Should You Wear Denim Jeans With A Suit Jacket Or Blazer?

Welcome back to the Gentleman’s Gazette! Have you ever asked yourselves, should I wear a jacket with jeans? Is it too formal, is it just right? Well in today’s video we’ll talk about nothing but jeans, blazers and suit jackets. When you can wear them, when you should avoid them and anything else you want to know about those combinations. Obviously it’s a very similar question to can I wear a jacket without a tie and we discussed it in a separate video here.

When should you wear a jacket with denim is a popular question because many men today wear it, yet it goes against traditional style rules because jeans used to be strictly blue-collar workwear. Today, men’s style is a lot more casual than it used to be 50 or 60 years ago and jeans are probably the number one worn pants by men. As everything gets more casual of course a lot of men try to wear jeans with anything else they have in their wardrobe particularly suit separates because that’s what they sometimes have to wear to work.

In an attempt to dress up their jeans or to dress down their suit they simply combine the two but it rarely works and it hardly ever looks advantageous unless you follow a few clear-cut rules. The issue of suit jackets with jeans is that it is a clash of formalities. Typically it’s a combination seen worn by middle managers who want to seem approachable yet be a cut above their subordinates.

It’s definitely a fine line to walk but dressing purposefully and thoughtfully is the key here. Personally I hardly ever wear jeans with a jacket, it’s simply not my style. But here is how you can pull it off. First of all pair your blazer or sport coat only with your dressiest jeans. That means no holes and no used look. Also it’s really important that you have enough contrast between your sport coat and your jeans. If you have a dark washed denim with a dark navy blazer it’s not enough contrast and it looks odd because it’s similar yet it’s not a suit and it’s just weird. So in general, a medium dark wash or something slightly lighter is best. It’s essential that your jeans don’t puddle and are hemmed to the exactly right length. To learn more about what length is right for you, check out this video here.

In terms of cut, a straight leg or maybe something that slightly tapered works best. Definitely avoid really baggy cuts as well as a bootcut. Also don’t cuff or pin roll your jeans because that’s simply too casual. If you still want to learn how to do it please check out this video here. Two, rather than going with a navy blazer instead branch out and maybe go with jackets that have different colors as well as patterns and materials because that’s more contrasting or interesting, but also more casual and it works better with jeans.

Good features include notch lapels because peak lapels would be too formal. You can also have patch pockets because they’re more formal than jetted pockets or flat pockets. In terms of patterns, you can go with little houndstooth pattern maybe a small micro check or a classic Prince of Wales check. When it comes to material compositions, 100% wool is okay but to make it more casual add cotton and linen blends sometimes wool linen or wool cotton blends or sometimes also a little bit of silk or cashmere for a softer hand and touch. In terms of jacket colors, you can go with lighter shades of blue, maybe a royal blue for example or even a lighter blue. Overchecks could be in red or an orange because that’s a little more casual. In the winter brown tones are great especially as a Glen check with dark brown and off-white or maybe a herringbone jacket in a medium brown. With all those lighter colors, one pair of dark washed denim really works best because it provides a contrast and it’s a classic jeans color.

The personal favorite of mine is the color green it goes really well with dark washed denim. And to learn more about why green is underrated in menswear, please check out this video here. Also definitely avoid white or off-white jackets because the denim will color off on it and the contrast is too strong. Three, make sure to wear your denim and your sport coat with casual shirts to bridge the gap formalities. Long-sleeve dress shirts are good but ideally you should avoid the most formal variations in solid white because they’re just too businesslike.

Instead maybe you go with an off-white or a green shirt maybe something with a rougher texture and maybe skip ironing to create a more casual look. Alternatively you can also go with button-down collars because they are more casual and check shirts, as well as little houndstooth shirts because they’re also more casual than solids. If you want something like a solid I suggest an Oxford fabric with a two-tone maybe light blue and white because it’s durable and more casual. No matter what shirt you choose always tuck it in because an untucked shirt with a sport coat or a suit jacket simply looks odd. Four, wear the combination of jeans and sport coat with the right kind of shoes. Black Oxfords are way too formal and not appropriate here. At the same time boat shoes are too informal and should likewise be avoided. So what should you wear? Ideally go with brown tones or burgundy and oxblood. If you want to be a little more experimental you can think about olive green, grey or maybe navy. In terms of styles a classic derby shoe is good just like those burgundy derbies or these olive green derbies on a very Parisian elegant last.

Because of the color it makes them work with a jeans and a sport coat. Alternatively you could opt for loafers either tassel loafers or penny loafers, both work. Another good options are monk straps such as those brown single monks with some broguing and a wingtip or those more fashion-forward double monks in burgundy. If you want to go with oxfords go with brogues either half brogues or full brogues because that’s casual enough to wear with jeans and it ties the ensemble together with your sport coat. Other good options include chukka boots or chelsea boots. In terms of leather texture, suede is really great to combine with jeans and a sport coat. Why? Simply because it’s a little more casual. It’s less serious and as such it ties together those two elements of different formalities So now that you know how and when to wear a blazer with jeans, the question is, when should you not wear those two items together? First of all the biggest mistake I see men make in this situation is that they pair a traditional business suit with a pair of jeans they have.

Particularly it’s that black business suit jacket or that pinstripe jacket that they wear with dark blue jeans and it just looks weird and odd. As discussed before, while some suit jackets can be worn with jeans especially if they’re more casual any kind of business suit should not be combined with jeans, that includes solid navy jackets or maybe solid grey jackets but also any kind of stripe, pinstripe, rope stripe or chalk stripe. They won’t look good with jeans. Don’t combine jeans with a double-breasted business jacket. Double-breasted is typically more formal. It has peak lapels and as such is even more formal than a single breasted blazer with patch pockets. Hence, avoid. However in recent years double-breasted jackets have become a lot more popular especially at Pitti Uomo. And if you have something that has a nice linen blend maybe with the Prince of Wales pattern and lighter colors, you can definitely combine them with jeans. Never wear a t-shirt with jeans underneath a jacket because it’s a clash of formalities. Either you wear just a t-shirt and some jeans and you skip the jacket all together or you opt for the jacket but you go with a casual dress shirt or this blend of polo shirt and dress shirt I mentioned before.

Four, never wear any kind of black shoes especially not black dress shoes with this combination because it looks out of place. Black is fine for formal business suits and office wear but not when you were jeans. Instead go with browns, tan tones, burgundy tones, greens or anything else but not black. To learn why black is one of the most overrated colors in menswear, please check out this video here.

Five, jeans with a jacket are not ideal if you want to wear a tie, a bow tie or maybe an ascot simply because it would be too formal and a clash. So if you opt for the combination of jacket and jeans forgo your tie and your neck wear instead go with a pocket square or maybe a boutonniere because that creates a visual interest and it just creates for a more polished look. For a selection of pocket squares that are perfect to be worn with jeans and a sport coat please check out our store here. You’ll also find boutonnieres there that will just round out your outfit. Six, you don’t want to wear jeans with a jacket if you want to have a formal dress shirt. That means, double cuffs with cufflinks because that’s too formal for regular cotton denim. Likewise, a solid white shirt is not appropriate.

A light blue might work. Maybe go with a different texture, a different weave that is more open so it breathes better and you’re more comfortable during the summer. Striped shirts can work especially if you have bolder stripes, wider or larger scale stripes or maybe stripes in a different color. At the same time the whole ensemble has to work together. And we’ll cover the specific skill of combining patterns especially stripes in a different video. Don’t wear jeans and a sport coat if you don’t know the dress code or if you’re unsure about the formality at the event or the occasion you will wear it to. Why you might wonder? Well, if you’re not sure about a dress code it always pays to dress one notch up.

In that case it would mean wearing your blazer with a pair of chinos rather than your jeans. Alternatively if you think that’s over-the-top you can skip the jacket and just go with a casual dress shirt and a pair of slacks either chinos or jeans depending on what you think is right for the occasion. By the way during the colder months of the year, a tweed jacket works really well with jeans simply because it’s more casual by definition.

It has a coarser weave. It has more warmer earth tones and so it’s a great jacket that is usually single breasted and has notch lapels which makes it again less formal and therefore perfectly suited for jeans. That being said there are tons of other jackets which are less formal and therefore equally as well suited to jeans as a tweed jacket. Some of them include a Panama jacket which is more of a summery jacket. Another one, the Harrington jacket and you can check out more in our Harrington jacket guide here. So in conclusion, you can definitely wear a jacket with jeans just make sure it’s casual enough and not your typical business suit.

When it comes to foot wear, brown shoes are your friend and make sure it’s not too casual but also not too formal. In today’s video I’m wearing a combination of dark wash denim jeans and a suit jacket which is part of a Prince of Wales suit with a slight brown over check. Obviously there’s a lot of contrast between the jacket and so it works. I combined it with a cream or off-white dress shirt. It has button cuffs, no French cuffs.

And I also decided to leave them undone because it’s a little warmer outside and it simply adds a more casual flare to your overall ensemble. Of course I skipped the necktie and instead I went with a very casual pocket square which is made out of a handcrafted linen with hand rolled edges and X stitches. You can find a rich selection of those pocket squares in this color or others in our shop here. For my shoes I opted for a reddish chestnut brown monk strap with silver buckles and a wingtip full brogue and I combined it with a belt in the same kind of color tone which is alligator and also has a silver buckle so everything is harmonious and works. For my socks I opted for a pair of Fort Belvedere socks in navy blue and yellow because they provide a bit of contrast to the shoe as well as the jeans yet they tie everything well together.

To learn more about how you can combine shoes with socks and pants, please check out this video here. If you enjoyed this video give us a like and subscribe to this channel so videos like this come right to your inbox. .

How to Wear a Ring Sling – Featuring the Sakura Bloom

Hey, I’m Jacquelyn Muir and I’m here to show you a ring sling today. Basically you just start by putting the fabric over your shoulder. And a lot of people like their ring on their dominate side. Which then gives their right hand (if that’s your dominate side) the most freedom. And then once you put it on, you’re going to want the fabric to come up through the rings, and out and down just like this is. To start you take all this fabric right here, and you bloom it. You just pull it all out, and it kind of turns into a flower looking thing, and you just want it bloomed, so its nice and loose.

So basically you kind of want this fabric straight at the bottom. Then what you’re going to do, you’re going to take this outside corner piece and you’re going to tighten it right here. So I’m going to pull this nice and tight. And I’m actually going to move this ring about collar bone level, and its going to sit right here. Then I’m going to tighten this ring, and its going to slowly tighten. I’m just pulling on this outside edge. What that is actually doing is tightening this bottom piece of fabric right here against my body, and this is going to start to create the pouch to put the baby in. So I’m just going to tighten it a little bit more. Now that I have the outside nice and tight, I can kind of feel it against my body. I’m going to go get the baby! So here’s Miles, he’s almost a month. He’s our little guy, and he likes to be carried a lot! What you’re going to do is you’re going to put your little guy, or girl, your little baby up here in burping position.

Then you’re going to take their little feet, and you want to slide them in this pouch, and kind of get it comfortable. Then once they’re are in that pouch you’re going to take all this slack, I have a lot of slack right now. You’re going to take all this slack, and while supporting them, you’re going to kind of pull this slack, so you can tighten the other end of the ring. So you just pull it right here and tighten it up right there until it feels nice and secure and snug, and you have it about where you want.

This should be a tiny bit higher, so I might slide him over just a little bit and try to get this ring up a little bit higher. There we go. I’m going to tighten it just a little bit more just to make him feel a little more secure. So I just pull this slack, and tighten that down. There we go. So he is in the carrier. And then what we are going to do is take all of this extra fabric, and this is really helpful with newborns. I’m just going to roll this, twist it, twist it, twist it, and then I’m going to bring it right here, and I’m going to fold this fabric nice up and over. So it kind of actually creates more of a head support comfort for them, and it feels a little bit more secured, it also gets that tail out of the way. You’re going to want these rings at about corsage level when you’re done. But here you have the ring sling! And there are a bunch of different other carry’s that you can do.

I haven’t mastered them all yet, but it’s always good to start with a newborn and then try a few more as they get older. A few tips about carrying in this newborn position, that bloom that we did in the beginning is really important and it makes it a lot easier to tighten those rails, or the ends of the fabric. That makes the fabric slide through a lot easier. So make sure you bloom that fabric and keep it nice and loose.

Always keep your newborn in this vertical position. It’s really easy to nurse in this sling, you just loosen it up, drop him down a little bit, and then you can continue to nurse in that vertical position. Thanks for watching, if you have any questions, comment below or email us at .

Introducing Purple Sheets. Stretchiest, Comfiest, Bamboo Sheets Ever.

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Egyptian cotton is divine. Flannelllll! …ENOUGH! They’re bed sheets. You shouldn’t have to choose between sheets made from a high end bologna. My mom made me bologna all the time. Purple® Bed Sheets for the no-nonsense sleep better solution. For people who obsess over sheets, like me. Definitely me, but you as well! For people who don’t give a rat’s buttocks. Like him. Got ya. Other sheets suck the comfort soul right out of the mattress, by being too tight or too ridgid. It creates a drum over the bed that your body can’t conform to. You don’t put bunny ears on a 4K T.V., do you? on your sweet mattress purple bed sheets maximize the comfort of your bag it’s the only bed sheet that’s made from bamboo fabric that’s also super stretchy it’s like a 1980’s superhero Oh my gosh, stop.

Cut it, cut! Curtis, get out of here. Look at the competition. It’s rigid and stiff, and so very rigid. Oh man we’re talking stone tablets over here, okay. Look at Purple! Oh my gosh, look at the stretch here! You seeing this? Now are you looking at this? There’s so much stretch to it. Sometimes in my room, I like to sleep in a stretchy pants and these stretchy sheets. See the stretch? But look, Grizzly, Purple® Bed Sheets are durable without being uncomfortable or scratching. Shouldn’t have to feel like a high school dance when you go to bed. Did you know that Purple® Bed Sheets are sups breathable and airy? and super soft without being stiff and this heavy duty elastic band on the fitted sheet means that actually fit and stays on the mattress How sweet is that?! No more sheet battles.

Okay Okay Wow Can we nominate these for the Noble Sleep Prize? Wait a second. We’ve got it! I thought this would be bigger, but it’ll do. Purple® Bed Sheets are soft and strong, seamless, stretchy, cool, comfortable, and easy to clean all at the same time. Your sheets should unleash endless possibilities of comfort for your bed. If you have a bad and want unleash it, click here! Hello. Look at. Baby! Baby, baby oh! .

Wool SUPER Numbers Explained – What Do Suit Fabric Super 100s, 180s… Mean?

Welcome back to the Gentleman’s Gazette! In today’s video, we’ll be discussing what the term “super” means in relation to worsted wool suits and how it does and doesn’t determine suit quality. Generally speaking, worsted wool is the most popular fabric for men’s suits around the world and while there are technically many fabrics that fall into the definition of worsted, there are subtle differences in classification among them. One of these determining factors is the wool’s so-called super number. You may be familiar with seeing terms like super 120s or super 180s on online retail pages or in fabric swatch books but what exactly does the term super mean in relation to worsted wool? Before we can answer that question, let’s talk a bit more generally about what qualifies as worsted wool.

The term worsted can alternately describe either a combed yarn, a fabric made from a combed yarn, or a weight of yarn. A combed yarn, by the way, is made when wool fibers are rotated by metal combs that align the long fibers while discarding these short staple fibers. The result is a long lasting fine and smooth yarn with a somewhat glossy finish. Also, by adjusting the pull of these combs on the wool, one can get lighter or heavier yarns whereas varying the twists will impact the look, feel, and strength of the yarn. Tight twisting provides a crisper feel whereas loose twisting makes for a softer but weaker yarn. One quick note here to answer the question of why it’s called worsted wool in the first place. The names origin dates all the way back to the 12th century when the English city of worsted in Norfolk along with a few other cities in the area became a manufacturing center of cloth and cloth weaving and to answer another general question, is a lighter worsted wool better than a heavier weight? The answer not necessarily no.

Let’s take an overcoat as an example of this principle; while a softer fabric would feel more pleasant on one’s skin, a heavier coat made of something like Donegal tweed is going to be much more sturdy and keep you more warm than a lighter and softer cashmere coat would. Of course, you’re not often going to be wearing an overcoat against your bare skin but this illustrates the principle that the heavier weight is going to be sturdier than the lighter weight even if the lighter weight is softer.

Similarly, you might be under the impression that a lighter weight weave is going to be cooler to wear and a heavier weight would be warmer but this isn’t always the case either. Something that’s heavy but relatively open in its weave like a fresco fabric, for instance, is going to feel much cooler when worn than something that’s tightly woven and lighter like a super 150s fabric, for instance. Of course, the interlining and canvas of a jacket are going to have an impact on how hot it feels while you’re wearing it but that’s a subject for another video. With all that said though, fabrics that are commonly available today are just going to be lighter in general than fabrics that were produced 30 or 40 years ago or even more.

This will be readily apparent to you if you visit a thrift store and pick out an old suit. It’s probably just going to be heavier than something you’d buy today. Speaking of tweed overcoats though, you can take a look at our video and related article on the fascinating history of the tweed fabric here. It’s important to keep in mind then that a lighter fabric with a higher super number is not a hallmark of a better fabric, it just indicates that the fibers used were thinner in diameter. Similarly, the super number doesn’t provide any information about the weave or how heavy the fabric is. One more thing to touch on before we get into the particulars of what supers measure though and that’s how they came to be in the first place. You might be surprised to learn that the wool that goes into a great many suits that are produced around the world today comes from sheep that are descended from just two rams and four ewes. In 1789, King Charles the fourth of Spain gifted six sheep to the Dutch East India Company; these sheep were then shipped to South Africa.

In 1795, a British immigrant to Australia named John McArthur bought 26 of the offspring of these original six sheep and transported them back to botany bay. These 26 sheep were then bred to form the backbone of what’s now the Australian wool industry that has sheep that now number more than one hundred and twenty million. The wool from these sheep produced in grades between 60s and 80s around this time, essentially measuring how fine the yarns were, was top of the line. As such, most of it went directly to tailors on Savile Row. 100s grade wool meanwhile was thought to be unattainable at this time in history. Until the wool mill of Joseph Lumbs and Sons in Huddersfield West Yorkshire England was finally able to produce some of it.

Lumb bought enough of this wool for an entire year’s supply and brought it to market under the term Lumb’s Huddersfield super 100s thus super terminology for worsted wool suits was born. At this time in the late 18th century, British wool merchants would often refer to their wares by largely subjective terminology in describing how fine the wool was; terms like low, medium, fine, the newly created super, and so on. But because producers and consumers eventually wanted terminology that was more objective in how the wool was rated, the city of Bradford, England led the way in grading wool more objectively. This process became known as the English worsted yarn count system or more generally, the Bradford system. Fast forward now to 1968 when the USDA created the United States standards for grade wool, this assigned ranges of average fiber diameter or AFD and maximum standard deviation to the previously set up Bradford count. So with these standardization systems in place, super still sits as the top designation for how fine a wool may be.

With that said, some companies have gotten a little subjective again in exactly how they’re grading their super wools. So for example, a super 200s wool from one manufacturer might be a bit different in how fine it is from a super 200s wool from another manufacturer. Things are generally going to be fairly consistent, overall. When we’re discussing reputable manufacturers of high quality, most of them are going to abide by the guidelines set out in the fabric labeling code of practice from the International Wool Textile Organization or IWTO. So to recap then, what the super number is actually measuring is how fine the wool is because what’s being measured is how many times each of the individual woollen yarns have been twisted around.

Generally then, the higher the super number is, the finer the cloth in question will be. Often, this means it will also be lighter but as we said earlier, this isn’t always the case. How fine these woolen yarns are is typically measured in micrometers also called microns. We’ve got a detailed chart for how each super number corresponds to a micron measurement in the corresponding article on our website you can find that here.

So a higher super number will mean that a fabric is going to be softer to the touch and generally will feel more like luxurious. Conversely, a lower super number will mean that the cloth is more sturdy and probably warmer. As we’ve said, it will generally be heavier but not always. While it’s commonly believed that the super number of a given fabric also has something to do with its individual thread count, this simply isn’t true and there’s not a correlation between the two measurements. While a higher super number does to some extent denote the exclusivity of a given fabric, because something like a super 200s would contain some of the rarest wool fibers available, this is only an indication of that exclusivity and rarity, not necessarily subjective quality. Here’s another important note, the full word “super” can only be applied to fabrics made of pure new wool. Also, fabrics made with wool blended with other things like cashmere, alpaca, silk, or so on can use the slightly related S designation, though not the full word super.

Now you may be wondering, how do these super numbers translate into considerations for wearing? Stated simply, anything with a higher super number is going to be more temperamental and hard to care for over time. The thinner, finer fibers of a wool with a high super number may have an amazing hand which is to say how soft they feel to the touch but they’re also going to break down much more quickly than a heftier fiber would.

As an example here, something like a super 180s wool would probably feel softer on the body whereas something like a super 100s wool is going to be more durable, less prone to wrinkling, and probably better suited for repeated everyday wear. On that note, snags in finer fabrics happen much more frequently and are also far more difficult to repair than a snag in a comparatively coarse fabric. Speaking generally then, it’s our opinion that it’s best not to get overly caught up in the super numbers of your worsted wool suits. Very good quality suits can be created from wool in the super 100s to super 150s range and even below that, and of course, a suit that is well fitted to the wearer’s body is going to look great regardless of what the super number might be or even if it doesn’t have one. Conversely, something in a super 180s or super 220s wool is still going to look sloppy if it doesn’t fit your frame well.

On that note you can take a look at two videos on how a suit should properly fit here. Finally today, we’ve got a few general guidelines for you if you really do want to pay close attention to the super numbers of your suits and how you could wear them effectively. For standard everyday wear, you could go with something with a pretty low super number. Something that’s below 100 up to a super 100s or super 120s, for example. For an important business meeting, a conference, or something that’s a bit more important than the average day-to-day at the office, you could go with something like a super 130s or super 150s and for special events, you could go with something like a super 180s or anything above that.

Again, these are just hypothetical suggestions. If you really do want to pay attention to your super number, of course, you could wear a suit made from a different material entirely than worsted wool and still look good or you could wear a worsted suit that doesn’t even have a registered super number. You just have to make sure that the suit is fitting you well and flattering your form. In conclusion then, while the super number of a worsted wool can be handy in determining how fine and soft the yarns of a given wool are, it shouldn’t be used as the only measure of quality in wool suiting. Remember to focus first on fit then determine if you really like the look of the suit and how often you think you will wear it.

From this point, you can consider the super number. So which part of today’s explanation did you find most intriguing? And if you are one of those men that pays attention to the super number of your suits, do you have a favorite number? Ahare with us in the comment section below and as always don’t forget to subscribe to the channel and hit the little bell icon so these videos will come straight to your inbox in today’s video I am wearing a wool suit but to illustrate the concept that super numbers aren’t everything this wool suit doesn’t even have a super grade still I like the look of it and I think it fits my frame well so it’s one that I wear relatively often the suit is charcoal in color and it has a slight bit of texture to its weave technically it’s actually a three-piece suit but I more often wear it as a two-piece because I find that it fits me better that way still I wouldn’t be surprised if you see the three-piece configuration on the channel eventually I’ve paired the suit today with a pastel pink shirt from Charles Tyrwhitt as pink and charcoal are a classic combination you can take a look at our article on wearing pink in menswear here the shirt has French cuffs and I’m wearing in them today the platinum plated sterling silver eagleclaw cufflinks from Fort Belvedere with carnelian as the stone the red tones of the carnelian harmonized well with the pink of the shirt also from Fort Belvedere today is my tie which is a Prince of Wales Glen check tie in silk featuring the colors of Burgundy black and white the burgundy is a little bit faint but when viewed in conjunction with the pink shirt you can see that they harmonize well similarly the black and white complement the charcoal in my suit my pocket square is white Irish linen from Fort Belvedere and my boutonniere is the mini pink carnation all of these accessories are available in the Fort Belvedere shop and you can find them by going here given that I’m wearing a suit today the trousers and the jacket match exactly so I’ve gone for something simple and also worn charcoal socks that are fairly close in color to the trousers and the outfit is rounded out today by my black cap toe derbys.


Custom Prefab Home Tour – Royal Homes Catalina Model

Welcome to the custom Catalina a design by Royal Homes This sprawling bungalow features more than 2700 square feet of living space Including four bedrooms two-and-a-half bathrooms and a full walkout basement. As you come in the front door of this beautiful bungalow the first thing you notice is view into the family room but before we take you on a tour the rest the home, the show piece of this foyer, is the dormer which is open to above and frames a beautiful chandelier. As you cross the hall from the foyer into the family room the flooring is done in a beautiful darker hardwood on one side and lovely gas fireplace with a wooden mantel and plenty of space above for a mounted flat screen TV On the other side of the family room a built-in shelving unit and bookcase and reading nook area complete with two separate benches and lot the big windows that let in all the natural light and the view as well as a door that opens out onto the deck.

The family room features two walk-throughs into the formal dining area and the kitchen, the dining area has lots of large windows to let in all the natural light and showcase the view as well as the door that also opens out onto the deck. This custom kitchen features lots of pots and pans drawers for storage as well as under mounted lighting but the centerpiece is this custom built Island complete with built-in shelving and a raised eating bar area This kitchen area also features a matching built-in desk office area perfect for a computer there’s a walk-in pantry and lots of natural light from a dormer that open to above This hallway of the kitchen takes you to three good sized bedrooms all with nice big windows to let in all the natural light and showcase the view.

On the other side of the hall entry to the basement area and a good sized mudroom slash laundry room with entry into the garage. I’ll at the end of the hall a large linen closet for lots of storage and a spa sized main bath with the one piece tub and shower unit a big window that lets and lots of natural light and a large vanity top for lot the counter space This hallway just off the front foyer leads to the master bedroom area but first a two piece bath complete with another large window for lots of natural light and a vanity with lots of counter space The master bedroom features luxurious Saxony carpeting off to one end separate his and hers walk-in closet A large on suite and the bedroom area itself is large enough to have a sitting area and it’s all complemented by a large window that showcases the view.

The best part about a royal home is that it is a custom home in every sense of the word in that you pick every finishing detail from the Royal Homes design centers, from the exteriors to the flooring to the fixtures to the kitchen and bathroom cabinetry even the garage finishing you choose that all no two homes are ever the same. We hope you enjoyed your tour of the custom Catalina by Royal homes for more information please go to our website royal homes

JOY Luxury 7piece Easy Care Bed Ensemble with Temp Techn…

Six dollars that in so much more we had some gorgeous leather handbags and leather wallets and leather luggage but now let’s sleep in a lamp of luxury I mean this is so gorgeous this is her luxury easy care bedding ensemble with all kinds of gorgeous colors to choose from this is luxury at its best this is like staying at a five-star hotel this is like treating yourself to a fabulous night out and you get to experience it every single night you’re getting seven pieces for the lowest price we have ever offered now for the first time ever it’s a hundred and thirty-five dollars off our regular price it’s back by popular demand it has only been seen once before we rarely get to see a whole bedding ensemble from joy Mangano so you’re in the right place at the right time quickly I will just mention what you’re getting flat sheet fitted sheet two standard pillowcases plus you get the down alternative comforter and the shams so that’s just a quick overview of all the seven pieces that you’re getting and you get to choose from four gorgeous colors and we have sizes twin full queen king or California king let’s breeze over the colors and then we’ll dive in to this amazing total bedding ensemble I think joy put together the perfect package so we don’t have to right absolutely and you’re looking at the bed in this gorgeous linen driftwood the comforter is reversible we’ll show you the reverse on that in a second it’s absolutely amazing and then at the foot of the bed we have the other three colors available that beautiful blush there it is you know we can have the beautiful blush that gorgeous charcoal gray think about that for the guestroom and that gorgeous Navy all the colors are very high-end decorative colors so you’re going to be able to have a stylish bed that you all the thinking has been done for you but most importantly the extras are involved so you’ve got a beautiful down alternative comforter that is machine washable you just read this care label so that’s all they’re hypoallergenic amazing then you’ve got a gorgeous that’s all reversible on the reverse this is your jacquard design this beautiful diamond is and on the reverse is a Dobby stripe absolutely gorgeous so you’re going to be able to flip it however you like it’s all seasoned weight so you can use it now you can use it later it’s absolutely gorgeous I love how this feels got a really nice loft doesn’t it then you’ve got the gorgeous top sheet and the bottom sheet has a shower cap design all the way around so it’s does not just in the corners and it’s deep enough for 17 inches so you have a deeper mattress it’ll accommodate that then you’re getting the two shams that are reversible they have the beautiful jacquard diamonds design on one side or that gorgeous stripe on the other they have a mitered corner and they’ve got a one and a half inch flange and then they’ve got the zipper on the bottom and then you’re getting the conventional the pillowcases with the single hem absolutely gorgeous now all of that would be just fabulous but this is long staple cotton and eucalyptus so what does that mean it means that it is going to wick away the moisture if you get hot at night and keep you warmer if you get cold at night and in addition it’s got a stain release technology so if you’re all cozy in bed and you’re drinking your hot chocolate and you spill a little on the bedspread you don’t have to go shrieking through the house going oh oh oh it will resist staining so all that technology is built into the beautiful bed so you’re going to be slipping into comfort and confident that all those issues are going to be addressed this is second to none as far as bedding is concerned it’s going to be amazing to go to bed in I just saw this video showing the blush and I about lost my mind have you seen such a gorgeous and upscale and exquisite look in bedding where you get all seven pieces it’s crazy for under a hundred sixty seven dollars you can get this home on flexpay for about forty one dollars and sixty-five cents so if you want to take your time and pay this off interest-free we take all major credit cards I think it looks like silk it has just a very slight shame to us not shiny no but it has just a little bit of almost a shimmer I love how it has that you can see it in these videos it has a little bit of that light reflecting property that gives it this wonderful elevated effect I also have two decorator pillows I just want to make available for you so you know they’re also on sale and they’re super cute and you get a pair of those for as low as $18 $18 and they’re reversible also they’re sick 116 by I think there’s six 10 by 16 by 16 they’ve got a beautiful little top stitching so if you can go ahead and grab these two they’ll be in the color that you choose either the limited driftwood or the beautiful blush or the charcoal gray or the Navy and they’ll add that little bit of finishing touch to your gorgeous bed but Sarah is absolutely right now I’m actually just going to sit on this bed for a sec okay it is so delicious the hand on this so think about the fact that you’ve got that long staple cotton 100% cotton hollow-core cotton so you’ve got which is a fiber that has loft and air can flow through it so it’s going to be loftier and more delicious no sleeping I know where you’re going so now you’ve got the opportunity to have that and the eucalyptus and the eucalyptus is what’s giving it that beautiful Sheen and the ability to wick away your moisture if you get hot at night and to keep you cozy if you get cold at night I love the fact that we’ve got the shower cap 3/4 of inch shower cap along the beautiful fitted sheet that’s going to allow you if you’ve got a lofty pillow top on your mattress or you’ll have a bigger mattress you’re going to be okay using this on your bed and the beautiful beautiful pillowcases that have that same wicking which I absolutely love and to Sara’s point it’s not satiny so you’re not going to be slipping all over but it’s got a beautiful Sheen to it so it’s gonna be like slipping into dreamland in this gorgeous gorgeous bedding and in these colors it’s our support that’s on I mean if you’ve been following any of the decorating and home trends you’ve been falling through the you knows are the latest colors on all the shows all the redecorating and whether you’re updating the bedroom that you already have or maybe you’re you know creating a new space you don’t have to repaint your bedroom you don’t have to buy new furniture sometimes just redecorating in the master bedroom gives it a whole new look and a whole new feel and I think you’re just gonna enjoy this for years and years to come there’s nothing trendy about it it’s not like a bright bold print or some kind of crazy design that after a year or two you go what was I thinking I mean these are classics right you’re absolutely right and the colors are all decorative colors this beautiful linen driftwood is a classic so this would go if you had a blue room this would work in it if you had a green room this would work in it any of these colors are absolutely gorgeous I love of course the beautiful blush we love that and this is not little girls room beautiful blush this is absolutely stunning color a decorative color and then the charcoal gray so perhaps you know what cute is going off to college or a young couple that’s going to be getting married this would be a fabulous fabulous bedding set for them to get because you’ve got all seven pieces the blush oh there it is I know you’ve such a fast little photo I could I could look at the blush on okay beautiful my directors so fancy oh my god but look that you know you can freeze a video my director can large director do that it’s no but look at how gorgeous you can see the diamond the difference is your car diamond design in there the light just hits it beautifully that’s how gorgeous this is so it’s not going to be hitting you in the face when you walk in the room what you’re going to be looking at is something that’s absolutely stunning but when you get in the bed the comforter is just the right weight it’s an all season absolutely gorgeous down alternative so it’s hypoallergenic you can wash it in a large they recommend you wash it in a larger washing machine because it’s a big piece because we’ve got all those great size and the chinois machine wash it yeah follow the care levels but it’s machine washable which is great and you don’t have to worry about it you’ll notice that it’s not like baffle box so that you don’t have to worry about anything in there shifting it’s all smooth and it’s going to feel amazing because at night we’re tired you want to get into a bed that’s going to make you feel just wonderful and this bedding is going to do that because of the wicking moisture that eucalyptus and that long staple cotton absolutely amazing and then the added bonus of having it be stain resistant so the kids come running in on Sunday morning and they’re drinking your coffee and oops there’s a mistake no worries you don’t have to panic it will stain release it’s that great well let’s just review colors what you get and then again all the great sizes because that’s something I really want to emphasize whether you have a twin a full a queen a king or wait for it California king we have your size that’s crazy I can’t remember the last time we even offered a California king up my producer Ken either but it’s usually you know you have to go somewhere else you have to special order that or you have to pay more it’s the same price for all the sizes and they’re getting seven pieces in this entire ensemble you’re getting the flat sheet the fitted sheet two standard pillowcases then you’re getting the matching down alternative comforter as well as the matching shams you can add on the little accessory pillows if you like you’re getting all seven cases for a hundred and thirty five dollars off our regular price what would you spend just for a comforter on its own Dora well first you’d have to find it because whenever you were going whenever you’re shopping for bedding I can never find any bedding this is absolutely second to none because all the work has been taken out of it you just have to go ahead and pick your color the design aspect is all built in so the price is absolutely phenomenal for this quality with all of that extra technology that joy is famous for that’s going to make slipping into this slipping you right into dreamland there’s no question all natural fibers yes I want to emphasize that yes eucalyptus and long staple cotton hollow core cause that’s going to get in it absolutely is and the hand is beautiful that little bit of Sheen which is going to make it lofty er absolutely beautiful so it’s got all that texture and feel for it so when you slip into it you’re just gonna go it’s that wonderful I mean I love the cotton eucalyptus blend I love that it’s stain resistant I love it’s machine washable the color that’s on the bed again is called linen driftwood I love this color it’s a perfect neutral that’ll go with so many different types of decor no matter what you have and furniture or pink color or inventing or carpeting and then we have these gorgeous shades as well we have that beautiful blush which just looked amazing in that video the charcoal gray which is like I love the charcoal shade and decorated right now it can look very contemporary it can look very modern and then we also have it in this really pretty blue which is called Navy it’s not called blue at all it’s a maybe how about that but again the look on the bed it’s completely reversible I love that you can pick the design or they want sort of the diamond jacquard or it reverses to more of this sort of tailored Dobby stripe and there’s a great little photograph there thanks guys of the wonderful reversibility so it’s such a great time to shop this is not coming back especially if you have some of those larger sizes at home like a king or California king size bed you know how expensive it can be to put together a total ensemble let joy do all the work for you now she’s your personal designer as well so a wonderful time to jump in get your color get your size and do it now all we have it at the lowest price ever and then we’ve got these lovely little decorator pillows even if you’re not getting the Betty

Baldi’s Basics SECRET ENDING

Mark: What you’re about to see is the culmination of nine hours of work. (Thats alot!) Baldi’s Basics in Education and Learning recently got an update that added a secret ending to the game, (Cool!) and me, I naively thought that I’d be able to get it relatively easily, considering I’d already beaten Baldi. So, how bad could this secret ending be? However, in order to get this ending you have to get every single question that Baldi puts in front of you wrong. And as some of you may know, that when you answer a question wrong, Baldi gets angry, (DUN DUN DUN!!!) and when Baldi’s angry he moves faster, and faster, and faster. Which requires new strategies, the utilization of a new character that they added to this game, which makes this entire thing possible, and it requires a mountain of luck.

So get ready for a whole lot of Baldi (YUS) on the final attempt that actually succeeded and then afterwards, once you witness the secret ending, you can see a cavalcade. (wtf is that mark!?) A compilation, a collection of all the worst times that Baldi spanked my ass harder than it’s ever been spanked (i hope thats not a cavalcade!) So please, enjoy… (DONT WORREH MARKH I WILLH ENJOYH) The principal just had to be – I wasn’t even running.

I – I was able to beat the bully. Like, I had enough stuff, the bully could just take something, and I’d be okay. I think I fucked myself over because I did the – the lock, but either way I was boned, no matter what with that guy there. Oh my god, are you fucking kidding me? (NO I DONT THINK SO!!) I just can’t believe it – it’s so ridiculous. Like, of all the people – of all the people, and at the exact moment that I couldn’t! Playtime: I wanna play with someone! Mark: Ah, it just hurts, you know? It just hurts, it just really hurts.

I hate RNG, I hate it with a passion. This is a red-hot burning passion. I hate it.(We know mark…. we know…) How are you able to go through, like, the middle? That doesn’t make any sense at all…(hmm idk mark. maybe he is a ghost character ment to smack ya, smeck smeck smeck) Okay. Hey buddy, how you doing? “im doin good, how bout youuu) That was rough, but at least I got there . That was gonna be a win, if that guy wasn’t there. That was 100% going to be a win. ‘Cause I had everything that I needed, I wasn’t gonna run, :))))))))))))))) I wasn’t gonna do anything. Like, I just had the one – if I just had the one drink, like that was really all I needed.

But I also got to remember, if I’m pushing them with the soda, I can’t use the lock,>:C because then they’re just gonna go around the other way, and that’s gonna screw me over more than anything that I could do to myself. So I just got to remember, take it easy, take it slow. Use the lock on the lunchroom, wait for him at the lunchroom door. Like, I have to wait for him at the lunchroom door, because that really like – that’s the only place that I could legitimately Get him…umm..and stop him for good. I’m gonna see if this guy…yup, he’s gone. Okay. Should be able to go down to this one… Get this… But that was so close, though. So close. Okay, he’s a gushin. Oh hey, buddy, why are you there? Of all people to be there, you are there.

Oh that’s that’s Baldi, right there. Oops. First Prize: I am coming, ready or not, here I come. :3 (HE JUST WANT A HUUUG!) Mark: Okay, thank you. “i like that you have lost me…” Ah shit. I hate that slap. “NO GOD PLEASE NO, NO!!!!!!!] Mark: Oh boy. Alright, well, screw me then. It’s like I’m not even getting good in any of them. (Playtime: Ready? Go!) “NOOOO!!!!” One… (Sweeper: Looks like it’s sweepin’ time!) Two… (UGH GREAT JANITOR COMIN TO TOWN) Three… Four… Wow, that’s great! (NO CRAP!) Let’s play again sometime soon… (NO!) Mark: Okay, I think he’s going back… First Prize: I see you! Friend! (I SEE YOU TOO, ENEMY CRAP HEAD!) Mark: No no no no no! “YES YES YESSSS!!!” Oh shit! Oh, fuck! Agh, he was just about to go around that corner! Goddamn it, I can’t get…(grunts) Oh, saAAAA…

Sweeper (overlapping): Gotta sweep, sweep, sweep sweep sweep… (SWEEEEPHH) Mark: NO! WHAT ARE YOU DOING?! (Mark in shock = :O) That was something else. Ah shit. Playtime: Let’s play! Ready? Go! One… Mark: There’s the coin, that’s good. Okay. This is three… (sighs) First Prize: I see you! Friend! Mark: I don’t know if he saw me. I’m not 100% sure. He might have lost me but… I never know with these things. So hard to tell. Playtime: Let’s play! Mark: The hell is he? Playtime: Ready? Go! One… (Mark: Oh, no…) Two… Three… (Maybe?) Four… Wow! That’s great! Mark: Ok, I absolutely cannot tell… Oh shit! Agh, fuck. I almost lost him but I…he was just going random directions and he just happened to stumble back upon me.

Oh, well. Alas, shit happen– Oh, no, no I got my sckissors! Got my scCissors for you! Let’s see if it…see if I need to…oh, okay. Playtime: Ohh! That makes me sad! Mark: (mocking Playtime) That makes me sad! God, oh no, oh no, oh no. Run! No, no, no, friend! Friend! Friend! I’D RATHER GO TO DETENTION! (First Prize: I hug people for all eternity.) Did I…did I get out of it? I don’t know if I got out of it. Oh I don’t think he saw me. I think he rounded the corner just, like, just… JUST barely as I was rounding the corner! Okay, well that’s a thing. I don’t like that tongue when it’s waggling out right at me.

Yeah, three hours everybody! Give it up, three hours! Three hours, whoo… Okay. So this is okay, we can… kind of circumvent everything. Get launched over here…so long as we play keep-away. We’re doing okay. Okay, he’s gonna lose sight of me because there’s no doors. Oh, of course there’s a bully here. Can you please not be there? Could you not be there? Bully: Give me something great! Mark: All right, well… Now he’s gonna know. (Playtime: Let’s play!) Let’s not! (AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH) Oh God, I’m gonna get pushed all the way to the end now. Here we go! Okay, thank you. Are you gonna do it again? I hate this.

I hate this jump rope girl, I hate her. Just- what are you- ugh… Okay… Alright, whatever, its fine Playtime: I wanna play with someone! Mark: Motherfucker. *Overlapped distorted talking* Playtime: Let’s play again… Mark: Okay… We’ll go through this again. I’m gonna get this scissors, too. Just in case. You never know with this shit. *sigh* (First Prize: I am coming, ready or not, here I come.) Mark: Oh shit, oh shit, oh shit. Oh no! Oh no, that’s…that’s opposite of good! GO! Leave! Go! oh, oh, he’s there, okay. You get- good thing I got those scCissors. (YUHS YUHS YUHS YUSHUSSUHSHHSUHSUSU) Ah move, move, move! Okay.

Come on buddy! Come on, mama jama! Come on, buddy, buddy, buddy, buddy, boo boo! Buddy buddy boo bear! Buddy buddy boo bear! I love you! Oh, no–Okay, it’s fine. Buddy buddy boo bear! *kissing* I love you! Buddy buddy boo bear. Okay, come on! Push me, push me, push me good! Push me, push me like you should! Push me! Weee. Okay, all right. Now, that’s enough pushing. You did your job, You did good. I’m VERY proud of you. (First Prize: Oh, no.) Mark: Very proud of you. Okay, he should lose me.

He should lose me. Okay, get this, get the other… Okay, she’s gonna be there, let me see if I can… No. Might as well just- (Playtime sequence) Mark: Oh, shit. Agh, he saw me, Goddamn it! Ugh, why did I have to go into the intersection to be seen? Why did I have to do that? I didn’t have to do that. Actually, that’s something that I did not have to do! And yet I did it! Why did I did it? I don’t know. Okay, whatever. I’m gonna go get the fifth one… Where’s he going? Oh! God, every time he’s just like “Hello!” Agh, I can’t get away from him.

Okay, oh, no. (OH CRAP ITS THE DAMN FIRST DAMN PRIZE DAMN DAMN DAMN DAMN!!) No (x15) Friend, goodbye! (First Prize: Will you marry me?) “NOOOOOOO!” Mark: No, I will not. Okay. What I’m gonna do… If I can pop around here just in time. Is he there? Damn, he’s there. Okay, that’s fine. You come with me. Thank you. Okay. This is better. This is better positioning because what’s gonna happen is…

I’m gonna be able to round this corner. All right, he’s gonna get me. Oh, he got me. Okay, should be able to get around this corner. Wow, I cannot believe that guy got me not running! And then I’ll get all the way over to the end. Use…use the door once he gets over there. Once he comes out the door real angry, like… He will… Sweeper: Looks like it’s sweepin’ time! Mark: Please don’t ruin my day.. How…no! (UGH ITS SO UGLEH UGLEEEH) First Prize: I have lost you. I don’t like that. Mark: Where’s he goin’? Oh, he probably got swept away, okay. Okay, this is gonna be interesting. Okay, the guy just went away. He’s a-coming, I gotta… Oh, boy. Here he… Okay! (YARGH HALLO THEIR KITTIES! I BE NOTEBOOK THE PIRATE BOOK!) I don’t know where he is, but that’s okay, because he might…we might be able to lose him.

That’d be ideal anyway… Which way is he coming from? Okay, he’s down there, okay he’s down there, that’s good. No, I will not. You’ve done your job, good job, thank you for that. Now, I’ve got to do my thing. That’s okay, buddy. Don’t worry about it, you’re stressing too much. Bully: Give me something great! (Mark: No, I will not.) Okay. Just gonna see where he goes. I think he’s coming to me. No? No? Okay. Here, we go. Let’s do this. Maybe three sodas would be-no, I gotta use the lock. I’m gonna use the lock. That’s what I’mma do. That’s the strategy. That’s the- I use the lock, that’s what I gotta do. When he’s right over here. Please don’t sweep me, not now. Not now. Where the fuck… The f—oh, shit.

Goddamn it, is he, is he really… Oh, my God. Are you fucking kidding me? That’s not where you’re supposed to be, motherfucker! Okay, well, we’re gonna have to deal with it like this then, huh? Motherfucker… That’s not good. No, do not. Don’t! Why?! Okay, you motherfucker. >:C This is not ideal, but I don’t think it’s unwinnable. I think I can still get this if I just play my cards… Super right, ’cause now he’s going to be coming down the other side, now. It’s not what I wanted to do but it’s what I had to do anyway because…

Announcer: Congratulations! You found all seven notebooks! Mark: So I’m gonna try to go the other way. You know what I mean? (Announcer: Now all you need to do is…) Announcer (loudly): GET OUT WHILE YOU STILL CAN!! (OK ILL GET OUT!) Hahahaaaa… Mark: Because I think the lock goes away? Actually I have no reason to believe that the lock is not… The lock’s still there, isn’t it? No, it’s not. Okay, this is fine. Okay. I’ve got… Okay, we’re going the other way, but I think it’s… still gonna be okay. Like, no matter what, at the end of the day… It’s just about… Getting all four. I can get the other soda too. ‘Kay, let’s not get ahead of ourselves. We got now…we now have… Get this one… (distorted bass sound) I’m not looking at the dude. Is he coming down this hallway to the here? No, he’s not. But if that girl gets near me, I am pushing her away! You, better both fucking believe! Oay, there he is.

Okay. I’ve got two sodas. I’ve got TWO sodas. Doing it just because I don’t want to get caught with the dude there, you know what I mean? (distorted sound stops) (UH OH LOOKA LIKA WE FINA WINAA) Mark: YES! FINALLY! (YAY THE DAMN OFFICE) I did it and it was so clean! It was so clean, it was so clean! Oh, I’m gonna lose… Oh, I’m gonna lose consciousness. I did it. That was such a clean run, it had the clean-a-run. It was a-magnificent. Okay.

So I already knew that this was the way it is, but I didn’t see what was in the office. The only thing I saw was how to get to it. What’s in the office… is a mystery. Hang on, just… Man, can you believe that was my first try? Just over nine and a half hours is what that took.. Let’s see what’s in the office. “There’s room for improvement. Go see Baldi in his office for some tips.” Okay, those lights are a little funky but, okay? Oh, Oh, ho ho! Ah, nice banana arm! Okay! Ooo I aye (Basically this whole time Mark is silent, the weird dude with the red shirt actually says some weird stuff, since mark dont know that, ill show it to you! but i wont bother putting whatever he says in the right place.

So just read the captions with the sound off, because i got it all down here… ) (basically when corrupted guy makes those weird sounds, its actually words first is “get out, wwwwwww” second is “hlena” third is KILLBALDIKILLBALDIKILLBALDI” fourth is “NOESCAPE” fifth is “they have found me, i dont know what to do. im trapped, and scared, strobvoski. welp, wish me luck.” sixth is “WHY” seventh is “help me if youre reading this. i am located at 51 390257 45 3490856 # 346” well thats what he actually says behind those weird words. again i didnt sync it so, just sync it yourself) Uh. Eh… This is p̶͔͖͔͈̅͂̈̿r̷͍͑͆̚̕o̶̬̬̭̎̿b̴͖̜͈̈a̷̬͊̎̈́͝bly looking pr̷e̷t̷t̴y̶…

Destroy, destroy the game…̵͔̈́ Dest̸r̵o̵y the g̴̹̽a̵̳̾me It’s too late. Is get out of this… that you p̸r̶obḁ̵̭̻͆̈́̎͝b̶̧̭͔͖̾͗ly know i’m 𝐧𝐨𝐭 someone tra̸͔̐p̵̼̂p̵̼̚ed inside the ga̸̱͝me, that wo̸u̶l̷d̸ be redicų̸͕̤̜̃͛̔ḻ̶̭̭̣̔̓̆̚o̸̳̫͊ų̶̲̩̤͖̼́͒s, no, I’m… 𝙔𝙚𝙖, 𝙄… I don’t know wh̶̡̩̭͎̾ǎ̸̺̠͑͆͌t̴̩̳̪̟̊ 𝑡𝑜 𝑠𝑎𝑦. Just trů̵̥̗̥́s̵̨̮̭͍̈́͑͆t̸͖̪̝̤̿ ₘₑ. You gotta… They’d know I… Dest̷͙̪͘r̶̰͌̓͘ö̷̠̮̺̣́̀y it. Mark: Agh, fuck! *angrily* That wasn’t even remotely worth it. That wasn’t even remotely worth nine and a half HOURS! Of work! Are everyone’s ears bleeding? I have my volume cranked up for games like this but oh, my God. But, we did it! I did it! We did it! You did it! We all did it! I feel awful. I feel worse. I feel worse for doing this. You know, I thought, I thought that, uh, I thought that, uh, y’know I’d be like, “no, oh, yeah, that’s pretty, good, I’m pretty happy about all this.” Turns out, now, turns out not even a little bit not at all, no, nothing. Turns out I hate myself. Kind of a lot.

I wish I never even, er, saw this game. I wish I never even knew that there was a secret, *breathes* ending to this game! I wish, I wish I had done something completely different with my life! BUT that’s uh that’s, what happens. At least I did it so that you guys didn’t have to. Thank you, everybody that partook of this and joined me on this sordid adventure of futility and death.

And, um, thank you everybody that believed in me so far, and I appreciate all of you being here. Spread love and joy as much as you can, before Baldi comes and shoves a stick up your butt. And thank you again for watching and as always i’ll see you in the next video! Buh- *STATIC* No, no no not now. Oh boy, well this is a problem! No, whoa wait- agh! Don’t, no…hey! Whoa, hey! >:C Bad touch! Bad touch! AAAAHH! Oh, that’s…

Ah, no, no! No! Nah! Norrr! Nor… Hey, buddy. Whoa… Oh, they fix the door ‘sploit! Okay, that was a bit too close. I don’t know why I was so worried about that. Sweeping’ Time: (Overlapping) GOTTA SWEEP SWEEP SWEEP!!!! Mark: (weird voice) Swee, wee, swee, sweep. Ah- NO NO NO NO! That’s unfair, that is really unfair! That’s… (spoopy noise) That is unfair. Do it! Push me! Push me! Push me! Push me! PUSH ME! There we go! Push! No, no, push this way! Push, push, push! There we go! That’s what I call a push! All right, well, that’s horrible. Oh, this is bad. Um…well, uh… The principal is right there so I can’t- NO! DON’T HUG ME! Oh no, don’t, don’t! No hug! Bad hug! Bad hug! Okay, there we go. I’m gonna pop this b- ohh, he’s-a com- NO! PUSH HER! PUSH HER, NOT ME! You missed, you asshole! You missed by that much! Oh, never mind, never mind! No! Not! This! Way! Not! This- Aww, he took my quarter! He took my quarter! Damn you! Please, no principal…

(It’s a Bully: Give me something greattt!) Mark: No! Ohhh, my soda! I…NO! (Principal: No running in the halls!) Please, no! But but, no! You’re gonna hug me! Get me before he hugs me! Principal: 15 seconds, detention for you. When will you learn? (Mark: Okay.) All right, okay, there we go? WHYYY?? I– *mumbling* (Playtime) Oops! You messed up! Let’s play! Mark: NO! Kill me! Kill me, please! Just kill me! Nooo! Principal: 15 seconds. Detention for you. When will you learn? When will I learn? AH! Oh, oh my God, I… I forgot that b-, I uh– I forgot…I didn’t think he’d be that close. You believe in me? That’s good, I don’t believe in myself so I don’t even know if it’s gonna work out for me. N-No! (unintelligible mumbling) I know I was going in here anyway, I just…AAHH! Oh, the tape did nothing! No, you were gonna get me, oh no, no? But the guy, I have to run… (Mumbling) No, please, I don’t wanna hug! I don’t want it! Missed me by that much! Okay, I’ve got…um, I’ve got soda.

So I can… push me- Push me a little bit, a little bit. No, not that much–No, small push! I’m gonna push you back! Oh, did I get him? I was off target by just a little bit… NOOOOOOOO! I’m just sucking it up majorly. Oh…let go! (Principal: No running in the halls!) No! Come on! Are you kidding me?! Principal: 30 seconds, detention for you. When will you learn? Oh yeah, he’s gonna slap my ass! Oh, he’s gonna… Oh, he’s really gonna whangdoodle on my ass! oh, boy here he comes. Yep, here he comes! Someone catch me! Put me in detention! I’ve been a bad boy! I wanna go, I wanna go to bad boy place! Please! Please! Sweeper man? Okay, cool. What I’m gonna do… Is I’m gonna use the soda, I’m gonna blast him down this hallway, I’m gonna turn around… I’m gonna use the soda, I’mma blast him down the hallway… I’m gonna…go to the last room… I’m gonna make the long pass around the cafeteria, and… 3, 2, 1… Principal: No drinking drinks in the halls.

Mark: God, are you fucking kidding me?? Are you fucking…the one time! I’m trying to… First Prize: I see you, friend! (Baldi slapping at great speed) Mark: Ooh, ooh! Whoa, whoa! Whoa, whoa, whoa! Whoa, whoa… Whoa! WAA– God! You gotta believe. If you believe in me, type hashtag Markiplier’s Big Belief Boy… And you’ll believe! You’ll believe in me! You want to be Markiplier’s Big Belief Boy? You know you do. I know you do! We all know. We know and we do. We do and we know. We know and do, and we do know! And we know to do it! We know, and we do! We know and do. Come on, come on, come on! Let’s go, let’s go, let’s go…no! Oh, please! Rescue me! Rescue me! Rescue me! Rescue me, man! (Mark grunting) First Prize: I hug people for all eternity.

You are a saint! Get out of my way! Ohhh, my God… (Overlapping) NO, YOU… NO! You…ASSHOLE! Hi? Hi… Hello…okay! (Gotta Sweep: GOTTA SWEEP, SWEEP, SWEEP!) I knew it! I fucking knew it! You fucking ASSHOLE! Gotta Sweep (overlapping): Gotta sweep, sweep, sweep! Mark: I need to get a soda. But I don’t know… Principal: No running in the halls. Mark: God, oh, of course—GOD… First Prize: Will you marry me? Mark: You kidding me? Are you kidding me?! ARE YOU KIDDING–NO, I HAD MY CHANCE! ARE YOU KIDDING ME…I had a chance… Mark: No…oh, okay, I guess we’re going this way. (First Prize: Will you marry me?) No, I won’t. NOOO! Is that…ooh! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes, that was very…almost got me! No, not the bully, not the bully! No! Anything but the bully! Anything but the…anything but the…anything but the bully! Anything but the bully! Not the BULLY, not the BULLY! .

Woven in Ulster

The best way to describe the resources is like a one-stop shop really. First of all it’s online, secondly all the resources are embedded in the lesson plans. There are lesson plans so each lesson is broken down into very clear constituent parts. It’s also very important that it’s mapped onto the Northern Ireland curriculum and it is very active in the approach that it takes so children are encouraged to be creative and they’re encouraged to be active thinkers. The story of linen is a very important one the history heritage the culture associated with that is such an important part of Ulster that the Ulster Scots agency felt that there was a gap in education provision in this area.

That began a journey which started with the Ulster Scots agency building on an already existing partnership with CCEA and commissioning the development of a linen resource and supporting CCEA throughout that process. When we were approached by CCEA in December by getting involved with this education resource we jumped at it. It’s going to go to all primary schools in the province it’s got wonderful graphics it’s telling the story very much in line with our own exhibition here. There’s not too many places in Ireland or in Ulster that wouldn’t be associated with the linen trade and I think this pack will help people understand the story more. Although it’s concentrating on the Ulster Scots angle it’s certainly covering the story of Irish linen which is what the Irish linen centre in Lisburn museum do as well. This resource is aimed at teachers who teach years six and seven but primarily I would say year seven because of the content of it because of the vocabulary that’s contained within the resource. For teachers maybe who feel a little bit scared maybe by taking on a new topic I would say please don’t be because we have considered that and within each unit there are teacher information cards and those cards help you as a teacher to work your way through the subject matter.

So I would say if you’re maybe looking to change and to new topic and sometimes we don’t do that as teachers because we don’t have the time to do it this resource will allow you to do that because everything is there for you. It’s an important resource and I think teachers are going to find it useful because it covers all the curriculum objectives that teachers are required to amount and fulfil gives them all the resources they need and it’s also a very lively interactive and active learning resource which is going to engage children and obviously engaging the children at the end of the day is what it’s all about. The resources I have to say are probably some of the best that I’ve seen the actual content the way in which that they’ve been thought out the progression and the fact that it appears so easy to use with all the resources to hand.

We really just can’t wait to get back and get trying them in our classroom with the children. I think it’s probably because it’s more hands-on for the children it’s more an active learning it’s letting them go out and research and find out things that they’ve maybe never thought of looking before and it’s not a teacher-led but not teacher taught if you know what I mean because they can go ahead and they can research themselves and find out and discover things about the Linen Industry themselves. I can’t really get starting to use it in the classroom yes I really enjoyed today. Every single lessons there the plenary the starter the main content, everything is there for you is just brilliant to see.

Certainly for me the thing that stands out is just the interconnectivity of the resource. How the thinking skills and personal capabilities and how active learning strategies are integrated into the resource and are very easily found. Certainly I would be recommending to other teachers to have a look at it because it is so well linked to your literacy your numeracy and in particular your world around us, I don’t see why you wouldn’t have a look at it and see if there’s a natural fit somewhere was something that you’re already doing. I would say the resource is first class first and foremost totally comprehensive that has been well documented well researched. Historically it is accurate and pupils and teachers alike well have a great time actually working with the project.

Everything’s at your fingertips so it’s really user friendly it’s a kit that can take you from the start the middle to the end of the lesson. It’s a package and that’s a treasure of resources and the side I like about it is that it’s practical, it’s what you need when you’re a teacher and you’re short of time so that’s it’s there it’s ready to go so I have no concerns about using it tomorrow.


How To Iron Shirts Like A Pro – Easy Step-by-Step Dress Shirt Ironing Guide – Gentleman’s Gazette

Welcome back to the Gentleman’s Gazette and part 2 of our ironing series. Today, I’ll show you how to iron a shirt or a dress shirt for men and women and I’ll share all the tricks with you that I use to get the perfect result. If you have not checked out part of one of our ironing series yet, please check it out here where we discuss all the things you need to iron properly. The dress shirt is the easiest thing to iron in a classic man’s wardrobe and it’s the easiest one to begin with when you’re just getting into ironing. It may surprise you but it all starts in the laundry room, a proper prep work is essential to get it right. The higher the spin cycle on your machine, the more wrinkles you will get.

So keep that in mind when you launder your shirts in the first place. When you take them out of the machine, they’re still wet and ideally, this is a good time to smooth out the wrinkles. Now, in theory, you’re ready to iron. For the most efficient way, always iron a number of shirts at the same time because a lot of effort goes into prep work and you can save time on a per shirt basis, the more shirts you iron. Now should or should you not use a dryer? The big advantage of the dryer is that it helps to release wrinkles and makes ironing easier, on the other hand, the huge disadvantage is that 99.99% of shirts have a glued interlining; either in the collar, or the cuffs, or in the placket, a dryer is very hard on those interlinings and chances for it to blister and come undone are much higher the more often you dry it. Because of that, personally, I never put shirts my dryer and I’ll urge you to never put your high end shirts in a dryer either because it will ruin your investment.

So should you iron your shirts when they’re still wet? The answer is yes and no. Yes because if they’re damp and not soaking wet, it’s easier to iron them at the same time, it will take more time because the cold water has to be heated up and evaporated by your iron. Personally, I’ll try to find a good middle ground so it’s not too wet but also not dry.

If you happen to have a dry shirt, I suggest you spray it with a spray bottle of water then put it in a plastic bag for about 10 to 15 minutes, let it sit there that way, it can moisten up and ironing will be much easier on you. Shirts that are hard to iron are prone to wrinkling and waves which are unsightly and I’ll show you how to get rid of them. First of all, lay out all your equipment. At the minimum, you need the ironing board. If you are right-handed, the ironing board tip should face to the left. Now, check the label of your shirt and turn the iron to the proper temperature. Usually, they have settings based on a material such as linen, cotton, polyester, or nylon blends. Cotton requires a relatively high temperature but if you have a polyblend shirt, make sure you lower the setting, otherwise, it will ruin your shirt. Two, make sure everything is clean. Look at the shirts to see if there any recent stains because if you iron them now , the heat will set in the stain and it will be much harder to remove it then if you take action right away.

Also make sure the ironing board cover is clean and there are no stains on the bottom of the ironing sole. What I’ve seen sometimes is there’s plastic from plastic buttons or some dirt and if you iron with a hot iron on the shirt, you will set a stain in it for good. Three, add water. You definitely want a steam iron and that requires water. I suggest you go with distilled water because it is not hard water but soft water being it has few minerals such as calcium and magnesium and that can cause your iron to clog up and you’ll get a grayish whitish substance onto your shirts that will also cause stains. If you live in an area where the water is soft and you can tell by looking for example in your showerhead and if there’s no residue, you can also use it right in your iron.

Also make sure there’s water in your spray bottle because the mist it produces is much finer and much better suited to ironing than the spray head that’s usually built into an iron. Once your iron has reached the proper temperature, it’s time to go. Keep in mind, it’s much easier to iron, you get much better results if you use a professional-grade vacuum table and to learn more about that, please check out part 1 of this series. Five, start with pressing the cuffs and the sleeves. No matter if it’s a barrel cuff or a French cuff, I start ironing on the inside of the cuff. Once that’s done, I look at the outside and if there’s still some wrinkles, I iron again. Always make sure to iron from the outside of the cuff in, otherwise, you’ll get little wrinkles by the stitching especially on shirts with a sewn interlining. It can be quite frustrating but practice pays off.

Once I’m done with the cuff, it’s time to iron the sleeve. If you just have a regular ironing board, I suggest to lay down the sleeve flat because at this stage, you are ironing two layers at the same time. If you don’t do it right, you get wrinkles and it will take you much long. It truly pays to have a system here. I always start in a corner of the armpit and I iron at middle parts and not the top edge because that will leave a crease. I also always start in the backside and once I’m done, I flip it over to the front side and repeat the motion.

Try to iron in the middle part and when you’re done, you can add a crease on top. If you like a strong crease, you can now add the clapper which is a piece of wood that really helps to get a strong crease in it. Personally, I’m not a big fan of the crease and because of that, I use a sleeve board. The big advantage of the sleeve board is that the results are much nicer, you’ll have fewer wrinkles, and you have no crease all the way around. I start by pulling the sleeve of the sleeve board so the seam is on top. Now, I work my way around until I get to the seam again and I’ve ironed everything.

Most dress shirts have one or more pleats sewn onto the cuff to create volume for your sleeve and the sleeve board really helps you to get nice creases in the exact length that you want. The key to success in ironing is not to use broad motions all over the place but short controlled movements that have enough pressure. As you may know, ironing is also known as pressing and that’s because you have to press down.

You can see me going back and forth with my iron because I have two pointed ends. If you have just one pointed end, you have to always go in a direction with a point, otherwise, you’ll end up with wrinkles in the shirt. Once you’re done with one sleeve, move on to the next cuff and sleeve. It doesn’t matter which one you start with. Six, press the collar and the yoke. First of all, you flip up your color and you remove any collar stays if that’s possible, if they’re sewn in, just leave them in there. Now I iron from one side to the middle, stop, and I go to the other side and iron again to the middle.

Avoid ironing from the inside out or in one motion because it will create wrinkles. Because the collar has so many layers, you may have to go over it once more simply to get the right result. Once you’re done with the underside of the collar, flip it open so you’re now ironing the outside of the collar. Again, outside to the middle from one side and outside to the middle from the other side. If you have a collar with a sewn interlining, it can be a little more tricky. Try to pull the fabric so it stays flat especially along the stitched seams. Again, use short strokes and not bold long motions. Now some people like to fold the collar back down and iron on top of it so it gets its natural shape. If you want a soft roll collar, especially on top or if you have removable collar stays, I suggest you skip that step.

Once your collar is done, it’s time for the yoke. Most ironing boards have a perfect shape to iron one side of the yoke at a time. Make sure the yoke lays flat and then with short motions, iron it nice and flat. Move on to the middle, iron the middle of the yoke and then go on and move on to the other side of the yoke. The technique is the same. While you do that though, make sure you don’t iron deep wrinkles into the back of your shirt. If you do it’s not the end of the world because we iron that at a later stage.

The order in which I iron is well thought through so don’t skip it up, otherwise, you end up with a more wrinkly shirt. Once around with a collar and a yoke, it’s time to finish the body. First face the buttons on the board and iron it from the back. That way I can go all the way one nice clean motion make sure there’s no wrinkles. Now flip the shirt so the buttons face up. If you have a solid shirt, you can quickly go into the areas in between the buttons. If you have a striped shirt I suggest to simply tap down your iron lift it up move to the next section tap down again and so forth. I do this because otherwise your lines will become wavy and it’ll show on the front of the shirt.

Most ironing boards are shaped slimmer at the end and so you can lay the shirt down and pull it flat. Once I’ve done that, I start in the direction of the pattern. If it’s a stripe, in a striped pattern, from the bottom to the top. Since the front of your shirt is the most visible part, you’ll make sure it looks extra clean and neat. Make sure the area around the armhole is neat as well as the area on top next to the collar. If you happen to iron a crease, flatten it out, spray some water on top of it, either with the iron or with your spray bottle and go over it again. In case your shirt has a pocket, that can be tricky to iron. make sure you pull it flat iron it separately in short strokes.

If there’s excess fabric, you can avoid creases by ironing along them, never across them. The pointed tip of your iron comes in very handy here, just like in every area where there’s a little corner. Because most irons don’t have steam holes right in the tip of the iron, it pays to separately steam them or use some water and spray it on. At the end of the day, you want a nice smooth result especially along the seams.

Once the button front of the shirt is done, I move on to the back. It’s the same procedure again. I start on one side and pull it flat so I can then start to iron. If the shirt has pleats in the back align the pleat and iron over it so it looks neat exactly that what you want. If you have a hand made shirt especially an Italian one, chances are, it has grinze along the seam of the yoke in the back. To get them to look right, use the iron in short strokes pointing towards the yoke seam and you want that wavy effect that’s part of the craftsmanship and the handwork and it’s not a defect or something that you can eliminate by ironing. When you’re done with one side of the back slightly rotate it over the board and keep ironing the middle and then the other side.

At this time I also check the yoke on top and see if there are any wrinkles I can go over it again and voila now you’re done! Simply pull the shirt off the board, put it in the hanger, and button the top button or sometimes the top two buttons if you have a big collar. Now you can just hang in your closet and your shirt is ready to go next time you need it. As I mentioned before, because of all the time it needs to set up it really pays to iron all your shirts at once. If you enjoyed this guide give us a thumbs up hit a little bell so videos like this come right to your inbox and stay tuned for part three we talk about ironing dress pants you want to see how I earn a dress shirt from start to finish step-by-step from different angles with all the intricate details without being rushed please watch this video here in today’s video wearing a more relaxed outfit which is ideal for ironing consists of a pressed dress shirt which is striped in blue and white cotton I’m using barrel cuffs and the French cuffs because that way that won’t interfere with the ironing wearing a pair of navy blue denim with a brown crocodile belt and a silver buckle which works well with my silver and carnelian green the shoes are antique brown penny loafers and they work well with a belt my socks consist of red and blue their shadow stripes socks from Fort Belvedere which can find in our shop here they tie together the shoes the jeans as well as the ring I’m wearing

How Bespoke Italian Leather Shoes Are Made

I think the passion, you really need it to create something on a particular level. You need to give everything from yourself in there and that’s the difference I think. Bespoke means for me, that I discuss really with the client what he wants. You have ideas here, you can see different materials, different models. It’s very important to listen. Nowadays, many people don’t listen anymore. The last is really the copy of your foot on which we create the shoe. But nobody shows you how to make a last, really, so you have to train it by yourself, and to get the feeling by yourself, how you should do it. You have certain measurements from the foot, but the feeling of the client is always different. I love using leather because you get this particular different touches. What I appreciate so much from this tannery is they use a Swiss calf. Maybe it’s because it’s cold and these animals live on a very high level in the mountains.

It’s always a cow, but cows are also different. I think it’s something which you can wear for a long time and the leather the more you wear it, it really gets more life I think. I will draw the model from the client. This drawing, I will translate then on a flat paper model, which I put on the leather, then we sew it together. From there, we start creating really the shoe. I think the handcraft and this concentration of different craftmanships in Florence is really coming up from the Medici family. If it’s a jeweler or if it’s a painter, or a sculpture maker, they’ve always tried to get the best artisans in town. The upper will be nailed and pulled over the last. I will start sewing with the linen thread, which is made waterproofed with wax. When you stitch you have two threads which go into the same hole and as you pull, the wax goes hot, it will seal together, so the water can’t go through. This is a very particular and very old process. It’s very rare to be a woman in this shoemaking world. When I started, everybody looked at me and said, this lady is going to close down in a year.

A woman in a man’s job, it’s not going to work. Now, they all proud in this area that I’m still here. We fill in the wooden shank and back support because that’s the part under the curve of your foot, which will not be bent so it has to be supportive and stiff. The front part we will fill with cork. This is to give you a cushion effect, as you bend it the whole time it’s important to have it soft. We apply the sole. We will glue it on and afterwards make a channel. We will stitch the welt and the leather sole together through the channel so it gets more the shape of a shoe and you see it more as a finished product. When we work normally in the workshop, it’s a very calm feeling. We are in a meditation, because you are so concentrated on what you do. You can feel that all of a sudden, the energy comes down. Everybody’s concentrated on his particular step. The last big step to put on is the heel, which will be built out of single layers of leather.

We will glue them and nail them on, and then cut them in shape. At the end, we pass some glass, sanding it. And then burn it with hot irons, so all the pores are going to be completely closed up. The last step is to shine the whole shoe. And then we can pull out the last and then the client can wear it. If you count the hours, we would work around three weeks on one pair of shoes. When I see a finished shoe and the client really tries it on, it’s always the moment of reality and relief, if it really fits well. When this person is really happy, you can just see in their eyes without explaining that it’s the best feeling ever. I think a shoe is more than an object. A shoe really reflects the person who is wearing it. The leather they choose, the color they choose, and how they wear it.

Because it’s not just the pair in the beginning, it’s the pair over many, many years. .