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– We started the business working out of our apartment. When we moved into our WeWork office, I think the business actually really started to accelerate its growth. – It’s like hitting next level in the game. We wanted luxury bedding that didn’t cost a fortune. We stayed at a hotel that had incredible sheets and then they were $800 when we went to get them in the store. We thought, we can’t believe that you can’t buy your bedding direct-to-consumer, and that was why we founded Brooklinen. – We had moved into the building when we were only two people.

WeWork has really helped us to grow as the team has grown. With the speed at which the company moving, seeing six months in advance can be a challenge. Having a really flexible solution such as WeWork, allows us to be really agile. – I did at first think it was only a cool working space, but then we saw they have small offices, medium and large. Knowing we could have the flexibility to grow was monumental for us. – We expanded to 32 people as of last week. – If we were expanding an office that we owned there would be a lot of logistical hurtles we would have to overcome. WeWork really takes care of all of that for us. – In sometimes less than a week really. – What I love about our space is that its our own office, there are different nooks and crannies to work in.

We have tons of natural light. – Flexible space is really great for us because we’re not locked into anything, and we can keep it very cost effective. – We can put that money towards giving customers what they really want. – By taking the office logistics out of the equation, it allows us to really laser focus on our business, and we can be very very agile. – When we think about growth, we really just think about growing the business within WeWork.


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Ava Washed Linen is a new Collection that Arhaus has designed exclusively for us to help you design the bedroom of your dreams. We feature 100% linen, machine washability, four colors, and three styles that we know you’re going to love. I’d like to talk to you about linen first of all. Linen is a fabulous textile, it’s one of our favorite fabrics to use. Linen is inherently breathable, it’s soft, it’s washable, and it’s incredibly durable.

The more you wash linen, the tighter and stronger the fibers get, the softer it gets, the more you’re going to love it in a bedding collection. Our collection is designed to mix and match the three styles and the four colors to make a gorgeous bed. We carry three different styles – the first one is called, Ruffled, Frayed Edge, the second one is a Picot Edge, and our third is a classic quilt, done in a stipple style of linen. One of the things we’re introducing in our Ava Collection is a sheeting group. In the sheets we carry a deep pocket fitted sheet, a top sheet in the Picot or Ruffled edge, and king and standard shams. A term that often comes up when we talk about sheeting is thread count.

Thread count is a term that’s thrown around by a lot of different manufacturers and companies to try and describe how finely-woven their fabric is. Thread counts don’t really refer to linen – that’s a term that’s used in cotton for cotton sheeting. In linen, it matters how finely spun your fiber is as to how nice and soft your sheets are, and we use a very finely-spun fiber. So in conclusion, our Ava Collection is exclusive to Arhaus, it’s very competitively priced, and it’s absolutely beautiful.


Style & Sheets – A Man’s Guide To Bed Linen – How To Buy The Right Bedding – Vero Linens

Style & Sheets – A Man’s Guide To Bed Linen – How To Buy The Right Bedding – Vero Linens Hi! I’m Antonio Centeno, the founder of Real Men Real Style. Today, I’m coming to you from my bedroom, yes. If my wife found out about this, she’d be very upset. I don’t think she’d ever thought I would film a video from here, but this is important because today, we’re going to be talking about linens. Yes, bed linens, and I know this is something that, well, guys don’t sit around the campfire talking about, but it’s something I think is important in a man’s life because we spend one-third of our lives asleep.

Now, think about that. We spend a lot of time, especially on this channel, talking about the clothing we wear for 16 hours, 12 hours a day, but what about that other eight hours? Technically you’re wearing sheets and fabrics close to your body and you’re sleeping, and this is a time when we’re recovering. My friend, Ryan Masters over at the Workout Corner, he talks about actually when a man’s getting in shape, an often neglected part of getting in shape is your recovery, your rest period. And if you’re not getting good rest, it’s going to affect everything else in your life. So today, we’re going to be talking about both the style and the functional aspect of sheets, and why a man should pay attention to this and why perhaps you should look to pay a little bit more. I’m going to be highlighting the company called Vero Linens and they came on my radar.

The owner, Steve, reached out to me. We started talking. I really like him. He’s a small business owner just like myself here in the US and he saw a hole in the market. He’s like, “Why can’t I cut out the middleman and bring basically thousand-dollar sheets to the market at a much lower cost?” And many of you guys are instantly thinking, “A thousand dollars for a pair of sheets? I would never spend that kind of money.” Well, you may not, but your wife may or your girlfriend may because they oftentimes make the spending decisions in the home realistically and it’s something that I want you to understand perhaps why they’re going to spend that money and why, in many cases, it’s a great investment because again, guys, you’re spending one-third of your life here.

And if you go out and you buy cheap sheets and I’ve owned lots of cheap sheets, it really comes down to they fall apart very quickly. They’re never as comfortable. Well, let me go ahead and start this off with a story because I think it’s going to help explain how comfortable my bed is here and why I look forward actually to crawling into this bed every night, and it’s not just because I have a beautiful wife, no.

Okay, so as many of you guys know, I took a trip to Ukraine this summer. On the way back, it was a nightmare trip, 40 plus hours of travel, 17-hour layover in the airport. At first, I thought it was just a seven-hour layover, then I checked the tickets a couple of days before, 17 hours. Okay, I misread this. My wife is not happy. We’re just going to stay at — there’s like a Hilton or something right there at the airport. We come to find out my wife, she’s not going to be able to get into Poland without a Visa. I’m an American. My kids are Americans, but my wife is still Ukrainian. And so for her, we couldn’t get the visa in time, so we’re spending the night in the airport, 17 hours. I went and bought some inflatable mattresses, told my kids we were camping, tried to have fun with it, but it could’ve been worse. Let’s just say it was something that we arrived in Chicago and we were tired. We didn’t get a good night’s sleep and we wanted — we even thought about getting a hotel room or staying with friends right there in Chicago, but we didn’t because we both know that this is the most comfortable bed in the world to us.

You know that feeling you get when you go to a hotel, a really nice one, and you crawl into that bed and you’re like, “Wow! Why can’t I have this in my home?” Well, the thing is, guys, you can. You just simply have to pay attention to the details. I’m not really going to go talking about the bed because that is a large component as well. I’m instead today, of course, going to talk about the linens and the comforter and all this other stuff that goes with it.

That’s my story basically, a 40-hour trip was made worthwhile or at the end of it, I felt good at least because we took a shower and I crawled into my bed and it was awesome. I slept a solid eight to ten hours that night. Well, I did. My poor wife, we’ve got three kids and a baby, and let’s just say the baby, she likes to wake up multiple times, but I’m a pretty lucky guy. My wife handled most of that. The point is, guys, is I look forward to crawling into my bed every night and I want to give you the skill set, the tools so that when you’re looking at sheets or when someone in your household is looking to spend the money on sheets, you understand both the style and the functional aspect.

So let’s go ahead and start off why this is a good investment, why even care. I already talked about we spend one-third of our lives asleep, and I talked about how Ryan Masters and a number of others, anyone that talks about body and nutrition and well-being, how sleep is incredibly important. But another reason to spend good money on sheets is you oftentimes get what you pay for. What do I mean here? Well, higher quality sheets are going to be denser.

I can tell when I got these from Steve and I field-tested these for — well, over the summer, I had these on my bed and for the last three weeks, both my wife and I have been field-testing these sheets and I can tell you that they’re great. The first thing my wife said when she crawled in to bed after that trip is, “Wow! These are really nice sheets.” It kind of made me surprised because here we’re both exhausted and she’s talking about the sheets, how nice they are. They just feel better. It’s hard to explain, but it’s the difference between a high quality shirt and a low quality rough shirt.

And this is something that again, you want to get into this bed next to naked, if not naked. It’s the density of the weave. It’s also the length of the cotton fibers, which is really important and we’ll talk about this a little bit later, but all of that goes into play. And so, you’re sleeping better. Your sheets are going to last longer and they’re going to look better. So after a few washes, lower quality sheets oftentimes lose their color. In addition, they become rougher. You can see the spilling. You could look at whenever you dry sheets. Look in the dryer. If you start to notice, there’s a lot of material that you’re scooping out. That material doesn’t come from — it doesn’t just magically appear.

That is coming off of your sheets. And so, higher quality sheets, you’re often going to see almost nothing comes off of them. I’ve probably washed these already 10 to 20 times over the last four months. I’ll have to do the math on that, but basically once a week we at least wash our sheets, and I can tell you that they have stood up.

We’ve got hard water here. I use pretty harsh detergents. I’ve got kids. Let’s just say you get lots of stains on your sheet when you’ve got kids and it’s something that you need to be able to wash and expect that everything comes out. Let me go ahead and quickly talk about as a man, you’re going to be looking at, “Antonio, you’ve got me convinced. What needs to go on my bed?” Well, if you’ve got the mattress, we’re not really going to talk about that. You want to have both the sheets. You want to make sure they come with pillow cases, and then you want to be looking at a comforter. And to protect the comforter, you want to have a duvet cover. Let me talk about those three things. The sheets, I’ve already spent some time talking about it. You want to have high quality sheets, both a bed sheet that encompasses the bed. It has usually a little of elastic around it and it fits and holds the bed. One thing I like about Vero Linens is that they actually give you a pretty generous cut.

A lot of times, companies are going to try to save money and they’re going to actually give you a very tight — basically, it’s going to fit on your bed, but very, very tightly. Now, that looks good but over time, you’re going to lose some of the — basically, you’re going to have tension on this at all times and it’s going to start to give. I like it so it fits perfectly on them. Maybe it even has a little bit of excess material and that ensures that there’s not going to be as much tension unless you’re laying it and you’re a big guy, but basically, what you’re going to see is those sheets are going to last longer. Again, make sure the upper sheet has plenty of room. I’ve got a king size California King here and I can tell you that, again, when you go with a higher quality, they’re going to give you extra material. A lot of low quality manufacturers, they are going to skimp on that extra material because it just saves them money.

Let’s talk about the comforter. I’m not going to spend a whole lot of time here, but on the comforter, you want to make sure that you’ve got down, and down is different than the feathers. There are feathers and then there’s down, which are usually on either the younger animals or the younger birds or right below the actual feathers, and this is what does a great job of insulating. Many people think they are tiny feathers, but they’re not as hard, and down is usually also going to be more expensive. It needs to have special care. Let’s say you already have a down comforter and you’re wondering, “Hey, I haven’t washed this for a long time,” make sure to check out Vero Linens.

Steve’s got a great blog and he gives away tons of information on how to clean and how to wash your linens, how to wash your comforters. Okay, so moving from the comforters, let’s talk about the duvet cover, and this is where a lot of people — I know that especially in the United States, they don’t buy one of these, and that basically seals up your down comforter. And so, you can wash your duvet cover much more often than you wash your down comforter. I don’t really recommend washing your down comforter but perhaps maybe once or twice a year, and a way you get away with doing that is you never, in a sense, sleep with your skin against the down comforter. Instead, you’ve got the duvet cover. Again, this would be something made from a similar material as the sheets and it simply seals it up and it protects it from any type of stains. Obviously, we have little bits of oil and dirt on our body. Okay, so I’ve talked about what makes up quality.

There are some other things like afghans. I’ll talk about that actually in the article a bit, but finally, I’m going to go ahead and end this with how to buy quality sheets because you’re going to go out there and you’re going to try to make good purchasing decisions. I know the thing that most men don’t want to do, we don’t want to go out there and spend $500 or $400 on what we think are quality pair of sheets or set of sheets and all of a sudden, find out those linens are low quality because we basically just got ripped off. So first, let me say the whole idea with thread count is, in many ways, bunk.

Basically, it’s being abused in the industry. We see with wool thread counts like Super 180s, Super 220s, there are probably a lot of counterfeit fabrics out there. In addition, it’s kind of like megapixels, and we all see this in cameras. You go to Best Buy and you see this camera has 22 megapixel, this one has 14. Which one is better? Well, the 22. Well, not really because it also depends on the size of the sensor.

So think about that with sheets. Think about who’s manufacturing, what country it’s coming out of. Usually, Italy, Switzerland, Ireland, they have some of the best linens coming out. They’ve been making these for centuries and centuries. China is up and coming, but I stay away from China most of the time simply because they don’t have — and they’re working on this. I think in the next ten years, we may see a change, but there’s less quality control. Basically, you see a lot of, again, counterfeit fabrics, fabrics that are being marked as high quality, but they’re really low quality. In addition, almost all of the low quality is coming out of China simply because a lot of people, they don’t think about this. They just buy something based off of cost. I know I’ve done this in the past. So look at country of origin. Don’t fall into the trap of the high thread count. The last thing is pay attention to the quality of the cotton.

So anytime you see Egyptian, anytime you see Super Pima, in addition, whenever it’s coming out of places like, again, Italy or Ireland, this is a great combination because what we’re talking about here is the length of the thread of the cotton. Cotton, oftentimes the quality is judged by the length of the actual strand. Let’s go back to West Texas. Mostly in West Texas, we’re going to see just regular inch to an inch and a half length, but in the Super Pimas, in the Egyptian cottons, we’re going to start to see those an inch and three quarters up to two inches. And actually, some of the cotton can be down to three quarters of an inch in length. Now, why does this matter? Because when they spool up the threads, you’re able to get a stronger weave. Basically, you can get it tighter and stronger and it’s going to last longer and it’s going to feel more luxurious because you can get tighter and stronger weaves. Okay, so I hit on a lot of points here. I know there’s a lot more I could’ve covered. I cover it in the article quite a bit, but at the bottom of the article, I link you over to Vero Linens because Steve has a free e-book.

When you’ve made it this far, you probably care about what I’m talking about here, so go grab Steve’s free e-book. It’s like 14 pages and it gives you a lot more information there. In addition, his blog is an amazing resource. If you’re on my email list, I’ll even talk more about how Steve has some great offers. And yeah, if you’re on my email list, you’re going to be eligible for the giveaway.

Actually, Steve is going to handle most of this if you go download his e-book. I know he’s going to be giving away a set of sheets. I don’t know how often he’ll do this, but it is something that you kind of put your name in the hat. And in any case, if you’re in the market, be sure to check out Vero Linens. I’m very happy and my wife is very happy with the sheets. I’d have to say that I’m sleeping very well. Okay, guys, if you have any questions, I’d love to see them below in the comments. I will see you guys in the next video. Bye-bye. .

JOY Luxury 7piece Easy Care Bed Ensemble with Temp Techn…

Six dollars that in so much more we had some gorgeous leather handbags and leather wallets and leather luggage but now let’s sleep in a lamp of luxury I mean this is so gorgeous this is her luxury easy care bedding ensemble with all kinds of gorgeous colors to choose from this is luxury at its best this is like staying at a five-star hotel this is like treating yourself to a fabulous night out and you get to experience it every single night you’re getting seven pieces for the lowest price we have ever offered now for the first time ever it’s a hundred and thirty-five dollars off our regular price it’s back by popular demand it has only been seen once before we rarely get to see a whole bedding ensemble from joy Mangano so you’re in the right place at the right time quickly I will just mention what you’re getting flat sheet fitted sheet two standard pillowcases plus you get the down alternative comforter and the shams so that’s just a quick overview of all the seven pieces that you’re getting and you get to choose from four gorgeous colors and we have sizes twin full queen king or California king let’s breeze over the colors and then we’ll dive in to this amazing total bedding ensemble I think joy put together the perfect package so we don’t have to right absolutely and you’re looking at the bed in this gorgeous linen driftwood the comforter is reversible we’ll show you the reverse on that in a second it’s absolutely amazing and then at the foot of the bed we have the other three colors available that beautiful blush there it is you know we can have the beautiful blush that gorgeous charcoal gray think about that for the guestroom and that gorgeous Navy all the colors are very high-end decorative colors so you’re going to be able to have a stylish bed that you all the thinking has been done for you but most importantly the extras are involved so you’ve got a beautiful down alternative comforter that is machine washable you just read this care label so that’s all they’re hypoallergenic amazing then you’ve got a gorgeous that’s all reversible on the reverse this is your jacquard design this beautiful diamond is and on the reverse is a Dobby stripe absolutely gorgeous so you’re going to be able to flip it however you like it’s all seasoned weight so you can use it now you can use it later it’s absolutely gorgeous I love how this feels got a really nice loft doesn’t it then you’ve got the gorgeous top sheet and the bottom sheet has a shower cap design all the way around so it’s does not just in the corners and it’s deep enough for 17 inches so you have a deeper mattress it’ll accommodate that then you’re getting the two shams that are reversible they have the beautiful jacquard diamonds design on one side or that gorgeous stripe on the other they have a mitered corner and they’ve got a one and a half inch flange and then they’ve got the zipper on the bottom and then you’re getting the conventional the pillowcases with the single hem absolutely gorgeous now all of that would be just fabulous but this is long staple cotton and eucalyptus so what does that mean it means that it is going to wick away the moisture if you get hot at night and keep you warmer if you get cold at night and in addition it’s got a stain release technology so if you’re all cozy in bed and you’re drinking your hot chocolate and you spill a little on the bedspread you don’t have to go shrieking through the house going oh oh oh it will resist staining so all that technology is built into the beautiful bed so you’re going to be slipping into comfort and confident that all those issues are going to be addressed this is second to none as far as bedding is concerned it’s going to be amazing to go to bed in I just saw this video showing the blush and I about lost my mind have you seen such a gorgeous and upscale and exquisite look in bedding where you get all seven pieces it’s crazy for under a hundred sixty seven dollars you can get this home on flexpay for about forty one dollars and sixty-five cents so if you want to take your time and pay this off interest-free we take all major credit cards I think it looks like silk it has just a very slight shame to us not shiny no but it has just a little bit of almost a shimmer I love how it has that you can see it in these videos it has a little bit of that light reflecting property that gives it this wonderful elevated effect I also have two decorator pillows I just want to make available for you so you know they’re also on sale and they’re super cute and you get a pair of those for as low as $18 $18 and they’re reversible also they’re sick 116 by I think there’s six 10 by 16 by 16 they’ve got a beautiful little top stitching so if you can go ahead and grab these two they’ll be in the color that you choose either the limited driftwood or the beautiful blush or the charcoal gray or the Navy and they’ll add that little bit of finishing touch to your gorgeous bed but Sarah is absolutely right now I’m actually just going to sit on this bed for a sec okay it is so delicious the hand on this so think about the fact that you’ve got that long staple cotton 100% cotton hollow-core cotton so you’ve got which is a fiber that has loft and air can flow through it so it’s going to be loftier and more delicious no sleeping I know where you’re going so now you’ve got the opportunity to have that and the eucalyptus and the eucalyptus is what’s giving it that beautiful Sheen and the ability to wick away your moisture if you get hot at night and to keep you cozy if you get cold at night I love the fact that we’ve got the shower cap 3/4 of inch shower cap along the beautiful fitted sheet that’s going to allow you if you’ve got a lofty pillow top on your mattress or you’ll have a bigger mattress you’re going to be okay using this on your bed and the beautiful beautiful pillowcases that have that same wicking which I absolutely love and to Sara’s point it’s not satiny so you’re not going to be slipping all over but it’s got a beautiful Sheen to it so it’s gonna be like slipping into dreamland in this gorgeous gorgeous bedding and in these colors it’s our support that’s on I mean if you’ve been following any of the decorating and home trends you’ve been falling through the you knows are the latest colors on all the shows all the redecorating and whether you’re updating the bedroom that you already have or maybe you’re you know creating a new space you don’t have to repaint your bedroom you don’t have to buy new furniture sometimes just redecorating in the master bedroom gives it a whole new look and a whole new feel and I think you’re just gonna enjoy this for years and years to come there’s nothing trendy about it it’s not like a bright bold print or some kind of crazy design that after a year or two you go what was I thinking I mean these are classics right you’re absolutely right and the colors are all decorative colors this beautiful linen driftwood is a classic so this would go if you had a blue room this would work in it if you had a green room this would work in it any of these colors are absolutely gorgeous I love of course the beautiful blush we love that and this is not little girls room beautiful blush this is absolutely stunning color a decorative color and then the charcoal gray so perhaps you know what cute is going off to college or a young couple that’s going to be getting married this would be a fabulous fabulous bedding set for them to get because you’ve got all seven pieces the blush oh there it is I know you’ve such a fast little photo I could I could look at the blush on okay beautiful my directors so fancy oh my god but look that you know you can freeze a video my director can large director do that it’s no but look at how gorgeous you can see the diamond the difference is your car diamond design in there the light just hits it beautifully that’s how gorgeous this is so it’s not going to be hitting you in the face when you walk in the room what you’re going to be looking at is something that’s absolutely stunning but when you get in the bed the comforter is just the right weight it’s an all season absolutely gorgeous down alternative so it’s hypoallergenic you can wash it in a large they recommend you wash it in a larger washing machine because it’s a big piece because we’ve got all those great size and the chinois machine wash it yeah follow the care levels but it’s machine washable which is great and you don’t have to worry about it you’ll notice that it’s not like baffle box so that you don’t have to worry about anything in there shifting it’s all smooth and it’s going to feel amazing because at night we’re tired you want to get into a bed that’s going to make you feel just wonderful and this bedding is going to do that because of the wicking moisture that eucalyptus and that long staple cotton absolutely amazing and then the added bonus of having it be stain resistant so the kids come running in on Sunday morning and they’re drinking your coffee and oops there’s a mistake no worries you don’t have to panic it will stain release it’s that great well let’s just review colors what you get and then again all the great sizes because that’s something I really want to emphasize whether you have a twin a full a queen a king or wait for it California king we have your size that’s crazy I can’t remember the last time we even offered a California king up my producer Ken either but it’s usually you know you have to go somewhere else you have to special order that or you have to pay more it’s the same price for all the sizes and they’re getting seven pieces in this entire ensemble you’re getting the flat sheet the fitted sheet two standard pillowcases then you’re getting the matching down alternative comforter as well as the matching shams you can add on the little accessory pillows if you like you’re getting all seven cases for a hundred and thirty five dollars off our regular price what would you spend just for a comforter on its own Dora well first you’d have to find it because whenever you were going whenever you’re shopping for bedding I can never find any bedding this is absolutely second to none because all the work has been taken out of it you just have to go ahead and pick your color the design aspect is all built in so the price is absolutely phenomenal for this quality with all of that extra technology that joy is famous for that’s going to make slipping into this slipping you right into dreamland there’s no question all natural fibers yes I want to emphasize that yes eucalyptus and long staple cotton hollow core cause that’s going to get in it absolutely is and the hand is beautiful that little bit of Sheen which is going to make it lofty er absolutely beautiful so it’s got all that texture and feel for it so when you slip into it you’re just gonna go it’s that wonderful I mean I love the cotton eucalyptus blend I love that it’s stain resistant I love it’s machine washable the color that’s on the bed again is called linen driftwood I love this color it’s a perfect neutral that’ll go with so many different types of decor no matter what you have and furniture or pink color or inventing or carpeting and then we have these gorgeous shades as well we have that beautiful blush which just looked amazing in that video the charcoal gray which is like I love the charcoal shade and decorated right now it can look very contemporary it can look very modern and then we also have it in this really pretty blue which is called Navy it’s not called blue at all it’s a maybe how about that but again the look on the bed it’s completely reversible I love that you can pick the design or they want sort of the diamond jacquard or it reverses to more of this sort of tailored Dobby stripe and there’s a great little photograph there thanks guys of the wonderful reversibility so it’s such a great time to shop this is not coming back especially if you have some of those larger sizes at home like a king or California king size bed you know how expensive it can be to put together a total ensemble let joy do all the work for you now she’s your personal designer as well so a wonderful time to jump in get your color get your size and do it now all we have it at the lowest price ever and then we’ve got these lovely little decorator pillows even if you’re not getting the Betty