How to Wear a Ring Sling – Featuring the Sakura Bloom

Hey, I’m Jacquelyn Muir and I’m here to show you a ring sling today. Basically you just start by putting the fabric over your shoulder. And a lot of people like their ring on their dominate side. Which then gives their right hand (if that’s your dominate side) the most freedom. And then once you put it on, you’re going to want the fabric to come up through the rings, and out and down just like this is. To start you take all this fabric right here, and you bloom it. You just pull it all out, and it kind of turns into a flower looking thing, and you just want it bloomed, so its nice and loose.

So basically you kind of want this fabric straight at the bottom. Then what you’re going to do, you’re going to take this outside corner piece and you’re going to tighten it right here. So I’m going to pull this nice and tight. And I’m actually going to move this ring about collar bone level, and its going to sit right here. Then I’m going to tighten this ring, and its going to slowly tighten. I’m just pulling on this outside edge. What that is actually doing is tightening this bottom piece of fabric right here against my body, and this is going to start to create the pouch to put the baby in. So I’m just going to tighten it a little bit more. Now that I have the outside nice and tight, I can kind of feel it against my body. I’m going to go get the baby! So here’s Miles, he’s almost a month. He’s our little guy, and he likes to be carried a lot! What you’re going to do is you’re going to put your little guy, or girl, your little baby up here in burping position.

Then you’re going to take their little feet, and you want to slide them in this pouch, and kind of get it comfortable. Then once they’re are in that pouch you’re going to take all this slack, I have a lot of slack right now. You’re going to take all this slack, and while supporting them, you’re going to kind of pull this slack, so you can tighten the other end of the ring. So you just pull it right here and tighten it up right there until it feels nice and secure and snug, and you have it about where you want.

This should be a tiny bit higher, so I might slide him over just a little bit and try to get this ring up a little bit higher. There we go. I’m going to tighten it just a little bit more just to make him feel a little more secure. So I just pull this slack, and tighten that down. There we go. So he is in the carrier. And then what we are going to do is take all of this extra fabric, and this is really helpful with newborns. I’m just going to roll this, twist it, twist it, twist it, and then I’m going to bring it right here, and I’m going to fold this fabric nice up and over. So it kind of actually creates more of a head support comfort for them, and it feels a little bit more secured, it also gets that tail out of the way. You’re going to want these rings at about corsage level when you’re done. But here you have the ring sling! And there are a bunch of different other carry’s that you can do.

I haven’t mastered them all yet, but it’s always good to start with a newborn and then try a few more as they get older. A few tips about carrying in this newborn position, that bloom that we did in the beginning is really important and it makes it a lot easier to tighten those rails, or the ends of the fabric. That makes the fabric slide through a lot easier. So make sure you bloom that fabric and keep it nice and loose.

Always keep your newborn in this vertical position. It’s really easy to nurse in this sling, you just loosen it up, drop him down a little bit, and then you can continue to nurse in that vertical position. Thanks for watching, if you have any questions, comment below or email us at .