Meet the Team: Pablo and the Cloughy Linen

Hi my name is goblin here we are the wrecked fabric showroom in Miami scores today we’re going to talk about a variety of different types of fabrics but primarily we’re going to focus on the lid here X average would carry a wide variety of fabrics dedicated to men ladies decorative pocket or upholstery and every other spectrum in the textile industry anywhere from linens to silks to cashmere to polyester to Mikado Charles organza and the other kind of time you can possibly think of we carry and if we don’t have it we’ll make it today we’re going to talk about Chloe limit which is a fantastic linen because it has sat in on one side which gives it a fantastic weight and texture for suiting and jacketing Chloe linen offers a quality that is new to texture being satin on one side it is a weave that is perfect for sophisticated tailoring tucked amongst on the finest men’s brand such as Holland and sherry dorm a cabal Loro Piana and zhenya chloe linen offers its fantastic quality in a wide array of colors please visit our web store at WWF Champion it could also be reached directly at table at rex average dark