T-shirt Fabric 101: What’s the diff between Triblend, CVC & more!

Hey guys it’s Megan with BELLA+CANVAS in this video we’re gonna cover everything you need to know about fabrics whether you’re brand new to the industry or if you’re an industry vet I’m sure you’ve wondered what the difference is between Heather CVC and tri-blend or what the heck slub or poly viscose means today we’re gonna break it all down for you let’s start with the basics the most common tea in the printable market is 100% cotton a lot of other brands out there use carton open-ended cotton this is your cheaper or heavier scratchier or price point t-shirt at bella canvas we use only 100% cotton ring spun cotton what this means is we take the raw cotton and we comb out the impurities and then it’s ring spun to create a long strand of yarn so that when we knit our fabric its a tight weave and it’s the best surface to print on this is our style 3000 one the singles are like a thread count the higher the single the finer the fabric in the industry singles range for about 18 all the way up to 40 your carded open-end cheaper tees are going to be in that 18 to 20 single range our 100% combed and ring spun cotton is a 30 single and it’s a 4.2 ounce so 3001 is your go to basic hundred percent comb and ring spun tee it’s great for discharge printing and direct garment printing we’re going to get into all the details with printing tips for all the different types of fabrications down the line to keep your eyes open for that video to come another super popular fabrication is Heather CVC our Heather CvC is at 52% combed and ring-spun cotton 48 percent polyester blend it’s a 30 single at 4.2 oz Heather CVC basically means and it’s a poly-cotton blend and CVC stands for cheif value cotton which is a fabric term to indicate that there’s a slightly higher cotton content than polyester the incredible market is trending towards Heather CVC because that polyester blend gives it that nice texture that nice subtle dimension and the polyester blended with the cotton gives it a really nice soft hand so you have other hundred percent cotton that’s more of your price point basic and then Heather CVC is a step up when it comes to pricing now we’re going to take a look at tri-blend tri blend is a unique blend of cotton polyester and rayon so you have the comfort of the cotton you have the durability of the polyester and you have the drape from the rayon rayon was originally developed as a substitute for silk that’s what gives it it’s super soft hand with our tri-blend we have a 40 single and we’re the only ones to do a 40 single in the market I realize I’m bias that we have the best tri-blend in the industry similar to Heather CVC tri ones also have that nice subtle texture and the reason for this is that the natural and the synthetic fiber take the dye differently so that when it’s knit you have that really nice heather look one thing that’s unique about bella canvas tri-blend is that we’ve also engineered our dyeing process so that the natural fibers and the synthetic fibers will take the color in a way that results in a solid tri-blend we’re the only ones in the industry to offer a solid tri-blend so you get that same great hand that silky drape but that solid color that sells so well in the industry slub is more of a specialty fabrication that you might not be as familiar with slub is basically the leftover fibers and it’s a cotton poly rayon blend that’s knit in a way that gives it this nice tonal texture so when you’re screen-printing you get that dimension but it’s tonal so that it’s approachable from a decoration standpoint people are really into slub because it’s something you see prevalent at retail right now and it’s got that great vintage look to it if you’re familiar with Bella canvas you’re probably familiar with flowy but you might not know what that necessarily means the flowy collection is made of our poly viscose fabric it’s 65% polyester 35% viscose it’s a 30 single and it’s is 3.7 oz what’s unique about this it’s got a really soft silky and it’s an elevated fabrication that you would find at retail for women’s apparel it also drapes away from the body so it’s slightly oversized so no matter what shape or size you are you’re gonna find something in the flowy collection that’s right for you for the past seven years flowy has only been available to women but we recently added a poly viscose unisex tee to our fast fashion collection and that’s awesome for those sublimation printers out there because it’s perfect for that type of printing last but not least we have our marble fabrication marble is another one of our signature textures that gives you that great dimension but it’s awesome for graphic tees it’s 91 percent polyester nine percent combed and ring spun cotton it’s a 30 single and a 4 ounce so it’s got a really nice soft tan to it and again that great texture a lot of other brands in the industry have Heather CVC and tri blend options for you but no one else does dimension like this now you should all be fabric experts but if you still have questions leave them for us in the comment section below it would have been too much to cover printing tips and the difference between all the fabrics so keep an eye out for our new video that will cover all of the different techniques for these fabrics right here Be Different

Style & Sheets – A Man’s Guide To Bed Linen – How To Buy The Right Bedding – Vero Linens

Style & Sheets – A Man’s Guide To Bed Linen – How To Buy The Right Bedding – Vero Linens Hi! I’m Antonio Centeno, the founder of Real Men Real Style. Today, I’m coming to you from my bedroom, yes. If my wife found out about this, she’d be very upset. I don’t think she’d ever thought I would film a video from here, but this is important because today, we’re going to be talking about linens. Yes, bed linens, and I know this is something that, well, guys don’t sit around the campfire talking about, but it’s something I think is important in a man’s life because we spend one-third of our lives asleep.

Now, think about that. We spend a lot of time, especially on this channel, talking about the clothing we wear for 16 hours, 12 hours a day, but what about that other eight hours? Technically you’re wearing sheets and fabrics close to your body and you’re sleeping, and this is a time when we’re recovering. My friend, Ryan Masters over at the Workout Corner, he talks about actually when a man’s getting in shape, an often neglected part of getting in shape is your recovery, your rest period. And if you’re not getting good rest, it’s going to affect everything else in your life. So today, we’re going to be talking about both the style and the functional aspect of sheets, and why a man should pay attention to this and why perhaps you should look to pay a little bit more. I’m going to be highlighting the company called Vero Linens and they came on my radar.

The owner, Steve, reached out to me. We started talking. I really like him. He’s a small business owner just like myself here in the US and he saw a hole in the market. He’s like, “Why can’t I cut out the middleman and bring basically thousand-dollar sheets to the market at a much lower cost?” And many of you guys are instantly thinking, “A thousand dollars for a pair of sheets? I would never spend that kind of money.” Well, you may not, but your wife may or your girlfriend may because they oftentimes make the spending decisions in the home realistically and it’s something that I want you to understand perhaps why they’re going to spend that money and why, in many cases, it’s a great investment because again, guys, you’re spending one-third of your life here.

And if you go out and you buy cheap sheets and I’ve owned lots of cheap sheets, it really comes down to they fall apart very quickly. They’re never as comfortable. Well, let me go ahead and start this off with a story because I think it’s going to help explain how comfortable my bed is here and why I look forward actually to crawling into this bed every night, and it’s not just because I have a beautiful wife, no.

Okay, so as many of you guys know, I took a trip to Ukraine this summer. On the way back, it was a nightmare trip, 40 plus hours of travel, 17-hour layover in the airport. At first, I thought it was just a seven-hour layover, then I checked the tickets a couple of days before, 17 hours. Okay, I misread this. My wife is not happy. We’re just going to stay at — there’s like a Hilton or something right there at the airport. We come to find out my wife, she’s not going to be able to get into Poland without a Visa. I’m an American. My kids are Americans, but my wife is still Ukrainian. And so for her, we couldn’t get the visa in time, so we’re spending the night in the airport, 17 hours. I went and bought some inflatable mattresses, told my kids we were camping, tried to have fun with it, but it could’ve been worse. Let’s just say it was something that we arrived in Chicago and we were tired. We didn’t get a good night’s sleep and we wanted — we even thought about getting a hotel room or staying with friends right there in Chicago, but we didn’t because we both know that this is the most comfortable bed in the world to us.

You know that feeling you get when you go to a hotel, a really nice one, and you crawl into that bed and you’re like, “Wow! Why can’t I have this in my home?” Well, the thing is, guys, you can. You just simply have to pay attention to the details. I’m not really going to go talking about the bed because that is a large component as well. I’m instead today, of course, going to talk about the linens and the comforter and all this other stuff that goes with it.

That’s my story basically, a 40-hour trip was made worthwhile or at the end of it, I felt good at least because we took a shower and I crawled into my bed and it was awesome. I slept a solid eight to ten hours that night. Well, I did. My poor wife, we’ve got three kids and a baby, and let’s just say the baby, she likes to wake up multiple times, but I’m a pretty lucky guy. My wife handled most of that. The point is, guys, is I look forward to crawling into my bed every night and I want to give you the skill set, the tools so that when you’re looking at sheets or when someone in your household is looking to spend the money on sheets, you understand both the style and the functional aspect.

So let’s go ahead and start off why this is a good investment, why even care. I already talked about we spend one-third of our lives asleep, and I talked about how Ryan Masters and a number of others, anyone that talks about body and nutrition and well-being, how sleep is incredibly important. But another reason to spend good money on sheets is you oftentimes get what you pay for. What do I mean here? Well, higher quality sheets are going to be denser.

I can tell when I got these from Steve and I field-tested these for — well, over the summer, I had these on my bed and for the last three weeks, both my wife and I have been field-testing these sheets and I can tell you that they’re great. The first thing my wife said when she crawled in to bed after that trip is, “Wow! These are really nice sheets.” It kind of made me surprised because here we’re both exhausted and she’s talking about the sheets, how nice they are. They just feel better. It’s hard to explain, but it’s the difference between a high quality shirt and a low quality rough shirt.

And this is something that again, you want to get into this bed next to naked, if not naked. It’s the density of the weave. It’s also the length of the cotton fibers, which is really important and we’ll talk about this a little bit later, but all of that goes into play. And so, you’re sleeping better. Your sheets are going to last longer and they’re going to look better. So after a few washes, lower quality sheets oftentimes lose their color. In addition, they become rougher. You can see the spilling. You could look at whenever you dry sheets. Look in the dryer. If you start to notice, there’s a lot of material that you’re scooping out. That material doesn’t come from — it doesn’t just magically appear.

That is coming off of your sheets. And so, higher quality sheets, you’re often going to see almost nothing comes off of them. I’ve probably washed these already 10 to 20 times over the last four months. I’ll have to do the math on that, but basically once a week we at least wash our sheets, and I can tell you that they have stood up.

We’ve got hard water here. I use pretty harsh detergents. I’ve got kids. Let’s just say you get lots of stains on your sheet when you’ve got kids and it’s something that you need to be able to wash and expect that everything comes out. Let me go ahead and quickly talk about as a man, you’re going to be looking at, “Antonio, you’ve got me convinced. What needs to go on my bed?” Well, if you’ve got the mattress, we’re not really going to talk about that. You want to have both the sheets. You want to make sure they come with pillow cases, and then you want to be looking at a comforter. And to protect the comforter, you want to have a duvet cover. Let me talk about those three things. The sheets, I’ve already spent some time talking about it. You want to have high quality sheets, both a bed sheet that encompasses the bed. It has usually a little of elastic around it and it fits and holds the bed. One thing I like about Vero Linens is that they actually give you a pretty generous cut.

A lot of times, companies are going to try to save money and they’re going to actually give you a very tight — basically, it’s going to fit on your bed, but very, very tightly. Now, that looks good but over time, you’re going to lose some of the — basically, you’re going to have tension on this at all times and it’s going to start to give. I like it so it fits perfectly on them. Maybe it even has a little bit of excess material and that ensures that there’s not going to be as much tension unless you’re laying it and you’re a big guy, but basically, what you’re going to see is those sheets are going to last longer. Again, make sure the upper sheet has plenty of room. I’ve got a king size California King here and I can tell you that, again, when you go with a higher quality, they’re going to give you extra material. A lot of low quality manufacturers, they are going to skimp on that extra material because it just saves them money.

Let’s talk about the comforter. I’m not going to spend a whole lot of time here, but on the comforter, you want to make sure that you’ve got down, and down is different than the feathers. There are feathers and then there’s down, which are usually on either the younger animals or the younger birds or right below the actual feathers, and this is what does a great job of insulating. Many people think they are tiny feathers, but they’re not as hard, and down is usually also going to be more expensive. It needs to have special care. Let’s say you already have a down comforter and you’re wondering, “Hey, I haven’t washed this for a long time,” make sure to check out Vero Linens.

Steve’s got a great blog and he gives away tons of information on how to clean and how to wash your linens, how to wash your comforters. Okay, so moving from the comforters, let’s talk about the duvet cover, and this is where a lot of people — I know that especially in the United States, they don’t buy one of these, and that basically seals up your down comforter. And so, you can wash your duvet cover much more often than you wash your down comforter. I don’t really recommend washing your down comforter but perhaps maybe once or twice a year, and a way you get away with doing that is you never, in a sense, sleep with your skin against the down comforter. Instead, you’ve got the duvet cover. Again, this would be something made from a similar material as the sheets and it simply seals it up and it protects it from any type of stains. Obviously, we have little bits of oil and dirt on our body. Okay, so I’ve talked about what makes up quality.

There are some other things like afghans. I’ll talk about that actually in the article a bit, but finally, I’m going to go ahead and end this with how to buy quality sheets because you’re going to go out there and you’re going to try to make good purchasing decisions. I know the thing that most men don’t want to do, we don’t want to go out there and spend $500 or $400 on what we think are quality pair of sheets or set of sheets and all of a sudden, find out those linens are low quality because we basically just got ripped off. So first, let me say the whole idea with thread count is, in many ways, bunk.

Basically, it’s being abused in the industry. We see with wool thread counts like Super 180s, Super 220s, there are probably a lot of counterfeit fabrics out there. In addition, it’s kind of like megapixels, and we all see this in cameras. You go to Best Buy and you see this camera has 22 megapixel, this one has 14. Which one is better? Well, the 22. Well, not really because it also depends on the size of the sensor.

So think about that with sheets. Think about who’s manufacturing, what country it’s coming out of. Usually, Italy, Switzerland, Ireland, they have some of the best linens coming out. They’ve been making these for centuries and centuries. China is up and coming, but I stay away from China most of the time simply because they don’t have — and they’re working on this. I think in the next ten years, we may see a change, but there’s less quality control. Basically, you see a lot of, again, counterfeit fabrics, fabrics that are being marked as high quality, but they’re really low quality. In addition, almost all of the low quality is coming out of China simply because a lot of people, they don’t think about this. They just buy something based off of cost. I know I’ve done this in the past. So look at country of origin. Don’t fall into the trap of the high thread count. The last thing is pay attention to the quality of the cotton.

So anytime you see Egyptian, anytime you see Super Pima, in addition, whenever it’s coming out of places like, again, Italy or Ireland, this is a great combination because what we’re talking about here is the length of the thread of the cotton. Cotton, oftentimes the quality is judged by the length of the actual strand. Let’s go back to West Texas. Mostly in West Texas, we’re going to see just regular inch to an inch and a half length, but in the Super Pimas, in the Egyptian cottons, we’re going to start to see those an inch and three quarters up to two inches. And actually, some of the cotton can be down to three quarters of an inch in length. Now, why does this matter? Because when they spool up the threads, you’re able to get a stronger weave. Basically, you can get it tighter and stronger and it’s going to last longer and it’s going to feel more luxurious because you can get tighter and stronger weaves. Okay, so I hit on a lot of points here. I know there’s a lot more I could’ve covered. I cover it in the article quite a bit, but at the bottom of the article, I link you over to Vero Linens because Steve has a free e-book.

When you’ve made it this far, you probably care about what I’m talking about here, so go grab Steve’s free e-book. It’s like 14 pages and it gives you a lot more information there. In addition, his blog is an amazing resource. If you’re on my email list, I’ll even talk more about how Steve has some great offers. And yeah, if you’re on my email list, you’re going to be eligible for the giveaway.

Actually, Steve is going to handle most of this if you go download his e-book. I know he’s going to be giving away a set of sheets. I don’t know how often he’ll do this, but it is something that you kind of put your name in the hat. And in any case, if you’re in the market, be sure to check out Vero Linens. I’m very happy and my wife is very happy with the sheets. I’d have to say that I’m sleeping very well. Okay, guys, if you have any questions, I’d love to see them below in the comments. I will see you guys in the next video. Bye-bye. .

How the World’s Softest Wool is Made

My name is Mati Ventrillon and we are in Fair Isle, Scotland. I’m a crafter, and a knitter I design fair isle garments and sell them online Fair Isle is known in the world as a knitting technique that involves stranded color knitting so is basically carrying two colors together in one row sometimes three It’s called fair isle because it originated here in the island the Shetland wool was known for being one of the softest wools in the world Fair Isle belongs to the Shetland Islands the population of sheep is a lot higher than the human population the making of a fair isle jumper I think it can be divided in two different processes one is the husbandry of the animals and then the other one is the making of the garments. You have a flock of sheep looking after them feeding them make sure that they stay healthy so that you produce a good fleece.

Shearing. I found that the best way to do it is by allowing the sheep to rest on your legs they become very docile and kind of happy animals the moment that becomes like a factory thing the relationship changes completely fleece is spread out you clean any debris any grass you roll it in one little bundle then it sent out to Jameson spinning in mainland Shetland with the Good Shepherd they’re sorted then they’re graded according to the quality of the wool then they get processed get washed it gets sort of pulled apart dyed, spun twisted and then we get the cones the cones get sent normally with the aeroplane from Tingual into Fair Isle.

I receive my yarn with the plane I go and collect it and bring it to my studio and then the process of making the garment begins. It comes the design stage I start printing together colors and patterns and I create swatches once the design is approved then we go into the detailing. the Knitting process starts with producing the ribs taken that weave transferring it into the flatbed knitting machine. I place all my wools and then I start knitting the garment. The Machine reads the solid and color. Front, back, right sleeve, left sleeve. All these panels get put together the sleeves get attached by a technical grafting, it creates an invisible thing The seam gets sown along the slip I produce the neck and then the neck gets grafted into the garment. Once the garment is knitted is the finishing process. Trimming all the insides you have to weave in the end. This is the moment where I can check if there’s been any mistake on the weavings the garment gets washed in 30 degrees temperature put it on the stretcher and the wooly horse to dry. Once it’s dry it gets pressed and labeled.

It’s normally wrapped in brown paper parcel kind of old style with a little string of wool. The knitting belongs to the island. People stop doing it, they leave the island and someone else comes and carries on so feeling that I’m continuing a tradition and preserving a heritage is full of satisfaction .

White Bedding Styling Tips by Steven Whitehead | Pottery Barn

Pottery Barn The White Bed Stephen Whitehead My name is Steven Whitehead, I’ve been a bedding stylist for about fifteen years and I work with pottery barn. The white bed has a certain mystique and you go into a beautiful spa hotel the beds tend to be variations of a white theme, and it allows people to completely unwind and just be. I think for a lot of people they think that white is very delicate, when it’s soiled, it’ll let you know, as I would want my favorites to do and I would say the majority of the bedding that pottery barn sells is machine washable. It’s very easy to care for and you can trust that when you start to build a collection of white bedding that it’s always going to go together it’s always going to be classic, it’s always going to look good. The great thing about building a collection of white bedding is that it’s so easy, you add a new element, a new coverlet, a new sham, a new decorative pillow and all of a sudden you have a beautiful new room.

It is timeless it’s classic and you will always be able to use it. The nice thing about the white bed is that it can take on any number of personas, it can be very clean and masculine, very organized and geometric, it can be very romantic with ruffle with beautiful heirloom linens, it can take on any type of identity you need it to take on. Seasonally you can do lightweight wool blankets, lightweight cotton blankets so that you can do it from season from summer to winter to spring. There’s always an appropriate bedding that Pottery Barn sells that will work for any season of the year. One of our tricks of the trade to use a little bit of water and a spray bottle to ease out wrinkles. You could use this in your guest room if you want to freshen a duvet or sheets before your guests arrive and what we’ve done too do is to add a little bit of lavender so that the water has a slight scent and just freshens the linen, and it makes it really welcoming to your guests.

I think it’s important in your linen closet or whatever storage you have is that, first of all, edit, get rid of anything that you don’t use that doesn’t function for you that’s too small, that’s dated, and then make sure that you fold your linens so that everything that you own is in plain view that you can access it that you can see what is in your entire collection. That way you can rotate you can make sure that your’re utilizing everything that you own and your fabrics are going to wear more evenly that way and you’ll enjoy them for a much longer time. The bed is very important. We spent probably a third of our lives in bed. It’s a space of renewal, and you want to have that space be tranquil and inviting and you want to have the best sound asleep possible. Pottery Barn .

Fremont East District to Las Vegas Convention Center, Las Vegas, Nevada, 17 June 2018 GOPR5897

17 June 2018 5:08 pm El Cortez the wylde The Downtowner Public Parking Downtowner Motel, 129 N 8th St, Las Vegas, NV 89101 downtownerlv.com (702) 553-2553 Girl taking picture of Mural Public Parking 8th Street Virtuevice Fremont East District The Venue Las Vegas, 750 Fremont St, Las Vegas, NV 89101 thevenuelasvegas.com (844) 228-1830 Fremont Street E Carson Ave Downtown Terrace Kitchen & Bar 7th & Carson VegeNation Barber Shop Bomb Tacos John E Carson Hotel Donut Bar Las Vegas Blvd $EZ Pawn Foley Federal Building, United States Courthouse Clark Ave Catherine Trifiletti Design Don Vicente Cigar Co. Inc. World’s Famous Tattoo Parlor, Wolf Pack Aladdin Bail Bonds Tours Garces Super Cleaners Studio 8 ten AW Offices of John Peter Lee, LTD.

Dona Maria Tamales Dona Maria Mexican Restaurant Gateway Motel Panhandler Gateway Motel, 928 Las Vegas Blvd 7 Eleven Extra Space Storage Sacred Heart Tattoo Hostel Cat Talk of the Town Travelers Bed & Breakfast Albo Pizza Restaurant Albo Pizza Restaurant The Last Neighborhood Bar in Las Vegas Pureto Rico Express Dino’s $10 Dress Arepas Authentic Venezuelan Food White Cross Market Myers Market Denny’s St Louis Alarmco Carl’s Jr Stratosphere I SB Siegel Suites Siegel Suites Paradise, Flexible-Stay Living Siegel Suites Paradise, 2000 Paradise Rd, Las Vegas, NV 89104 siegelsuites.com (702) 369-8050 Stratosphere Bonita Terrace Apts. 7 Eleven McDonald’s McDelivery Paradise SLS SLS Las Vegas Paradise Rd ARCO ampm Elvis Presley Blvd Spring Hill Suites Marriott Landmark Visitor Information Monorail Las Vegas Convention Center Monorail Station Stop ID: CCR, 3150 Paradise Rd, Las Vegas, NV 89109 lvmonorail.com (702) 699-8222 World Trade Center Las Vegas KNS Holiday Las Vegas Convention Center El Original Tacos Luana Big Daddy’s Barbecue Care Free Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority, 3150 Paradise Rd, Las Vegas, NV 89109 lvcva.com (702) 892-7575 Welcome to WVC2018 North Halls Convention Center Dr Westgate Las Vegas Resort & Casino, 3000 Paradise Rd, Las Vegas, NV 89109 resort.to Manilow Benihana Brady Linen Services, LLC WR, Westgate Las Vegas Resort & Casino Monorail Parking Garage Level 1

Business Casual Men’s Shoes & How To Wear Them

Welcome back to the Gentleman’s Gazette and our series on business casual clothing. Today, we discuss shoes and we go more in depth about different work settings and how you can put your best foot forward so you could look always stylish. If you have not already done so, please check out our general dress code guides or five different outfits and what to wear to the office here. Business casual today is one of the most widely spread dress codes yet it’s often vaguely defined. Because of that, we created an in-depth guide but the golden rule to keep in mind is that you always have to adapt to your company and the culture within. There’s no point in following all the advice we provide in our video if your company is extremely casual or extremely formal. You simply have to figure that out and the best way to do that is to observe what others are wearing or to ask your supervisor. Well-made shoes from quality leather that is expertly polished can really upgrade a cheap suit, at the same time, a cheap pair of shoes can bring down a $5,000 bespoke suit.

So first, let’s look at what business casual shoes mean in a context of traditional white-collar environments such as law firms. Because you’re on this traditional environment, chances are even business casual is more formal than in other places. Now that doesn’t mean that you should wear your black cap toe oxford because that would still be too formal and while it’s good with suits for business casual, you can be a bit more daring. For one that means wearing a derby shoe. Derbys have an open lacing system and because of that, they’re always slightly less formal than an oxford. Also, I would stay clear of black derbys, instead I would opt for brown ones because brown is one of those shades that has just a hundred or thousand different colors with little variations and so you can never have enough brown shoes. When I say brown I also mean red shoes, either reddish brown, burgundy, or oxblood. These are all fantastic colors for business casual even in a formal environment. My favorite derby shoe of mine comes in Burgundy, it’s made of a Parisian last which is still quite elegant and so I can work with a suit or for business casual very easily.

Alternatively, I could wear a burgundy monk strap, either in dark chocolate brown or maybe in red. Apart from that color scheme, I would not branch out into others because it would maybe be too casual for such a traditional environment. That means no gray shoes, no olive green shoes, stick with shades of brown and you’ll be good. Whether that’s a very dark brown, a medium brown, chestnut brown, or very light tan, is up to you but just keep in mind the lighter shade of brown, the more casual the shoe. Likewise, the more broguing you have on the shoe, the more casual it is. Apart from the color, leather texture can also have a huge impact on how it’s perceived.

For example, suede shoes are always softer and more casual. So for example, a dark brown suede shoe will look about as informal or casual as a regular polished leather tan shoe. Overall, it’s very important that your shoes work well not just with the rest of your outfit but with the socks and the pants in particular because they’re right next to your shoe. To learn how you can put together interesting outfits that work pretty well in a business casual environment please check out this video here. Second, let’s go a notch down and determine what business casual shoes look like in other traditional environments that are not quite as formal. If you work in the service industry, in sales, or other trade positions, chances are you still have client contact and even though it’s not required of you to be well dressed, and sometimes it may come off as aloof or not appropriate, people will still judge you and if you look frumpy in sweatpants with a hole that are all dirty, people will think less highly of you, they will assume that you’re less competent than if you would wear let’s say a nice dress shirt with a pair of chinos.

If you are just at the office and never have client contact, your employer will likely have specific ideas of what’s acceptable and what’s not. If that’s not your office, I suggest to just stay clear of sneakers because sneakers are quite casual. The same is true for tennis shoes, Nikes, Adidas, it’s simply not work appropriate shoes.Fine for gym not for the office. In this segment, one of my favorite colors is green which is highly underrated in menswear and I talk more about why and how in this video. Just think about adding a dark green oxford full brogue wingtip shoe in suede, it’s quite dark, people wouldn’t notice it right away yet it’s very different than a traditional dark brown wingtip oxford.

Alternatively, a nice olive green with a beautiful patina on an elegant long last is really something that will provide a lot of contrast with the pants and slacks you’re wearing therefore, it’ll stand out in a way but it’s still subtle enough that it could be mistaken for a dark brown shoe at first glance. In recent years, dress shoes uppers with white rubber or sneaker soles have become extremely popular. Now personally, I don’t wear those because I either want to go casual and wear boat shoes or some sneakers or I wear leather dress shoes with a leather sole.

That being said, if you really dig the white rubber soles on a shoe, simply go for it, it’s something that you can wear, you can pull it off, it’s definitely more of a statement and I’ve even seen like red soles, yellow soles, or blue soles, so assume that people will judge you, they will make assumptions about you, and if you’re okay with that and you can wear it confidently, go for it. Of course, if you’re into classic men’s clothing and a traditionalist, this is not an option for you and in that case, stay with nicely polished leather shoes. So what about regular rubber soles? While they are acceptable and no one will ever call you out for it, personally, I much rather prefer leather soles. The sound they make, the way they roll on my foot, the way they feel, all of these are attributes I appreciate about the leather sole and I would not switch to a rubber sole.

So what do you do if it rains heavily you might wonder? Well, I have leather boots with rubber soles because they’re usually a little more casual and if it’s raining a lot, having a lace-up boot that is above my ankle always comes in handy to protect my feet from getting wet and cold. Apart from the shoes mentioned, you can also experiment with spectators in this segment which again are quite loud and traditionally, you have black and white ones which I think is not such a good combination because it is black, quite formal, white makes it informal. Instead, a brown and maybe off-white spectator or a navy with a gray spectator are really great. You could think about saddle shoes or just more unusual shoes. In general though, I always suggest you stay clear of square-toed shoes, rubber soles or any kind of metalwork or reflective letters such as silver or gold because they’re not really part of a gentleman’s wardrobe. So what are business casual shoes in a start-up environment? Frankly, the sky’s the limit and it can be anything from flip-flop over vans to very extraordinary Gucci loafers.

Most startups won’t even have a dress code and so it’s all about what you’re comfortable with and about their culture and how you fit in. Now, just because you can wear anything doesn’t mean everything has the same level of benefits for you. That being said, a nice pair of leather shoes or boots will always make you look more dapper and more grown-up than wearing some colorful sneakers or tennis shoes. In terms of colors or leather textures, really anything under the sun goes here. Even flip-flops or alpargatas are acceptable but frankly, I would simply not wear that but I guess I’m not telling you anything new here. Now that we covered three different environments, let’s talk about general guidelines that may help you to look stylish in your workplace. The general advice to your wardrobe and if you want the biggest bang for your buck and the lowest cost per wear, I strongly suggest to not invest in shoes that fuse modern style and traditional style.

Why you might wonder? Well, matching together formal and informal elements will mean it’s a very trendy shoe and it may be great at the moment but it’s just a fashion and a fad and it will disappear in just a few years of time. So even if you have the most highest quality leather shoe with a blue sole, chances are you will be tired of it in a year from now. Instead, buy classically styled shoes and try to find something that works with your style.

For example, you can go with medium brown penny loafers or you could go with cordovan tassel loafers. Alternatively, if you want even more casual, you can have suede green tassel loafers which are very casual yet still classically rooted. Because it’s business casual, broguing or hole perforations or decorations are always welcome and an element you should incorporate if you want to tone things down and make them easier to look at and less formal. Similarly to jeans, that should be avoided in a formal office environment unless expressly approved by management. You should also keep sneakers out of the office. Now that you know a lot about business casual shoes, there are times when you should avoid wearing them and step up your shoe game and just be a little more formal. For example, think of important meetings with a board maybe with their most important client or the CEO who is known to be a clothes horse. In those situations, you definitely want to take it up a notch and put your best foot forward. During work related events, conferences or symposia where you represent your company or maybe during a media interview, it really pays to have nice leather dress shoes in a darker color because they won’t stand out and people won’t just focus on your shoes but rather on what you say and the point you want to bring across.

Likewise, if you’re interviewing for a position, it always pays to put on the proper interview attire and to learn more about that as well as other interview preparation guides please check out this video series here. In summary, the dress-code business casual is not easy to master when it comes to shoes because it can mean different things at different times at different companies, however, using the three-tier approach of formal environment, less formal environment, and casual environment, it can really help you to nail it and put your best foot forward. Last but not least, if you’re unsure whether if something is appropriate or not, chances are it is inappropriate. Otherwise, you wouldn’t have thought about it in the first place and if even that doesn’t help, always keep in mind being slightly overdressed is always favorable to being slightly underdressed. That being said if you enjoyed this video please give us a thumbs up subscribe to our Channel so videos like this come right to your inbox and also make sure to check out our other videos about business casual dress code.

In today’s outfit i am wearing a mid-level business casual outfit that does not contain a tie or any form of neckwear it consists of a white blue check shirt with a button down color which is rather casual I am pairing it with a green sport coat and chinos likewise I’ll add a brown pair of penny loafers it’s medium brown it contrasts for the chinos yet my pocket square picks up the brown tones as well as the blue tones and tie everything together it’s from Fort Belvedere and you can find it in our shop here just like my blue and navy stripe shadow socks that are contrasting between the pants and shoes but since they’re dark and I pick up blue in the shirt and the pocket square it all works harmoniously together

Woman’s Bedding not Washed for 100 Years | Obsessive Compulsive Cleaners | S04E02

The British Isles is world-famous for its spectacular mansions Boasting centuries of history. These country piles are legacies of a bygone age Each has a custodian fiercely proud of their homes But behind these stunning facades lies a dirty secret Last time I had a bath was about two or three years ago I don’t like to show things out because the could be used for them Cleaning and treyvion is a word on our list. It probably is too much for one person These stately homes have gone to seed But there is a radical solution When thing is clean the world makes sense each week the country’s most obsessive compulsive cleaners Dedicated to hygiene and order it’s a perfectly good king-sized bed and I sleep over there Team up to take on the grandest filth of their lives He’s gonna hurt his stomach muscles soon.

It’s a few house rules. I think that you’re treating me like a servant And to push their boundaries for the first time ever, they’ll be taking up residence – there’s a mouse it’s dead I’m not staying here. Oh No Baby, I just can’t do it in just five days Can the compulsive cleaners challenge their obsessive behaviors and rescue these mansions? From housekeeping hell or have they finally met their match Where do you put it? Would you like me to carry online would delight me to go home? In the heart of flincher North Wales is a great one listed mansion players Ted Built in 1610 this 10-bedroom Jacobean mansion was bought for 70,000 pounds by cornelia bailey as a derelict shell in 1985 200 years ago, there’d be 20 or 30 people looking after the house.

Now this just me and the cat Retired antiques dealer Cornelia has poured tens of thousands of pounds into keeping the grand house standing and preserving the 17th century aesthetic This house means so much to me because I’m a collector. I always think furniture and things are as important as people whose But Cornelia’s money has run out now her only income is a small pension and Occasional paranormal evenings I call upon all the spirits A+ tag The survival of plastic hangs in the balance. The financial pressures are terrible It’s got to make more money for itself the cooker needs fixin and The boiler needs fixin the last time I had a bath was about two or three years ago Can’t afford the hot water but in the 18th century people didn’t have bars all the time. So I’m just living in another age That’s all With so much to worry about the cleaning has dropped down the list of priorities I Don’t know because I don’t – You know, I mean, I think this floors been hoovered cups two or three times in 29 years in A bid to raise funds in five days time.

Cornelia will host a grand house tour for the paying public But 29 years of dirt and dust are turning tourists away When I bought the house, I didn’t realize how much it was gonna be a problem. It’s just me so I obviously need extra help with such a grand problem Not one, but two cleaning obsessives have agreed to help Cornelia deep clean her Jacobi and mansion 30 year old OCD diagnosed Haley from East Grinstead Can spend up to 19 hours a day ensuring her home is spotless Bacteria fully night on my head a mother of three Halley uses two bottles of bleach every day and spends 300 pounds a month on cleaning products if The bleach isn’t strong enough Like if it’s not choking me and hitting the back of my fry Then I have to use more I keep being here up to eight times a day cleaning the toilet.

I Change my bed sheets every day it makes me feel yeah, when things look clean and they look like clinical then I feel relaxed and I feel like the world makes sense and Joining Haley is 24 year old order and germ obsessed Dan Everything in my house is on a 45-degree angle But no if I placed it there and it’s still in the position that it was I feel a lot more relaxed Though he’s not clinically diagnosed with OCD dan suffers from a chronic fear of germs What my daughter’s about a thousand times a day and that’s because it would just be a complete harbor for Bacteria and the germs and the katar that can be spread it sort of Ethel And spends up to 40 hours a week ensuring his house looks like a show home My obsessive tendencies have affected my life because I will miss things if my house isn’t in a position that I’m happy with Relationships have failed before and I have mr.

Bence with friends and family because my opposition does take over And as much plate as I can possibly fear in this bag Dan and Hayley will say goodbye to their modern sterile homes and Challenge their obsessions by leaving the safety of their routines and confronting Cornelia’s 17th century dusty mansion I’m leaving I know the safe and that’s clean going into somewhere else that I don’t know How don’t know how it’s been looked after it’s gonna be it’s gonna be hard And they’ll hear my voice and he’s kind of like, oh she is common Haley and Dan have cleaned other people’s grimy homes before but this will be their grandest challenge yet the plastic Oh My god, oh my god, it’s huge. Wow. That is ginormous Oh my goodness It’s so big and it stinks like hell pay Those are like statues everywhere.

I don’t really like statues either think they’re hard to clean We’re like borrowers compared to the size of this house Welcome to plastic. Thank you. Thank you I’m afraid it’s the coldest house in Wales This is their great Horton touch smell may be the Polish, I polish all the floors and What she polished some with special polish that you have you can’t buy in the shops It was Before bleach obsessives Haley and Dan see the extent of closet eggs decade’s worth of dust and grime Cornelia wants to establish her house rules. I want things done how they were done in another age case You can’t use any spray polishes. And other than these modern things on my furniture Okay, you know I don’t like the modern smells and I hate things that make room smell and I think they’re ghastly. Yeah Okay, I mean you probably think that as well I would think we like the smell of bleach.

How did you know I would Bleed on any time nothing. What about products that a like? I don’t like products use, you know a bit I like a bit of dust anyway, so there’s no angle. It’s a house. It’s new, you know. Yes lifting The struggling to find think all weird actually used nothing just it just water On the sponge, that’s all It doesn’t kill the bacteria in does it? Probably the victory can live here. I think yeah, I mean, yeah, can we use things like Very liquid. Yes Okay, it’s definitely gonna be somewhat of a challenge 250 years ago this type of mansion would have had 20 indoor servants dedicated to making all the rooms spotless And if I come through to the kitchen come and see it Cornelia yeah, can you hump the curtain open for me, please? I’m really sorry.

It’s just I’ve got um OCD, what’s up for me? It’s like germs and dirt and stuff and it makes me really anxious and have like panic attacks. I’m too nervous to touch So, yeah, okay. Thank you. Thank you This is the kitchen So when was the last time you cleaned in here it’s fing good all the time it’s been cleaning this from even this morning The house has opened to the public so it has to be clean This is the cooker which doesn’t work. So you use that as a cupboard. It’s a cupboard Okay, so the only cook I’m cooking I’ve got is on a microwave So I live on cheese capacitors every day of the week. Yeah, do you clean that quite often? No never really? Don’t have time. I Just can’t believe how many things you have. I Can’t I hear This is my library what I do most things Yeah, it smells like the fires been up yeah, it’s the only room that has he done really yes I sleep in here you sleep in here.

Yeah on the sofa. It’s about 1820 very important Regency So do you bring like your pillow and you do value at night, then? Yeah, I know that behind the desk, so you Can’t fall to site is quite costly. Yeah young. There’s just too much work for you. There it is. Yeah, it’s a bit. Yeah It’s impossible To get this house in order I think we need a Miracle or Jesus or something? Because I can’t express enough. How big and how messy this house is Haley and Dan are not just faced with a mammoth cleaning task This is where you’ll be sleeping They’ve also agreed to challenge their obsessive behaviors by staying over for five nights This room and the one downstairs are the two most haunted rooms in the house, this is where I’m sleeping.

Yes It’s the most famous haunted house in Wales. So You might get a visitor Well Haley, this is your room Cornelia when was the bed in last wash no, it’s never been polished What about the mattress you clean the mat you see or not? How old is the mattress it could be a hundred years old or something You know, this is how people used to live years ago And I still live like that Let me show you the bathroom The boss has cold water Okay, the water’s gonna come out rusty because no one’s had a bath here for about twenty nine years Hmm, okay so Where would we be? If do you know where there’s Nova? Okay, so I don’t have a boss.

Nobody. No. No this you can’t People don’t normally bother to bath you see that’s just yeah, I’m just conscious that we’re here for a week Sweating. Yeah cleaning and I shower like sometimes four times a day. Yeah, two or three myself I mean, I’m found extraordinary. Let’s Go now and leave you to it. Yes Yes Okay How can she be happy living here like this, it’s not a way of life it’s torture I can’t not wash I Feel so bad for her, but I feel even worse for me I Didn’t realize I didn’t biz as awful as this it’s the stupid all this I mean there’s a Little bit of death touch to their hands or everything With such a grand housekeeping problem Haley and Dan have decided to share a room and Conquer the decades of dirt together if this 100 G’s are old it’s a hundred years worth of skin Look Dan.

There’s a hole here and I reckon that must have got in through there. Like they’ve chewed it I think this shows the real c4 finally my sister visible Something’s gonna do how I can feel it So, you know, it’s been chewed it’s been he turn you can see Look at that Oh My god turn There’s dip mousy oh My god There’s a mouse it stage it’s next to my foot I’m not staying here it’s too much that’s it In North Wales obsessive cleaners, Dan and Haley are cleaning Cornelia’s 10-bedroom mansion Closet egg which has been left to gather dust for 29 years Be nice to give plastic as Brinkley long as no one breaks anything or moves anything out of the wrong place in Four days time Cornelia is hosting an open house tour to make some much-needed money But for it to be a success the house needs a serious overhaul This is too much work for you Last night both Haley and Dan checked into a local hotel They failed to sleep over at plastic with the conditions proving too much There’s no way I would have stayed last night.

I can of it there was too many things that I’m just against like though they’re not bath in and then we found the dead mouth obviously and that was just enough With so little time dan and Haley must prioritize what to clean It’s really overwhelming. It’s just a wreck and there’s no other way to describe it They’ll be focusing on three rooms in this 400 year old home their kitchen The bathroom and starting with the focus of all stately homes the Great Hall Watch this, yeah Yeah, I know. Did you see that? Yeah Bit of dust but the house is old Cornelia doesn’t own a vacuum cleaner Preferring to use a dustpan and brush these carpets have been vacuumed twice in 29 years Well, the problem is if you pulled this carpet up it wouldn’t it would just fall apart Cornelia obviously there’s a lot of dust so I think this Heath is gonna be really good to pull it out because it’s got a soft Mike so it would be really Really gentle whereas other Hoover’s a far too powerful That’s why the pipe yes is this because it’s gentle and his lovely red carpet, but he doesn’t have to do her I’ll let you have a tiny keyboard Hayley was diagnosed with OCD in 2007 she uses this 1,400 pound vacuum cleaner on her carpets five times a day Can you see the change in color but it’s not wrecking your you know, the rug isn’t it? Amazing how clean it is? Really? Really? I didn’t think you’d look like that when I bought it new I Can take the door – but even Your face is City as well after two hours of vacuuming.

Haley has done just a quarter of the carpet Look at that Dan that is just full of dust I just don’t want to use my home for any more because I feel like it’s gonna break The cleaners decide to give the Hoover and themselves a break from the dust They agreed to divide and conquer for the next stage of this massive clean so dirty It’s just day upon day upon death Council worker Dan is starting in the pantry cleaning Cornelia’s 300 piece collection of Staffordshire Carlton where China I Mean look at that. It’s the date on it Oh, February 2010 so five years our date Upstairs Haley’s been cleaning the bathroom for two hours under Cornelius strict instructions using just soap and water I’m gonna be like an absolute mushroom later. Yeah, I can’t I’m not like one I can’t do it. I can’t cope with that Instead of helping with the clean inside Cornelia is outside standard as ever Tending to her 2.5 acres of grass I must spend at least four hours a day pulling the weeds out because there’s so many I Can’t afford to have a garden using fluffy ginger would help if he could Cornelia yeah Join me to help you no, no, okay.

I’m so Connie Lee I’ve been doing the coral bar fern and I’m just struggling a little bit So I just wanted to check if we can use a product. No impossible to use a product but it’s really difficult to clean with just soap and water when the dirt is so like Ingrained but it will cause it’s so long. Yeah news fitnah such a long time. Um, I just feel like at the moment I’m a bit of a loss as to what I can do to help you. Why don’t you just read a nice book? Then you’ll be happy At home hailey uses two bottles of bleach a day 48 hours into her time at Plaza take she hasn’t been able to use a drug. I do feel like being in his house He’s like pushing my boundaries so far, but I so desperately want to help her that I’m willing to You know put myself in this unbearable situation.

I Go out into the garden to get away from everything of all the problems of anything of lie Cornelia committed herself to restoring closet a 29 years ago Heartbroken after the breakdown of a relationship what happened in London was that? my dearest friend George died of AIDS and lots of other friends and Christopher the love of my life left me Now alone Cornelia lives without heat and hot water Her only income coming from her state pension Paranormal evenings and historic tours charging just seven pounds a visitor. All this left in life is working here Keeping it going and I’ve got into that routine With work on the bathroom at a standstill Haley and Dan are in the kitchen which has never had a deep-clean Sort of thing. We’re gonna start with the table. Don’t use any any bleach on nothing. Okay. No bleach there. No No, I’m gonna move the China so it doesn’t get broken It was only cleaned Jessie anyway, so it’s not too bad I Wouldn’t let a badger live in here I wouldn’t it’s just awful look at this look these years of like bread crumb and Whatever it’s dismissed then While Hayley and Dan sought the kitchen come on boys.

Come on joke, they’re gonna be a bit shy gingers coming As well as a house cat Cornelia also has 12 outdoor cats for gingers four tortoise shells and for black people I’m gonna come back as a cat in the next life. I think that’s the best place Thing was getting quite repetitive Is there she’s got XQ. She’s always doing some tales For the last three hours Haley and Dan have been unsupervised in the kitchen Allowed to clean using only soap and water. It’s just our own dog Everything I don’t even think she uses this toaster Haley. This is actually like a massive cobweb Inside the toaster. I just feel like I need to wash my hands now, dan Just give me that blade a Symptom of OCD is performing rituals and some sufferers use bleach to reduce their anxiety Although bleach can kill nearly a hundred percent of bacteria Direct contact on skin can cause very severe burns they smell fresh I I did bleach my hands today and I feel like that was a Tiny step back for me, but I’m not now standing here thinking I need to go home and bleach my hands now It was a spur-of-the-moment thing that I felt like I needed to do it to make me feel better And I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that from time to time as long as it doesn’t become a spiral out of control and become a Thing again in my life and it why because I won’t let it Every cupboard has caught I did a set 400 people how many people to share in this house air time what I Think she’s a hoarder It’s not every day I spend a week of my life in a foreign material house, but Even then my expectations of a house so grand and a family that would live in there would be it’s a half an immaculate Beautiful kitchen at one point.

We’re gonna have to rein him in to say hello You come in to help or are we just here as your servants? I’d like it to look like an old place It’s always been like that. So, you know, it’s it’s a kitchen It’s essential that plastic is clean to attract more visitors But six hours into Haley and Dan tackling the kitchen she’s concerned her 17th century vision is being altered I don’t like them With you know, all my collections of things and she’s probably moving them or anything. I mean, I don’t like it at all Downstairs Haley and Dan have rearranged the toaster and microwaves to make them more accessible and can finally see some results I tell you what dad. Yeah, this is coming up lovely with a bit of washing-up liquid in a hot water I thought it would need to bleach but it actually doesn’t Oh shocked about Hello You’re not polishing all under there, but you don’t see that’s madness. Yeah, I was just clean enough for the Cobwebs and yeah, are you gonna help us clean at some point? Help you clean.

Are you gonna help us because we need other thing is we need your assistance We need to know what we can moved, you know to make a bit more space for. Oh, no I don’t want it anything moved. No, it’s good to go exactly where it was I mean we must put those back on the floor where they belong but what are you done there? Oh That’s just the body clean enough, isn’t it? No, we were going to leave it like no hmm.

We were going to leave No, it’s awful. It’s visually it’s dreadful You know, you can’t come to someone’s kitchen my private room and stop putting things where you want them Well, it’s my house. I’m the person that lives here. And this is where I have breakfast it need I mean what right do you think that you have? To change how I want to live Well, what if someone did it to you? What would you say hmm, we’re not trying to change the way they Can you get it back to as it was? Okay? Honestly Everything has its place in my life and any put anyone I know Would feel the same as I do about things Would you have someone come in with all the other things in your kitchen and your knife? So no one can alter things for me.

I’m really annoyed The sooner they could go the better For the last two days OCD diagnosed Halley and order obsessed Dan have been challenging their own obsessions and Trying to turn around the fortunes of antique collector Cornelia Bailey’s four hundred year old home Only one had enough money for feed that’s the biggest luxury in life In three days time Cornelia will be opening plows tag for a house tour, but the deep-clean has reached a stalemate I Just feel like She’s sucking the life out of me and I have got nothing left to give right now Earlier Haley and Dan rearranged Cornelia’s kitchen, which was not liking The frustrating thing II knew she was there for a bit of guidance and she told us like I don’t want things there Then we would accommodate that and the whole thing would be done so much quicker so much with her For the last hour Haley and Dan have been restoring the kitchen back Under Cornelius strict instructions come in for Danis Putting it into the way that didn’t work that was cluttered.

It’s ridiculous 48 hours into their time at plas tag, they have failed to stay over and only the kitchen has been properly cleaned You couldn’t remember how that was, you know because you know, I don’t like to see the microwave and I’m sitting in it Yeah, I don’t like to see any modern thing. Yeah, is this okay. Yeah, it is much better. Yeah Yeah, I’m amazed that you enjoy cleaning Yeah, I don’t actually enjoy cleaning. I’ve got your name. I’ve got an illness but people have because I’m I’ve got icy day, which is very common so many people suffer from it and Find it really hard to live a normal life It’s not something I enjoy doing. I don’t wake up in the morning and blink I know but I’m compelled to do it this illness this illness Forces you and pushes you to clean.

That’s what it does and By doing the cleaning It takes away my anxieties. I’m actually here not I need to help you but to help myself and I have today I’ve cleaned with Your way with soap and water. Yeah, and I’m really happy because It works it works Yes, yeah Okay, no so you don’t enjoy cleaning no But that’s all you should find some other solutions I’ve tried everything cuz I’ve lived this way for so many years and I feel like being here is helping me I’ve cleaned your microwave today with washing up liquid and that’s the mercy break free for me cuz it works years ago I wouldn’t of I wouldn’t really have left my house. I didn’t hold any of my children when they were born Because I was dead. Yeah Hmm I didn’t realize any of those things obviously, I mean you don’t realise do you John and there’s someone tells you Diagnosed with OCD in 2007 Halley now manages her obsessions without the need for treatment.

I feel like with my iced tea. Yeah, I do every day, it’s like I’m Battling this illness and I feel like every day I get stronger and stronger against it and then like I have moments where I fall but I feel like I’m Doing so well now Over halfway through their time at plaz take Dan and Haley have just two days left to make an impact and change The fortunes of pensioner Cornelia, it’s really nice in taps So they’ve traveled 50 minutes away to see how another stately home is run And how it generates money. I Think cleaning isn’t gonna be enough to sort camellias problems. I think she needs money for water She needs money to pay for the heating Our Lee Hall a grade 2 listed house that holds over 60 weddings a year Owned by Lord Ashe Brook and his family for the last 800 years They employ 22 staff and general manager Steve Hamilton. We’re in the wedding business We’re trying to get more ways because they are very profitable They’re very profitable. What do you charge them per? Wedding a Saturday in July or August at peak you’re looking at about seven thousand four hundred for the facility fee Lor – Brooks home and gardens have been open to the public for the last thirty years But to maintain the property he decided to start holding weddings here ten years ago So this is the gallery and this as well we hold when the wedding breakfasts although it takes up to a hundred We’ve had weddings here that have gone beyond them Yeah, I think this room is definitely the same size as Cornelius.

The mission in life is to maintain at the earliest age So we’ve tried to move with the times and I think now that it’s right that places like Ali should be available For as many people to see as possible Lord Ashbrook said that you know weddings here Have guaranteed the survival of his hearty and I feel like if Cornelia could do something similar then it would you know I guarantee the survival of her property. The only thing that’s holding Cornelia back from making money and doing the things that she wants to do is Cordelia Weddings could be the answer to plastics financial woes In two days time, it’s Cornelius house tour Haley and Dan want to turn it into a more lucrative earner by holding a wedding fair all they need to do now is convince Cornelia a Primary goal is for you to be able to make the maximum amount of money with this amazing house Say if you made ten thousand pound of wedding.

Yeah, and you have 20 weddings. Yeah, that’s 20 weeks Yeah, that’s two hundred thousand pound that’s enough to have hot water all year round all the bird feed You could ever think are the cats really cheese pastures cats eating caviar You’d have a better standard of living wouldn’t you? Yes Yeah, so it sees that’s something that you want to aim for then to be able to have the weddings here. Yeah Yeah, because then we get the right people With Cornelia on board the pressure is on to get the mansion ready to showcase weddings to prospective brides and grooms While Hayley finesse is the perfect spot for a bridal photographs Cornelia is dealing with a problem that could get up the noses of prospective brides and grooms The drains are broken.

We can’t get rid of the sewage and the water everything. Have you stopped? It’s one of the disasters of own in a country house But a few stressful hours later, the drains are fixed The wedding flower plans back on track Haley and Dan have joined forces to tackle the bathroom To create the perfect dressing room for potential brides. I Dive my toilet lid like that quite honestly word it just didn’t a speech I Think there’s so much way on it hasn’t been cleaned off and that’s why it smells so fishy. I’ll finish it. I’ll finish it We just promised Eva place And now it’s not my plunger that was my thunder Dan, cleans the toilet in his house five times a day and buys a new loose eat every month.

Just do it quickly Don’t come near me with behind my comedy just put that down there I Need that’s right You’ve got a really funny color in your face Nice maybe better It’s now completely dog we’ve been there all day you have been in the bathroom for six hours and it’s just been the hardest day in the world Just as Haley’s about to leave please take to spend the night at her hotel Cornelia comes to find her I’ve seen the bathroom Cornelia. Yeah, it looks lovely Are you happy with it? Yeah, definitely. Yeah, you’ve done a good job. It’s made it worth it now Yeah, because it was really hard. Yeah, it looks clean and polished which is nice. This really makes me smile. I’m So happy you like it goodnight Cornelia Cornelia seeing the finished project in one room has Actually changed her mind slightly because she actually came and firmed me to say thank you and how happy she was? I don’t even care that it’s dark now. I feel like it was a worth it For the last five days Hayley and Dan have been challenging their obsessions by battling the decades of dust at 400 year old Plastic this really is the last chance that we can make a difference here.

We really want to make this place a wedding venue They may have failed to stay the night But the kitchen great hall and bathroom have now all had their first deep clean in 29 years Ready to launch plows tagged for weddings Haley and Dan have arranged for Cornelia to have her heating back and get the boiler fixed So, when did she last clean this boiler? In its current state the boiler company won’t services due to health and safety There is now four hours till plastic opens its doors to the public Haley and Dan of kept Cornelia’s 17th century look for the house, but are adding their own modern touches And even Cornelia who hasn’t bathed in three years is sprucing herself up for the occasion What I would not having laid out they look dreadful I mean it’s so it’s ridiculous Things like this around I don’t have anything on there that you know, it’s it’s it’s it’s not a cafe stop doing things that interfere I Don’t allow anyone to put things that ruin fast egg Can’t have things like that.

It’s just no no It’s my house, I’m not having all this clutter and rubbish put about No country house anywhere would have such things. I mean, it looks like it chatty cheek plays I Like using old things every spoon everything I use it’s all secondhand and old because I like the atmosphere Looks like this sort of thing is seeing upon the pound shop It’s ridiculous that they’ve got no taste Haley and Dan’s contemporary furnishings may have dive-bombed but the house is now clean and ready for the guests to view Cornelia’s close friend and local historian mark has come to see the houses cleaner image Looks amazing The Great Hall hadn’t been deep cleaned for 29 years and was layered in decades of dust It’s now been vacuumed the furniture polished and Cornelia’s 17th century vision has been preserved the carpet looks good carpet looks good Look at the colors.

Yeah, probably only about 100 years old. It’s no it’s not a good one, but it was from Lady Salisbury We need father for the next six months anyway, so The kitchen had never been spring cleaned and the surfaces were piled high with books antiques and China after 24 man-hours the kitchen has had its first ever scrub It’s now a hygienic and safe place to prepare meals This looks really good Looks really lovely. Actually I can’t wait to eat from here The bathroom hadn’t been deep cleaned for nearly three decades and had no running hot water It’s now been scrubbed clean with soap and the boiler has been fixed Cornelia can wash in her 19th century bath as much or as little as she wants It’s all being lavishly pleased you think you’ll never know I Think it looks really really good and I think deep down she is very happy and I think that everyone who’s going to be visiting will be amazed as well This great stately home is finally ready to receive the visitors.

That could be the key to plows tEG’s financial future Can I just have your attention just for two minutes, please? so we’ve been helping Cornelia awake and we’d really like people to kind of come here and Potentially look at plastic as a wedding venue because both myself under and think it’s an amazing place for weddings We definitely consider something like this house being absolutely beautiful I Think plans take make a brilliant wedding venue I mean as a young bride, can you imagine anywhere better to be photographed with that has to take as a backdrop? I mean, it’s absolutely fantastic. Plus I could make a really good wedding venue for people that want that little chance acquire Just something a little bit different. Oh my god turnout. We’ve got loads of people. I feel like we’ve achieved the unachievable today We’re off now Cornelia and I hope that you’re pleased with what we’ve managed to do Done a good job Really whether you realize it or not.

It has massively helped me being here. This wakes. For example, I’ve used less bleach. Oh good I’m glad about that We have learned a lot and we will take a lot away from this and we hope that we’ve opened your eyes a little bit That’s whirlwind factual we go. Yes. Oh, I think or need very much coming here Being here in Cornelius home and kind of living in a dirty environment Feels like actually I finally taken not a baby step and actually quite a huge leap if I can go whole week With using a small amount of bleach then I think I’m well on my way to not actually having the illness anymore I’m hoping this week that Cornelia notices the changes and it just recognize it’s a bit cleaner and it’s still okay It still looks like the 17th century property at once was but it’s just a bit less dusty They have done a good job.

They’ve made it much cleaner got an end result. I think presence could be part of Future I’ll keep fighting the battle for this house because I love it Their standards all completely didn’t meet mine Next time on obsessive compulsive cleaners country has rescued. I do not think that you are grateful I think that you’re treating me like a servant. I think we should just call it a day. It really pisses me I don’t know why she’s gone her problem. Not mine If you’re interested in taking part in the next series of obsessive-compulsive teeners, you don’t need to live in a grand mansion Our trainers are keen to tackle houses of all shapes and sizes Go to www.hsn –is Oh See see same time next Tuesday Thursday from 8:00 You gotta be ingenious to make it work Grand designs of the urban kind new series space at a premium for those living in this city Now next night to give you an idea of the standards were talking a level maths at the age of 10 child and genius

New 2018 Toy Hauler STEALTH FQ2916G Travel Trailer RV Solar Panel Generator Off Grid Camper

Hey guys welcome to the great outdoors RV my name is mate and my name is Tom Hello folks today we’re checking out these stealth Stealth 2916 G awesome all right mate so we recently just came back from the show yeah and as always we go and we see our rep Katie and she represents the stealth product and we’ve always carried the stealth at least dad been here so for a few years now and stealth is a great toy hauler it will flip the bill for whatever you’re trying to do as far as whatever well especially on this one with 29 16 G because you almost have almost a 16-foot open deck here where you can load up all your toys yeah a 16-foot deck it also has it this is their number one selling floor plan yes yeah I think the reason this was so popular to may is because it’s got the kitchen slide-out which which open really opens it up a lot in the bedroom kind of more private that way it sure does yeah couple things on this one so it’s got the fiberglass exterior it’s all aluminum framed comes with these aluminum fenders as well the big off-road 16 inch tires lots of things going on it’s got a forty forty gallon fuel station a 200 watt solar panel yeah there’s a lot of things going on with this yeah let’s show the people yeah so mate and I are gonna do something different for you today we’re actually gonna start on the back side of the stealth and we’re just gonna lower this room or yeah locks better than like the little metal kind that flipped down that you have to put a padlock in these are already pre-built in with the lock which kind of makes it nice yeah for sure so this little guy just folds right on down and you can see it comes with the cables on here this can support about 1,800 pounds or so you can easily stand on it what a lot of people do both of us at the same job right why are you closing what are you close to wait 18 well I mean we do you wanna the diet I’m on a diet program and I don’t like that man you must be yeah so anyway back here a lot of people use this area right back here as a port you can bring your lawn chairs down here and just kind of relax and hang out a lot of people put the barbecue back here as well cables aren’t gonna go anywhere they’re gonna support you and hold you in place mate are you having fun with these little pull downs yes putting mine up so what’s really nice about these is that these is velcro in along on the sides here and then you got the zipper that’ll come on the interior part of it and what’s nice about this too is that if you have a great spot such as the lake or some place and you have a really good view back here but you know all of a sudden you know nighttime starts coming around the mosquito start coming out and you have a good view but you don’t want to you don’t want to close up the back side your trailer you can bring this guy down you have the little screen that you can utilize and still see outside plus it will allow breeze to come through as well so you’re not sacrificing any part of that view the other thing that stuff does differently than a lot of other toy haulers out there is one they have the light back here but in addition they have this little spot where this is kind of indented right here so it’s the construction is built out right here so if the rains running down it’s it doesn’t have a chance to run into the crack of the seam of where your ramp door comes up another thing that’s really cool is these are the rubber is all the way around the corners it doesn’t stop and have two pieces that meet together so again a spot that is usually a place for leaks potentially yeah it’s kind of like a needle so if you accidentally go over with a bike or four with or something you can actually you can actually um did pinch your tire or something and caused it a flat having that on there definitely present prevents that for sure yeah let’s start around the other side let’s show people what’s also unique on the 2916G stealth is you actually have power stabilizers so you can just hit it button here and the jacks will come down now one of the things I wanted to make clear to folks these are not it’s not a leveling system it’s just a stabilizing system so what that does is that once you put the two down in the back of the two in the front actually stabilizes the coach you’ll still have to level it by using leveling blocks and stuff like that underneath the tires bring those up another cool thing is the large grab assist handle so that makes it easier to get in and out of the coach it does have the screen door built into it and I like the combo of these two things because if you have like maybe a small kit or something like that and they try to get out if you put this across there it’ll stop somebody yeah Bruce when we go plus when we go camping mate you’re the guy that’s always in the kitchen so when we’re out here partying and we have mate in the kitchen cooking things we can we can tell him just through the pass through screen here because mait your a non drinker you’re a non drinker so we can hey mate can you pass me another beer and it’s easy access to get in for him to do that yeah yeah yeah thanks for pointing that oh hey I just got to tell people the reality of this right another cool feature on this particular coach is the awning so the awning is a power awning and this one’s got the adjustable elbows on here folks and the reason I like this feature is because when it starts to rain or for example the Sun comes at a specific angle you can block the Sun from you know having your interrupting your dinner or whatever you’re having out here you can block the Sun and it’s also going to allow you to shoot the rain off in one direction or the other it’s also great so if you’re out there and it starts to snow snow doesn’t pour on the canvas either because we all go camping when it snows right we live in Colorado sure right so don’t be afraid to deploy this guy and and use it all you want yeah speaking of snow this does have the Arctic package which means it has the fully enclosed underbelly the heated holding tanks through forced air from the furnace as well as the g-series package that means that it has the fiberglass exterior the aluminum Rims the upgraded stereo and the appliances – and the appliance upgrade yeah for sure walking along this way we got the big 16 inch wheels so that’s gonna give you a higher profile as you’re pulling it down the road so.

Nitrogen filled tires filled tires i had a customer mentioned that to me yesterday he’s like you know what he’s like man I rarely have to fill up my tires since those are filled up with nitrogen he’s like it’s like it’s great I checked him like twice now on the two trips that I’ve made and I have yet to have to put extra air in them yeah they just maintain the PSI a little bit better yeah 110 outlet right here your freshwater and then this is your furnace so they give you the extra-large accessibility here so that you can pull the furnace out this way instead of having to take apart cabinetry on the inside you know what I like out here maze it’s nice led like oh yeah and then scare late as well scare likes nice so this is you know being LEDs it’s not gonna it’s not going to burn as hot it’s not gonna attract the bugs it’s a grating ambiance feature out here at nighttime great little touch black tank flush right here so this means that you can end up having to when you have to clean out your sewer tank instead of having to drag a hose into the bathroom down the toilet put a wand on there to spray it all out you can just hook it up right here your water and it has sprayers built into the tank so it’ll flush it all out for you second entry doors so if you want to be able to get out from your bedroom you can easily do that to cut down on traffic flow or to take a nap well the good thing about this mate is that you know because it’s such a large coach it’s about a 35 foot in length it’s great because you know you can have your privacy in the front bedroom and the way that the bathroom is centrally located in this coach and we’ll show you that here in a few minutes is that you can actually have a couple come and stay with you they can sleep in the back side of the camper a couple even more long yeah yeah you could have six use two sets a couple back there if you want to but the thing is is no one’s interrupting each other’s privacy because the bathrooms gonna be located right here there’s gonna be a bedroom door in there it’s gonna separate everybody so you have that maximized privacy you also have storage under the front bed it does lift up the front bed does and so you can access things through the bedroom or through this side as well yea know it’s also great on the stealth yet I think just let me double check yeah two thirty pound bottles u looked well I just know, how do you know okay I do my homework man you do your homework you’ve never been fooled I’ve actually been fooled once or twice o look two thirty pound bottles must have came out here just to be sure right I should have done that i will tell you the new feature that this is our first one is this new fiberglass front cap yeah we can either option it with or without this I don’t remember the option cost but it’s yeah a nice feature to have if you want to spiff up the front end oh you got to go with this front cap way cooler way off absolutely hands-down yeah you got the power tongue jack on here you’re also going to have a docking light so if you’re gonna a dock at night over there – yeah so if you need to unhook at night during the day or I’m sorry at night or early in the morning then you have this light to help you hitch up and also got the that eliminates the hand-cranking although you do have an override system if you were to lose power to this guy there’s a hand-cranked in there that you can put right in here and that’ll help you get on your way as well you also have a battery disconnect here so if you want to be able to disconnect your battery so that you don’t discharge your battery although with this having a 200 watt solar panel on top yeah it does I mean it’s gonna be hard to discharge that battery that’s like over that’s the largest panel that you can buy in the industry so that’s pretty nice yes they’ll provide those with the campers so that’s that fantastic that they do that this what does this weigh Tom OH let’s double check do you want the dry weight mate really okay so the dry weight on this guy is gonna be at 9,179lbs and the GVWR is 12,100lbs so yeah over just over a couple grand in weight capacity right yeah three thousand yeah and you’re definitely gonna want to check your tow ratings especially for folks that have like a 3/4 ton truck or whatever want to make sure you can definitely pull this thing safely so definitely check your towing rating for sure to make sure that that’s something that you can do 4000 watt evap Onan cummins generator so this generator will run everything in the coach so your microwave your AC air conditioning your 110 outlets you name it this has a built in fuel station mm-hmm and that fuel station will either feed this and it also has a second pump that you can fill up your tanks too for your four-wheeler yeah what’s important about that to me is that actually still puts a 40 gallon fuel station on board so that’s that’s quite a big difference from a lot of the competitors are out there as well because they’re only doing 25 or 30 mm-hmm so this camper is also going to feature an outside shower both hot and cold water and that’s great if you decided you’re out riding and of course with being a toy hauler you know dirt bikes and quads and all kinds of things that people want to bring out you’re gonna get dirty you’re gonna get nasty you can get sandy depending on where you going being able to rinse off before you go in the camper will make will keep the inside a lot cleaner as well and you can hose off your toys and all that stuff too over here you’re going to have your water heater now this is a 10 Gallin direct spark ignition both gas and electric features on here so you can run it off a bowl but this will provide you with a ton of hot water it’s on board and this is gonna be your city water connector too so if you’re not running off of your portable water your fresh water tank which by the way gives you about a hundred gallons on board so that’s that’s a huge amount of water to have on board and your written your fresh water tank but if you don’t you’re not out boondocking you’re at an RV site you want to utilize the city water connection you just hook this guy up with a water pressure reducing valve and then you got continuous flow of water here is that gas pump that I was telling you about so this works just like a gas station you fill up your toys there is a button that you push to turn on your gas pump for a five minute time or 15 minutes yeah and this one’s great mate because the the the one that they put inside the camper that activates your pump is on the inside of the coach it’s good for 15 minutes yeah and what’s great is it’s not gonna allow someone to come up here and steal your fuel while you’re out riding people that are what do I call them campsite watchers when people go out and they whoo hey hey our neighbors are gone let’s go over and steal some of their gas although yet to have there to be a campsite Watchers be honest hey everybody’s watching everybody buddy okay you may not think that but trust me being my background people this I know okay this I know so anyway for fuel for competitors that all offer their their fuel pump on the outside you can easily break into that turn on their pump and still all the fuel and having that switch on the inside it’s they need to feel that bad they can have them you think so sure why not right okay all right there is a walkable roof on here a collapsible ladder and that is super nice because if you don’t have this type of feature then you’re having a ladder you either one don’t have a walkable roof or two you’re having to store the ladder where all your toys are and everything else and it’s just converse them to be tripping over it so this collapsible ladder is the way to go all right come on inside there’s some awesome features in you all right well welcome into the 2916 stealth as you can see it’s very open and very spacious in here I think main are you gonna take it off in there sure I could show off you do have the rocker the cool thing about these chairs is they’re movable so if you want to be able to take these outside underneath your awning you can do that you can also move these in case you want all your toys inside here all the way up to here is that 16-foot mark you could put these all the way in the bedroom if you wanted to to add more space inside here and you’ll have to do that if you load up your toys well what’s really cool about this particular coach is it’s gonna come with the carpet okay now folks don’t worry about it you can roll this carpet up when you load up your toys this is just down so that we can show you how the living room set up is on this guy and then it also has tie-downs throughout the entire floor I think there’s like six a bunk yeah there’s a few throughout the entire floor and they’re underneath the carpet and you’ll be able to easily identify those but back here is gonna be your happy jack system and remember how we mentioned before as far as the privacy aspect if you decide that you want to bring folks with you I may not be able to do this with this bed up here well here I could push the button so if I lower it right here no get the pins in oh go for it all the pin air we go oh yeah they’re still right I got it I got it okay good yeah so if this top bed is lowered down is this a bed as well yeah this is a bed this converts into another bed so you can see the privacy curtain that you’re the people that are coming to camping with you will have their side oh it’s kind of nice too because if you’re at the lake and you need a changing area you could easily fold up these chairs yeah you know what else you could do mate and I never thought about this you can use this as like a screen curtain yeah as a stage curtain you can come out and do all of your acts so I’m gonna do a play for us now all right Tom have you ever seen the comedian? welcome to Tom and the Tom show the Tom show all right how you doing I don’t even get started on no I’m too scared you’re to scared? you don’t want to see my.

You don’t want to see my stand up I mean I came out of curtain and everything oh please edit this if you know this is going wrong oh you already wrecked it for me I was gonna go on me and then you just totally wrecked it and you know what it’s probably not family-friendly anyway the way these tables work they do remove and then these poles remove out of the way yeah I’ll grab this one for you mate and then this folds away oh this was another cool thing I learned just recently so if you are a stealth person and you’re like dang it if there was only a way that these beds like met in the middle so it was one giant bed you are in luck boom you are in luck this poles and may just learn this like he just like learning yeah we had a couple days ago that’s right yeah and then today you can bring them together you can keep it separate if you have the kids that are coming with you and they don’t want to they don’t share the same bed or whatever that’s fine you can keep them separate okay all joking aside mate let’s really show the people how this thing works so Octavio is pushing a button for us this is lifting up these are going out of weight there’s to cotter pins or I don’t know what kind of pins you call them Pins you have a locking pin snapping pins because what this couch is gonna do is when you load up your toys folks is this this couch is gonna fall flat up against the wall for you yeah folding up the legs are we ready do we dare yeah okay and then this will fold like this and then that way this gives you the access to bring all of your toys inside and this keeps on going up all the way up all the way up – yep so that’s how that works well that’d be kind of cool just to sit up there like this so honey now I wouldn’t try it either but it’s kind of cool right but that’s some more things in this couch over here this is all your control so this is for your to start your own and generator your bed lift system up and down how much fuel you have your fuel station turn on and off your slide-out room in and out your water heater both gas and electric the water pump and then all your lights are over on this side yeah one of the things you’re going to get is a lot of cabinet space in here and of course a toy hauler would never be complete mate without a TV and the TV off or this guy’s gonna go right here there’s all your hookups yeah come with it doesn’t come with the TV but so you put one in here and complete its like longing for you know I you know I figure I found out the reason that a lot of coaches don’t come with TVs anymore okay because the ones the Coast coaches that come with TVs most people are anyways gonna put a big old 60-inch TV in here that rotates out and it’s just it’s not user friendly anyway so people get for a home yeah that’s gonna work best for them right yeah I like about cabinetry going back to cabinetry is this does have a pretty good lip on the top of here so if you wanted to put some netting up here if you wanted to throw your chips and bread up there it’s like a whole extra set of cabinetry to work with you know in my house you know it would be up there foo-foo stuff it yeah I mean you’re talking like you’re talking with the decorative plants a little the plates that you put up there now of course you’d have to but that’s that’s me a little disastrous my whole goal would be to get to your campsite oh yeah well you take them down for transport but yeah I guarantee that’s what will go up there so one of the great things on this particular coach too is you got the accordion shades on here what helps you block out the Sun now one of the things that stuff is doing twos are also doing a new stitch material in here and this is a new color for stealth as well along with the the tables that you see here Hershey or chocolate yeah it’s like a cocoa type of a color which I think it really blends really nice with the cabinetry that’s in here and and the flooring combo so I think it’s I think it’s like a marshmallow like a s’more because you got we can call the s’more coach that’s right you know what we’re gonna have somebody come in say hey I like look at this yeah I don’t remember the model number but there’s more one coach yeah we got remember that it’s the style 2916G over here this is probably the coolest feature because a lot of toy haulers do not have nearly this nice of a kitchen look how much all not even close that you have you have the pulldown sink faucet this is a one basin sink so it’s ginormous inside there and then again lots of hidden hinges full-sized fridge 21 inch or 22 inch oven this is all flush so you have lots of extra counter space the cup type pullout drawers this is all pre done for you for your utensils the toe kick lighting underneath here is ginormous really a work ginormous oh it is you can look at is in the dictionary do you and I need to play some Scrabble is that what you’re probably so I know almost really a work here it is is it it is right probably okay you know it’s what she said I don’t you know tweak it okay that’s you totally forgot the refrigerator the refrigerator is a 2-way refrigerator to a refrigerator stainless steel check out this bad boy folks eight cubic foot fridge and then here’s the freezer yeah and it’ll run off of both gas and electric so do you pick your poison when it comes with that so obviously if you’re running off the generator you have the ability running this guy or if you don’t want to run your generator and switch it over to propane this is your solar power right here so this gives you your readout so this will tell you that our battery currently is 73% it’s a flooded battery and how much solar you’re getting on top it’ll tell you that it’ll it’ll say everything right on here so right now we’re getting four amps because it’s kind of a little bit later in the day and then you have a two-way entry into the bedroom / bathroom so this is one way Tom show them the other way yeah this is the other way and this is the Jack and Jill and this is what I meant by the bathroom as far as having the privacy so you know I’m assuming whoever owns the coach is gonna sleep up here and then the guests will be back there but while everybody’s sleeping all the doors can close everybody can have their privacy you have a nice radius shower it’s pretty spacious in here lots of headroom lots of headroom yeah I’m a tall guy six to taller than average I guess and this is a porcelain commode porcelain commode foot flush lots of cabin sinks in here and you know what this is a great spitters sink – spitter? see remember how I well I I learned that from one of my customers that came in because a lot of coaches what they’ll have is have like a little shelf that comes out and then when you go to spit your toothpaste you always boink your head so I thought that was hilarious yeah it’s got an open spinner sink so you’re not gonna worry about bumping your head you know those little things are important you know things like this come up why were there camping trip if you have this red weird line on your forehead right yeah yep for sure and you got this medicine cabinet back here too so there’s a lot of space in this bathroom right here mate what you got going on so this is that storage we were talking about that is accessible from the outside or the inside come on through I also like how this is kicked in a little bit so if you wanted to put all your shoes along this back end here you can have two foot of the bed it does have the struts to help you lift this up if you want and then this goes down and then this is a nicer mattress so this is a Denver mattress so not your entry-level mattress not a sort of mattress not a sort of Denver it’s a denver and you know what’s really nice about this too I think you’re thinking of a different brand there I am you’re supposed to say it’s not a sorta it’s a Sirte this is certain small it’s not sort of sorta it’s a Denver mattress right they used to come with mattresses and then this is your hamper acts actually got a laundry chute down here you just put your laundry basket here this closes up and that keeps the the dirty clothes away and then this for sure on each opposite side not only do you get the mirror to make sure that mate before you leave the camp for you that you’re looking good but you know you can hang your clothes in here hey can actually comes natural does it yeah I’m I’m past that point yeah but yeah lots of cabinet space in here for sure and one of the things that we want to mention too is that over here and octs is showing a picture of it is you have a place for a 12-volt outlet you also have a place where you can charge your cell phones CPAP machines are huge nowadays so you have a 110 power outlet there that you can utilize that system and you also have a spot to put an additional TV if you want a TV in the bedroom as well so a lot of cool features going on for sure you know Mait when we go to the shows every year in Indiana we always have the opportunity to see what we’re selling and we always like to go out and see what other people are doing and still by far the stealth is still doing the best that we have seen on the market when it comes to a toy hauler definitely reach out to us if you have any questions on this particular coach you can call it the s’mores camper if you’d like because the mate just came up with that it’s 29 16g stealth you happy to show it to you can reach out to me in an email at Tom@thegreatoutdoorsrv.com or you can always pick up the phone nine 970.313.4337 and if you like this video give us a thumbs up mait works hard getting me out here to do this videos believe dragon pull it’s a battle every day but he makes me do these folks so please just call me some my efforts are hard worth something take care and have a one see ya guys 2018 2916G Stealth Tom & Mait

$399 Suit Vs. $7,900 Suit

– What’s up Evan? – Sup. – You like fashion right? – I do. – Then why do you always look so bad? (chuckles) I’m just kidding. – Bad meaning bad, or bad meaning good? – It’s the one that you want it to be. – Bad. – Will you join me on my suit shopping extravaganza? – Suit. – We’re going New York. That’s not how you get there. We gotta get on a plane. It’s not that, it’s actually that way. – Nope I’m going. – Time to shop til we drop. – Hi. – Oh. (laughs) New York, fashion capital of the United States. – Yes sir. – Today on worth the lifestyle, we’re gonna try three different suit experiences that through drastically different price points and find out which one is the most worth it at it’s price. Worth it. – Suits never go out of style. Every man needs a suit. – And some women too. The first place we’re going to is a place called Suit Supply you’re gonna help me buy a suit. – Okay, what about me? – I mean you can have one too. – Suit up. (cool music) – My name is Nish De Gruiter, I’m the Vice President of Suit Supply USA, we have jackets, casual pants, shirts, all the furnishings.

– So what makes a good suit a good suit? – It should be fit well, it’s all about the interior, if you see people the name boxy suit, it still look very square because the interior is glued on the inside. If you see a proper made suit, breast pocket has a round shape to it, shoulder is a little slim it’s softer, our fabric are from high end Italian mills, Zenya, Barberis, Lo Pia, different colors, show the different price points, so the blue line is opening price point at 399, Suit Supply is a vertically integrative company. A wholesaler or retailer, we cut all those middle men out that’s why we can have a much more attainable price point. There’s always something that we can fit you in for example Havana fit works I think for your broad shoulders well.

– Is that, that’s for me right? – Yeah, (laughs) – We have a tailor who does alterations while you wait. – We have a tailor in the store? – Yes, like an open kitchen. – I like that you can walk in and walk out with a suit the same day. – To determine your size, chest size 40, shirt size 15 and 3/4s. – You have a suit here ready based on those three measurements. – From size 30 to regular all the way through 52 long we have in stock, ready to go.

(groovy music) – Alright come out here Evan, let’s see, oh. – This particular suit, is Havana suit, works well for your broad shoulders, smaller waist. This is really business something more formal, soft shoulder, the sleeve length is perfect here you show just the right amount of cuff, we have a high arm hole, that’s really Italian style. Italians like to hug. – I like to hug. I like to hug Steven. – You want to do a hug test? (laughs) – Hug test. – Let’s do a hug test. – Hug approved. I feel dangerous, – Dangerous? – Yeah, I feel like I might go somewhere and spend all my money. (laughs) – You look pretty fire but it’s my turn. – I think you should go a little more casual, I would go for charcoal gray. – Charcoal gray? – Charcoal gray will be a great color for your skin complexion, will work well with your hair. – Yes. – I will take a 36 suit, I will go for a 14 and 3/4s shirt. – So I’m 36 and you’re 40.

– 40 chest and 30 in the waist. – We need to advertise how much more buff Evan is than I am. (laughs) (smooth music) Oh ho, – This is a great outfit, it should be louder than your personality. – Oh wow, this is very breathable. Even though this is more casual, it’s more different its more unique. – Right. – And I love that about it. – You’re still wearing a suit and it’s very casual, you don’t go out of your comfort zone. – This is amazing, it’s hard to express how I feel right now. I feel like, you need to start treating me serious now. No more of your dumb hugs. This is all business. Pizza time. I think the crazy thing about that suit was how comfortable it was. – The suit jacket Nish gave me, I don’t think I have to alter it. – You’ve never had that kind of suit off the rack fit you so well. – Yeah. – Suit fact, the term bespoke, comes from the 1600s people would go into tailor shops, they’d have the ask for the fabric that was been spoken for that’s where bespoke came from.

That’s what fashion is though, pretty much copying people that look good. – Mm-hmm, it’s like a little bit of word play there. – Word play is more like when you say like, yo my name is Steven and I like to go to. – I’m Evan I come down from heaven. (laughs) – What? Suit number two, are you ready for this? – I’m actually most excited about this. We’ve been prepping ourselves to get fully suited – From an e-commerce site. We used a company called Articles of Style. Apparently this place is legit. – I’m Evan, I come from heaven. – Let’s go to 7Eleven, where you actually came from. (smooth music) – I’m Dan Trepanier, I’m the CEO and creative director. – Hi I’m Will Howe, I’m the COO of Articles of Style. – Articles of style is online luxury men’s wear brands a lot of guys out there are getting very mediocre frustrating experiences with custom e-commerce. Meanwhile in bespoke world, guys are thrilled so can’t we offer a service instead of just an algorithm where you measure yourself. – How are you making these suits? – Everything is made from scratch, based on that one client.

We found Southwyck, the oldest tailoring factory in America. At the factory what you’ll see for example in addition to a lot of other things is a digital pattern making. Printing your pattern. It’s laser cutting the fabric, then basting the garments together for assembly, so setting sleeves, they’re removing the base stitching when the garments done, they measure it to make sure it’s exactly what we ordered. And if it’s more than an eighth of an inch off, we have to redo it. So you fill out your physical profile on our website, we then figure out your estimated measurements, cut a custom try on just for you and send you that, take pictures in the try ons, upload them to your account, you have an opportunity to write feedback so you guys write a novel and in there.

– That’s gonna be this guy right here. – I’m gonna write a novel in there. – Right, I mean you gave us specific measurements. – Super detailed feedback. – That’s great, you know what you want, you know. You want for example, a very small leg hole which isn’t uncommon. – Gotta be specific right? – Yeah. (laughs) – I don’t even know what a leg hole is. – It’s the circumference at the very bottom of the pants. – It’s called the opening. – Gotcha. Okay. – If you’re telling us nothing, you’re trusting us for the expertise and if you’re telling us a ton that makes our job easier because we know how to cut the garment to your preference already. – This is the moment of truth. – Should we try ’em on? – If you guys get this right, I’m coming back to the store, (laughs) (smooth music) alright here we go. Oh shoot.

I really don’t recognize myself right now. This thing is just, throwing me off right here. This has never seen the sun. – This is a luxury fabric, it’s linen and silk, primarily silk actually, you’re a really slim guy right, so you probably often have really big shoulders on your jackets and we cut a really high arm hole, so if you have a slim biceps, that makes a big difference. – I have toned biceps. (laughs) – That’s slim. What’s really driving the comfort of the jacket is the no shoulder pads at all, so it’s really a shirt shoulder. And it’s really lightweight construction to your chest, so it’s really just like something you can throw on, and the trouser you picked was a cotton cashmere blend, so it’s really, really soft fabric as well. – Is there a name I can, an alter ego I can have when I wear this? Steven, Steve! – Steve. – Steve.

– Yo Steve is out. – Hug test. (laughs) hug approved. – It’s your turn. – Let’s go. – You’re not gonna look as good as me. – Let’s go. (groovy music) Oh wow. First of all, got the 12 inches, right length, shoulder width, everything fits perfectly. – You’re a harder fit than Steven is, mainly because you’re really big in the shoulders, strong chest, but really narrow waist, you’re wearing like a 31, 32 pant and like a 41, 42 jacket. Which is a 10 inch drop, that’s impressive. – I work hard for it. (laughs) – So you really benefit from the unpadded shoulder because you already got all this meat up here, you can’t really buy a suit off the rack so a guy like you is extra blown away.

– What do you think Steven? What do you think Steve? (laughs) – I mean, you look fine. (laughs) (fun music) – Yeah, hug approved. (smooth music) – Cut, cut, next place. (laughs) what is it with you and the 12 inch leg whole man? – You gotta know what you want when it comes to suits. – It’s true, from never having met me, to getting a suit that fit that perfectly, I was pretty amazed. – That’s probably the most impressive part about Articles of Style. – Yeah. – Hands down. Suit fact. – Oh my god. Did you know men have buttons on the right side and women have buttons on the left side. So the theory goes that men had to go to battle and wars so they had to be able to suit up very quickly and most people are right handed.

For women the thought is that women were wealthier so people would help them put it on, so you’d actually have it backwards ’cause you know the person helping you would, – I see. – Be right handed and could do the other side. – But if you’re a right handed woman and you’re a left handed man (laughs) you’re in trouble. – In battle, you’re screwed. We’re going to gentlemen by the name of Leonard Logsdail. We started from a retail store, and then we went down to a smaller e-commerce site and now we’re down to one man. – So we’re trimming down the number of people we have.

– Interesting yeah. – It is interesting. – The more you spend the less people who work on it. Hmm. – Hmm. (soft music) – My name’s Leonard Logsdail. I’m a tailor here in New York City with my son Leonard, he’s been working with me for about four years and he’s learning the trade from me and today we’re going to talk about production of a handmade suit and measure you for one as well. – Amazing. It’s me by the way. – It’s all you man. – If you like we can do a comparison between a good body and a bad body. (laughs) – You hear that. – From a tailoring point of view, people will look at him and say well he’s got a great body but from my point of view it’s actually quit difficult, the shoulders a 40, it’s about 3/4 of an inch lower on the right hand side, its understanding the nuances of the body and then being able to interpret that from a plain piece of brown paper when I construct the paper pattern.

– What is bespoke, what is a bespoke tailor do. – When you get buy something off the rack it’s made for everybody and no one in particular. We do it completely the other way around. I’ve got 45 years of experience of understanding men’s bodies, many clients say to me that I understand their bodies more than their wives do. Because when you come in three months later I can tell if you’ve put on a couple of pounds or taken a couple of pounds off. – We make the suites ourselves on site, garments cut here, our jacket maker makes about two a week. It takes about 60 or 70 hours of hand work put into it. – Very labor intensive. – And how did you guys get to where you are now? – Well I think it’s the heart that goes into it.

I built up a business in London. I moved out here in 1991. There were probably about 50 or 60 old Italian fabulous tailors in the United States have all died off. – So this suit you made right here. – I did yeah, I made all those clothes for all the guys from Wolf of Wall Street. – No way. – One of the reasons that I get the movie work from the tailors here is because if you want something 1970s with a flared pair of trousers and big pockets I can do that for you. – How much is a suit that you make and then what defines the cost of that? – The skill of moving and stretching and shrinking and feeling the fabric in your fingers takes a long time and when you’re charging a lot for a suit I’m not gonna do it until you’re ready for it, a two piece suit starts at 7900 dollars. Probably the lowest quality we make is a super 120s with cashmere and then we move on up from there to a Vicuna suit which probably cost about 30,000 dollars ’cause the cloth is very rare.

– They found a way to shear it and they stay alive. – I want a suit, maybe for my wedding? – We can do that for you. – Okay so I have not proposed to her yet, but I’m thinking about it. – Well she might hear it now so. – She will hear it. – So are you gonna get married on the west coast, the east coast? What time of year? Are you more of a conservative type of person or do you want something that’s got a little bit of oomph to it? (laughs) – I hadn’t even thought about that. – We need to know this because if you’re gonna get married in Alaska in the winter, I can’t show you some of these fabrics. – Gotcha, I like a little bit of flair yeah. – So this is a Super 130s and it’s beautiful. – That’s great. – And it’s beautiful, feel the fabric so that means it’s going to be comfortable to wear, now we have to decide what style of suit you want. Do you like more of the modern style, like a shorter jacket and a tight pair of pants? – I would love to go with what you’re advising.

– So we’ll go two buttons on the front. The pink lapel means you thought about pants, we’re gonna make them with no pleats. You use your back pockets? – I do, and I heard it’s bad for your back to put a wallet in your back pocket. – If you’ve got a lot of money in it yeah. (laughs) and then we’ll start the measurements and the body figurations. 38 and a half. – 38 and a half yeah that’s what I’m talking about Evan, got some gains. – And we’ll cut the suit out after that. – How long will it take, you said at least three fittings? – Depends, sometimes if I do my job correctly, the first time we could do it in one, sometimes I need two, sometimes I need three but I will not let the suit go out the door until I’m happy with it.

My plan is for Ying to look at you on her wedding day and really decide that you’re the one. (elegant music) – Alright man. That. Wow, dude that looks so good. I’m not used to this. This navy color looks really really good on you. You should start wearing this everyday actually so I can take you seriously. (laughs) – Dude it looks so clean, okay. And my favorite part of this suit, the back of it is like perfectly shaped for my back.

I look like a body builder. – Oh wow, yeah. I see you. – I see you. I’m used to feeling fabric pull at me in certain places. I don’t feel that here. Oh yeah, see that. The insides transcription, see this phrase, it’s from my mom. I don’t know how to describe this any more man it’s so, it’s so perfect. – A perfect suit is when I’m working with a client and I look in the mirror and I see the look on his face is when you’re happy when you walk out the door.

(playful music) – Hug approved. Thank you for taking me shopping, why did just grab your bicep? (laughs) Evan Ghang, which suit is the most worth it at it’s price for you. – Suit Supply is probably my go to place when I want to buy suits. – If you need a suit tomorrow, that will fit you very nicely, Suit Supply, and it’ll look great. – But I have to say it’s the Articles of Style.

They found that middle ground where everything just meets perfectly and the fact that I’ve never met them before and they got the suits down perfectly that’s already a winner for me honestly. – I thought I was gonna go with Articles of Style, I guess I’m a fancy boy ’cause I’m going with Leonard Logsdail. – What? – He doesn’t cut corners, well he does on suits. Ha ha ha ha. It’s not about the money, it’s not about the time, it’s not about anything, it’s about getting the product correct and I look up to people like that. – You looked really, really good in that suit. – Alex, who was your Worth It winner? I must have looked really good in that suit. – This guy. – That wraps it up for our season two of Worth it Lifestyle. Thank you guys for watching, it’s like because of you guys watching now we can make these videos so we out. – Peace. – Can I do one more thing? So in the first location that we did for this video at Suit Supply, we were told that of this thing called a hug test, I’m just gonna give you a hug.

– Come on in. – Hug approved .

100 Year Old Style Secrets | 7 VINTAGE Items Every Man Should Have In His Wardrobe

A hundred years. Gentlemen, if an item has been around for a full century, you got to say this product is probably doing something right. In today’s video, I’ve got seven vintage items which have stood up to the test of time and I think that every modern man should consider having this in his wardrobe. Number one on my list, gentlemen, the single-bladed razor. Now, the two most common ones we’re going to see out there going to be the straight razor also known as the cut throat razor and we’ve got the safety blade. This was 1847 was when the first patent came out for this and so, this is the younger of the two. This one 5000, 6000 years. You go back and you look at Egyptians, you go back and you look at the Romans. What were they using? They were using straight razors such as this to actually get the job done. Now, nowadays I get it why cartridge razors are so nice. So many people have gone over to this from the marketing, but also because of the convenience.

I was traveling the world for six months, I can tell you I used cartridge and disposable razors because I could travel with them on an airplane. Many men are actually going to find that, hey, this is what I need this is what I’m going to stick with, I like the fact that it’s got multiple blades and they lift up and then they cut. Other people are going to find that that lifting cutting is actually not very good for them. So, it depends on what you’re looking for, but understand your great grandfather got away with a single blade, maybe you should give it a shot.

Vintage item number two, gentlemen an aftershave. Now, a true aftershave contains an antiseptic. Now, think about that, go back to point number one. You’re using that cut throat razor, you’re shaving yourself, you get a pretty – a pretty nice cut right in there. And, two hundred years ago, that was a pretty big deal that could lead to an infection. That infection could lead to death if it actually got really bad. Yes, there are cases of men dying after cutting themselves when they were shaving with razors. Nowadays, we can actually go into doctors we can get treated pretty easily, but this used to actually be very key with the antiseptic.

But, actually it still plays a role today especially if you’re using a safety razor you’re using a straight razor maybe you cut yourself really good and you use an aftershave to clean it up basically to go in there and prevent it from getting infected. Now, there’s many other great things with aftershaves, they can smooth up the face, so something like this is going to go in there and moisturize. Now, by the way, this is Aqua Velva.

They’re the paid sponsor of this video, a hundred years old. So, they actually gave me the idea for this entire video, but guys for three weeks I’ve been using this product. This does not have the burning sensation. In addition, all day moisturizer, it actually prevents redness, it prevents bumps, ingrown hairs. I don’t have any experience, I really don’t get too many ingrown hairs. Okay. Really quick I want to pull up this picture. I want to show you in my local grocery store, I was able to find the Aqua Velva Sensitive 5 in 1 right there on the isle, you can walk into your local grocery store your local pharmacy your local big buck store and you can find Aqua Velva right there on the shelf.

Like I said, they’ve been around a hundred years. Great products. Go check them out. Vintage item number three, gentlemen pomade hair product. Pomade has made its way back into men’s bathrooms because of what it can do with the quiff and the pompadour, two hairstyles that become a lot more popular. That’s basically where you’re able to take a lot of hair, you slick it back and you got to hold it in place with a wet look. So, we see it being made from bees wax, lard, petroleum products. Historically, a lot of the new ones they actually don’t use that because all the products I just mentioned are very difficult to get out of your hair.

Now, you think that’s bad, actually go back, it used to actually use bear fat. Yes, bear fat was used in pomade about two hundred years ago. You go back to Roman times, they used a pomade-like solution for their hair that use a soap. But, nowadays a lot of them are going to be water-based pomades so they’re a lot easier to pull out. But, what you’re going to find in pomades is if you’ve got longer hair, they have the strength to keep your hair in place.

So, like I said, for the quiff for the pompadour, exactly what you’re looking for or if you just simply want to have – and by the way, I’m wearing a pomade right now. Sometimes it gives you a dressier look when you’re able to pull your hair straight back and it still has that wet dark look to it. Vintage item number four, gentlemen the vest. Now, I love a great vest, I think a lot of men can pull it off especially if you’ve got a built up chest, you’ve got larger arms, and it’s going to be a lot cooler than wearing a jacket, so a great style accessory for a lot of guys.

But, we look at where the vest originated, so it used to be with messengers. What they would do is they would take scarves and wrap it under their jackets to try to stay warm when they’re out there riding horses throughout the night trying to get the messenger or the mail across. Now, they started to realize, hey, if I took a jacket I cut off the sleeves and I put it under another jacket, that works even better. Then, they started wearing these sleeveless jackets and that’s what became the vest. Then, it was incorporated in the menswear, basically what we like was the clean silhouette.

We didn’t want to see the shirt which, again, the shirt at that time the dress shirt was actually considered underwear. So, you simply had it so that it fully covers this area even when a man’s jacket was opened up. Then, all of a sudden one’s up, you know, when everything started changing three-piece suits came out, all of a sudden the vest disappeared. Now, I think you can still pull it though and it’s becoming a lot more popular.

I’ve got friends that are photographers, friends that are dancers and they find that vest because they give more freedom of movement of the arms and they actually are a bit cooler in hot weather, still having pockets and giving that better look than simply just wearing a dress shirt and dress slacks. I think the vest guys can really help you to stand out and it’s a vintage item. Vintage item number five, gentlemen the bowtie.

So, I love a great bowtie and what a lot of people don’t know about the bowtie is it’s just as formal as the necktie. Bowtie, necktie, same level of formality and in fact, the bowtie in many cases can be worn with items that are a higher level formality, so black tie, white tie. But, understand that the bowtie in many people’s minds it’s just something that’s more festive, it’s something that makes you stand out more. However, I think a bowtie is very functional if you’re a doctor, if you’re a cook. Think about it, a necktie gets in the way, a bowtie stays out of the way.

But, a bowtie in general is going to – many people have a preconceived conception of a man who wears a bowtie. Maybe they view them as creative, as eccentric, as an economist. Yes, there are many guys out there that view this with a certain type of personality. So, be careful when you’re wearing the bowtie especially like in an interview. But it is a vintage item that every man can consider bringing into his wardrobe. The next vintage item we’re going to talk about, gentlemen, suspenders. Suspenders used to be worn by almost all men. Why? Because they actually held up your pants. This is when trousers and dress slacks were actually worn at the natural waist which is about your belly button area, so they were a little bit higher. Then, something interesting happened in about the 1940’s and 1950’s, jeans really became popular and to conserve fabric during the war, they actually start to making trousers a bit lower. All of a sudden, men preferred to wear them at this point they started wearing belts, suspenders, lost a lot of momentum, they never fully recovered.

However, you do see them actually in work wear and anyone that’s ever worn utility suspenders will probably tell you it’s actually pretty darn comfortable. Now, there are particular men who would really look great in suspenders and would love to actually the way they feel and that is going to be large men, men with a bigger midsection. Now, think about that, a man with a bigger midsection he’s actually shaped like this going down. Sometimes his waist in that area up there is bigger that his buttocks and his hips. So, think about that you’re trying to put pressure in on that area to keep your pants up, but they keep slipping down, so try wearing a pair of suspenders. Now, there are various types. This have a button attachment area and I really think that this is what you should be looking for if you’re going to start wearing suspenders, it’s going to be more comfortable and it’s going to be able to last longer.

But, if you have to go to the – with the clips, that’s going to be fine. At the end of the day, gentlemen if you want to bring a bit of style bit of pizzazz to your outfit, consider suspenders. Vintage item number seven, the handkerchief. So, what’s the difference between a handkerchief and a pocket square? Handkerchiefs are made for blowing, pocket squares are made for showing. So, pocket squares can be made from delicate fabrics like silk. Handkerchiefs on the other hand made from cotton, sometimes linen, but they are made to be washed, to be worn, to be used. These are tough these are usable. Now, they’re interchangeable sometimes. I can use this actually as a pocket square right in there and then whenever a lady sneezes or my daughter, she gets bloody noses. Whenever something like this is needed, boom, you pull it off you feel like a classic gentleman. And I know you can get away with tissues, but there’s just something about a handkerchief that I love.

All right, gents now it’s your turn. I want to hear from you down in the comments. What did I miss? What would you have added to this? I know I didn’t talk about hats, I didn’t talk about various colored ties like pin colors. I didn’t talk about ascots, I didn’t talk about classic silk scarves, I didn’t talk about pocket watches. I know many of you guys want me to cover that stuff. So, let me know down in the comments what you would have added, what I should have talked about.

And go check out Aqua Velva 5 in 1. I’m going to link to them as well down there in the description. What I love about this, guys besides being around for a hundred years is the whole – I’ve been using them for three weeks. It’s a great company. And the vintage ads, go check those things out. They are really cool, you can see it on their website. Guys, that’s it. Take care. I’ll see you in the next video. End of Audio .