find that you don’t rest as easily when you slip into linen cotton sheets linen cotton sheets there is a he’s getting very emphatic it’s going it’s getting serious guys the ganache Adams got in fatica bout the sheets this is good passionate it’s good i love it i love it there’s a safe flattered as well keep going the cigar cutter luzma say now now you said when you get into an India Hicks sheets a good beginning to remind me when you get into bed of India Hicks about something else but this magic when you really do get into bed with ambushing now when you get into bed with India Hicks sheets there is a coziness and there is a feeling of just wow I love the hitch yeah we like the way we for that for this show for this next and we are we counting down the time already good time to count in debt when you’re having fun so will the seven minutes left if you get these in the next seven minutes they are the lowest price we’ve ever done and 130 dollars are still amazingly price compared to elsewhere but at 99 that was and is my host pick price it will never be repeated again so if you would like to try it is there for the taking let’s go to Georgia put them out like that yeah yeah yeahs a busy boy you’ve been chatting away just come look at the heats for a second remember whatever size you get the Royal the same price so you never pay more so these are all the colors i would recommend obviously the white i think the light pink is beautiful the question is new just the gray is one of my favorites from here you cannot go wrong with any of them let’s go to fay and because fay in georgia i believe is calling in faith welcome to the show your live with India and Adam fade you love India’s items oh yes I have quite a few of her things tell us about it say yeah well today I ordered the SEC towels to two colors the two throws ordered my daughter some she not these but the others I think that’s a great idea I think your daughter is going to love that what I wish my mom would get on the phone and start buying something I’m going to save them for Christmas though oh my gosh nobody tell phase daughter secrets our secret she’s not listening so it’s okay and you know what say I have to say the way they’re packaged and we put a beautiful logo and it comes in a really nice package together like that is going to make a lovely lovely gift item I think it’s perfect will I like your things I have your curtains I have your euro shams with the curtain design crown I love that I love when you buy something and you come back thank you so much yeah I get excited when your own oh yeah we all do we always oh that’s so nice fair country there’s an oval Norma’s amount of work that goes on behind this and then the actual day of the show it’s always very overwhelming because it’s busy and there’s so much to get true and then to hear people like you actually ringing in and telling me that you’re happy with what you’ve got really make it all worthwhile thank you i would recommend anybody to order your atoms in your fashion thank you you know say thank you for taking the time to share that with us have a wonder case you’re talking with thank you say thank you my India we are now six minutes or sellout and we have hundreds and hundreds of people in the ordering process if you are just tuning in very very quickly cuz I don’t want to bore you with this India Hicks is one of our most prestigious designers and we are thrilled to have her on on HSN I chose this item because of the response because of my familiarity with it from growing up in England I chose this item as my star host pick item we weren’t able to do it for host pick this is therefore our host pick replacement this is our own core the price is the best it will ever be four sheets that you cannot even begin to describe no they won’t pill no these won’t shrink yes they are softer than you could ever even imagined I want you to know something really clearly what you have in your mind of what I just a set of sheets feels like this is not the same this is so unique it is such an original feeling it is such a unique feeling that only when you get these home and you do go to bed in them will you get it why the mansion houses in the estate houses and the lords and the ladies and really in England like my mom was always very house proud and so when she you know she had her linen cotton sheets and she just happened for years and years and years and years she loved them it was that little treat it was that sense of okay I’ve got the best I can these are the best in the world that truly are in terms of the feeling that gives you and that’s why a lot of people because of the complexities because of how high-end these are will spend two three four hundred dollars well in these next four minutes we’ve got them at 99 and remember if you were ever to take advantage of HSN’s legendary 30 day money-back guarantee this would be it sleeping these for five nights or 10 nights or 20 or 30 nights and if you don’t think these are the best sheets you’ve ever felt please return them you’ll get a full refund a full money-back guarantee I just want to see something because we won’t have them on next week or next month the only time we ever have linen con sheets is when India Hicks is here it is with md Hicks’s resources her partner’s her people her sources that we are able to do this at this price which is industry breaking I mean nobody nobody can match this so India for anybody just tuning in can we just go top to bottom what your certs such a pleasure oh my god for me it’s right it’s just a pleasure I stand here and he sells these beautiful sheets I feel so many through that’s wonderful every word of Allah true but I told my story Indian you know linen cotton in England is just the rage it is it so it’s also a real heirloom so that the point is you’re going to invest in these sheets and they’re not just for the immediate future there’s something that hopefully you’re going to look after you’re going to be able to hand on down to your children and that’s why we’ve done these in these colors they’re not statement colors at all they’re easy easy colors that are never going timeless you never get a tire of these colors maybe you just want the white maybe you can’t decide I love the white it is an optic white isn’t it it is a real crisp and clean that’s a real luxury that it is a special one and the thing is when I describe it as more substantial you know what I mean don’t you I mean it is not a lot of sheets are very flimsy and very soft but because it’s interesting when you say soft I want people to understand that they are soft but there’s this texture to it and that’s and that and that’s what makes them that that’s what gives them the linen that’s what gives them the stability that they’re very very soft but it’s that linen texture that you you were talking about having having a close up so people could really feel what it is but you really do get that feeling that this is an heirloom it is the last chance I know that we’re going to have to say goodbye to india in about three minutes time so if you’re tempted by the moon shrieked by them that’s that’s all I ask is that you really do give them a go here is a last update on colors and what we now have remaining please remember every size is the same price the last call is going out on this gray and the coral now Carl always does well or with other color it is the island color it tells my story very very nicely if you are if it is a wedding or a gift idea please please think about the white this is that stunning lavender the such softness to this I mean in terms unusual I think it’s really unusual to see that sheet and when I first came to HSN are they said we need color i said i don’t do color I really don’t you can see the way I dress you can see the water and let happen and yet we were able to bring in color here and I feel very secure about I feel good I’ll sleep on these I sell these I have my own little boutique on the island these are in there because i feel so convinced that this works as a sheet set it’s not spectacular I feel like we’ve not really paid enough attention to this beautiful taupe and it that’s a shame because this taupe is it what i mean i’d call it look at what the coral it’s wonderful that they done very well together those those yeah beautiful that chocolate brown isn’t that illegal though you’re not really nice because it’s almost like it’s a softer chocolate it’s on what is like a chocolate mix it again well

How to Make a Bed Military Style

How to make a bed military-style making your bed is easy avoiding the urge to climb on in is the tough part follow these steps for a snug and secure night’s sleep you will need a fitted sheet a top sheet and a pillow optional a long-handled wooden spoon step 1 place the fitted sheet on the bed by securing the corner elastic under the corners of the mattress tuck all of the edges of the sheet tightly around and under the mattress step 2 lay the top sheet over the fitted sheet with the sheets top edge even with the top of the mattress be sure that the sides of the sheet hang evenly over each side of the mattress place the edge of the sheet with the longer hem about two inches wide at the head of the bed step 3 lift the bottom of the mattress with one hand and tuck the bottom of the sheet between the boxspring and a mattress with your other hand be sure that the edges of the sheet lay flat under the mattress use a long-handled wooden spoon too tightly tuck the sheet if you have trouble lifting the mattress step 4 lift the top sheet about a foot away from the foot of the bed on the bed side pull straight up to form a diagonal fold and lay the fold flat on the top of the bed step 5 tuck the piece that is hanging from the corner under the mattress smooth the diagonal fold down over the side of the bed and tightly tuck it under the mattress step 6 tuck the side of the top sheets securely under the edge of the bed don’t tuck the last foot of the sheet near the head of the bed fold the top side of the sheet down to form a nice crisp edge step 7 do the same on the other side of the mattress keeping the sheet pulled tight Center your pillow at the head of the bed and look forward to a good night’s sleep did you know in 2009 a hotel chain sponsored the world’s biggest bed jump thousands of people in four different cities jumped on giant fifty by 33 foot beds over 16 hours

Hotel Comfort Bamboo Sheets Review – Is Bamboo the Material for You?

Sarah: Hey guys, it’s Sarah from Sleepopolis. Today I’ll be reviewing the Luxury Bamboo Sheet set from Hotel Comfort. I’m going to tell you a little bit about what I like, what I don’t like, and for whom these will be especially beneficial. Let’s get started. Sarah: Now that we got the sheets on the bed, let’s talk about what they’re made of. These sheets are made from 100 percent natural bamboo fibers, which have a reputation of making very, very soft material. There are several types of bamboo. This happens to be bamboo viscose, which is regarded as one of the softest types of bamboo. Many sleepers have compared the feel to silk or cashmere, for example. Each set contains one top sheet, one fitted sheet, and two pillow cases. This set that I’m testing is a queen size set, but if you do order a king size set, it comes with king size pillow cases. You’ll notice on most bamboo bedding products, there’s no thread count indicated.

The general rule of thumb is, 1,000 thread count of cotton is equivalent to 250 thread count of bamboo. Bamboo is definitely the softer material. Now that we know what these sheets are made of, let’s see how they feel, and how well they stay on the mattress. Sarah: As promised, the feel of these sheets is incredibly soft. Really just — silky, light, airy, breathable material. I can feel how it drapes over my body. I can’t stop rubbing the material. I just think it feels so soothing and silky on my skin. The pillow cases are pretty large. Like I said, this is a queen set that I’m testing. You would, of course, get king size pillow cases with a king size set. These are accommodating a pretty large pillow right now, and they’ve still got a little bit of room to spare. The opening has this nice flap of fabric, so that you don’t actually see inside of the pillow case, a nice aesthetic value there.

A common complaint that sleepers have about sheets is that the fitted sheet becomes untucked throughout the night. Maybe they toss and turn, and wake to find that the sheet has become untucked. I can tell you after rolling around quite a bit in these sheets, that has not happened. All four corners are still snugly tucked under the mattress. Overall, these sheets have a great feel. Like I said, the most important thing to me is how they feel on my body, and to me these are incredibly soothing, comfortable, soft sheets. For folks who are looking for something silky, light, and breathable, these are a great option. The prices of these sheets range from 249 to 450, but if a hypoallergenic sheet set will improve your quality of life, it might be worth it. There are a lot of things to like about this sheet set. To name a few, the natural properties of bamboo are to be sweat wicking and cooling, so if you heat up during the night, these will be beneficial for you. Another great thing about bamboo is it’s naturally hypoallergenic, so if you have allergies, sensitive skin, these are especially beneficial for you.

Something great about Hotel Comfort is they let you try these sheets for 100 days before you have to make any decisions. That’s a long time for even the most indecisive sleeper. My favorite thing about these sheets is just how incredibly soft they are. They feel amazing on my skin, and at the end of the day, that’s the most important factor for me. There are a few cons to this sheet set. Firstly, the color I received does not exactly match the color represented on the website. It’s not a huge deal, but if you’re picking something other than white, it’s something to bear in mind for sure. Another thing about these sheets is they wrinkle and crease easily. Unfortunately, you cannot iron them, or it would ruin the material. If you want to get the wrinkles out without having to go through the entire wash process, just throw them in the dryer on a low setting, and shake the wrinkles out. One other thing about these sheets is while they’re lovely, light, and breathable, they’re very light, and really not intended to keep you warm.

While they might be perfect for summer time, I would definitely switch to something heavier when the winter rolls around. Well, that’s it for now. To read my full written review on the Luxury Bamboo Sheet set, or to browse other bamboo product reviews, google Sleepopolis Bamboo Reviews. If you found this review to be helpful, don’t forget to subscribe to our channel, and give us a thumbs up. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask in the comment section below. Well, that’s all for this video review. Thanks for watching, and I’ll see you next time. .