Woman’s Bedding not Washed for 100 Years | Obsessive Compulsive Cleaners | S04E02

The British Isles is world-famous for its spectacular mansions Boasting centuries of history. These country piles are legacies of a bygone age Each has a custodian fiercely proud of their homes But behind these stunning facades lies a dirty secret Last time I had a bath was about two or three years ago I don’t like to show things out because the could be used for them Cleaning and treyvion is a word on our list. It probably is too much for one person These stately homes have gone to seed But there is a radical solution When thing is clean the world makes sense each week the country’s most obsessive compulsive cleaners Dedicated to hygiene and order it’s a perfectly good king-sized bed and I sleep over there Team up to take on the grandest filth of their lives He’s gonna hurt his stomach muscles soon.

It’s a few house rules. I think that you’re treating me like a servant And to push their boundaries for the first time ever, they’ll be taking up residence – there’s a mouse it’s dead I’m not staying here. Oh No Baby, I just can’t do it in just five days Can the compulsive cleaners challenge their obsessive behaviors and rescue these mansions? From housekeeping hell or have they finally met their match Where do you put it? Would you like me to carry online would delight me to go home? In the heart of flincher North Wales is a great one listed mansion players Ted Built in 1610 this 10-bedroom Jacobean mansion was bought for 70,000 pounds by cornelia bailey as a derelict shell in 1985 200 years ago, there’d be 20 or 30 people looking after the house.

Now this just me and the cat Retired antiques dealer Cornelia has poured tens of thousands of pounds into keeping the grand house standing and preserving the 17th century aesthetic This house means so much to me because I’m a collector. I always think furniture and things are as important as people whose But Cornelia’s money has run out now her only income is a small pension and Occasional paranormal evenings I call upon all the spirits A+ tag The survival of plastic hangs in the balance. The financial pressures are terrible It’s got to make more money for itself the cooker needs fixin and The boiler needs fixin the last time I had a bath was about two or three years ago Can’t afford the hot water but in the 18th century people didn’t have bars all the time. So I’m just living in another age That’s all With so much to worry about the cleaning has dropped down the list of priorities I Don’t know because I don’t – You know, I mean, I think this floors been hoovered cups two or three times in 29 years in A bid to raise funds in five days time.

Cornelia will host a grand house tour for the paying public But 29 years of dirt and dust are turning tourists away When I bought the house, I didn’t realize how much it was gonna be a problem. It’s just me so I obviously need extra help with such a grand problem Not one, but two cleaning obsessives have agreed to help Cornelia deep clean her Jacobi and mansion 30 year old OCD diagnosed Haley from East Grinstead Can spend up to 19 hours a day ensuring her home is spotless Bacteria fully night on my head a mother of three Halley uses two bottles of bleach every day and spends 300 pounds a month on cleaning products if The bleach isn’t strong enough Like if it’s not choking me and hitting the back of my fry Then I have to use more I keep being here up to eight times a day cleaning the toilet.

I Change my bed sheets every day it makes me feel yeah, when things look clean and they look like clinical then I feel relaxed and I feel like the world makes sense and Joining Haley is 24 year old order and germ obsessed Dan Everything in my house is on a 45-degree angle But no if I placed it there and it’s still in the position that it was I feel a lot more relaxed Though he’s not clinically diagnosed with OCD dan suffers from a chronic fear of germs What my daughter’s about a thousand times a day and that’s because it would just be a complete harbor for Bacteria and the germs and the katar that can be spread it sort of Ethel And spends up to 40 hours a week ensuring his house looks like a show home My obsessive tendencies have affected my life because I will miss things if my house isn’t in a position that I’m happy with Relationships have failed before and I have mr.

Bence with friends and family because my opposition does take over And as much plate as I can possibly fear in this bag Dan and Hayley will say goodbye to their modern sterile homes and Challenge their obsessions by leaving the safety of their routines and confronting Cornelia’s 17th century dusty mansion I’m leaving I know the safe and that’s clean going into somewhere else that I don’t know How don’t know how it’s been looked after it’s gonna be it’s gonna be hard And they’ll hear my voice and he’s kind of like, oh she is common Haley and Dan have cleaned other people’s grimy homes before but this will be their grandest challenge yet the plastic Oh My god, oh my god, it’s huge. Wow. That is ginormous Oh my goodness It’s so big and it stinks like hell pay Those are like statues everywhere.

I don’t really like statues either think they’re hard to clean We’re like borrowers compared to the size of this house Welcome to plastic. Thank you. Thank you I’m afraid it’s the coldest house in Wales This is their great Horton touch smell may be the Polish, I polish all the floors and What she polished some with special polish that you have you can’t buy in the shops It was Before bleach obsessives Haley and Dan see the extent of closet eggs decade’s worth of dust and grime Cornelia wants to establish her house rules. I want things done how they were done in another age case You can’t use any spray polishes. And other than these modern things on my furniture Okay, you know I don’t like the modern smells and I hate things that make room smell and I think they’re ghastly. Yeah Okay, I mean you probably think that as well I would think we like the smell of bleach.

How did you know I would Bleed on any time nothing. What about products that a like? I don’t like products use, you know a bit I like a bit of dust anyway, so there’s no angle. It’s a house. It’s new, you know. Yes lifting The struggling to find think all weird actually used nothing just it just water On the sponge, that’s all It doesn’t kill the bacteria in does it? Probably the victory can live here. I think yeah, I mean, yeah, can we use things like Very liquid. Yes Okay, it’s definitely gonna be somewhat of a challenge 250 years ago this type of mansion would have had 20 indoor servants dedicated to making all the rooms spotless And if I come through to the kitchen come and see it Cornelia yeah, can you hump the curtain open for me, please? I’m really sorry.

It’s just I’ve got um OCD, what’s up for me? It’s like germs and dirt and stuff and it makes me really anxious and have like panic attacks. I’m too nervous to touch So, yeah, okay. Thank you. Thank you This is the kitchen So when was the last time you cleaned in here it’s fing good all the time it’s been cleaning this from even this morning The house has opened to the public so it has to be clean This is the cooker which doesn’t work. So you use that as a cupboard. It’s a cupboard Okay, so the only cook I’m cooking I’ve got is on a microwave So I live on cheese capacitors every day of the week. Yeah, do you clean that quite often? No never really? Don’t have time. I Just can’t believe how many things you have. I Can’t I hear This is my library what I do most things Yeah, it smells like the fires been up yeah, it’s the only room that has he done really yes I sleep in here you sleep in here.

Yeah on the sofa. It’s about 1820 very important Regency So do you bring like your pillow and you do value at night, then? Yeah, I know that behind the desk, so you Can’t fall to site is quite costly. Yeah young. There’s just too much work for you. There it is. Yeah, it’s a bit. Yeah It’s impossible To get this house in order I think we need a Miracle or Jesus or something? Because I can’t express enough. How big and how messy this house is Haley and Dan are not just faced with a mammoth cleaning task This is where you’ll be sleeping They’ve also agreed to challenge their obsessive behaviors by staying over for five nights This room and the one downstairs are the two most haunted rooms in the house, this is where I’m sleeping.

Yes It’s the most famous haunted house in Wales. So You might get a visitor Well Haley, this is your room Cornelia when was the bed in last wash no, it’s never been polished What about the mattress you clean the mat you see or not? How old is the mattress it could be a hundred years old or something You know, this is how people used to live years ago And I still live like that Let me show you the bathroom The boss has cold water Okay, the water’s gonna come out rusty because no one’s had a bath here for about twenty nine years Hmm, okay so Where would we be? If do you know where there’s Nova? Okay, so I don’t have a boss.

Nobody. No. No this you can’t People don’t normally bother to bath you see that’s just yeah, I’m just conscious that we’re here for a week Sweating. Yeah cleaning and I shower like sometimes four times a day. Yeah, two or three myself I mean, I’m found extraordinary. Let’s Go now and leave you to it. Yes Yes Okay How can she be happy living here like this, it’s not a way of life it’s torture I can’t not wash I Feel so bad for her, but I feel even worse for me I Didn’t realize I didn’t biz as awful as this it’s the stupid all this I mean there’s a Little bit of death touch to their hands or everything With such a grand housekeeping problem Haley and Dan have decided to share a room and Conquer the decades of dirt together if this 100 G’s are old it’s a hundred years worth of skin Look Dan.

There’s a hole here and I reckon that must have got in through there. Like they’ve chewed it I think this shows the real c4 finally my sister visible Something’s gonna do how I can feel it So, you know, it’s been chewed it’s been he turn you can see Look at that Oh My god turn There’s dip mousy oh My god There’s a mouse it stage it’s next to my foot I’m not staying here it’s too much that’s it In North Wales obsessive cleaners, Dan and Haley are cleaning Cornelia’s 10-bedroom mansion Closet egg which has been left to gather dust for 29 years Be nice to give plastic as Brinkley long as no one breaks anything or moves anything out of the wrong place in Four days time Cornelia is hosting an open house tour to make some much-needed money But for it to be a success the house needs a serious overhaul This is too much work for you Last night both Haley and Dan checked into a local hotel They failed to sleep over at plastic with the conditions proving too much There’s no way I would have stayed last night.

I can of it there was too many things that I’m just against like though they’re not bath in and then we found the dead mouth obviously and that was just enough With so little time dan and Haley must prioritize what to clean It’s really overwhelming. It’s just a wreck and there’s no other way to describe it They’ll be focusing on three rooms in this 400 year old home their kitchen The bathroom and starting with the focus of all stately homes the Great Hall Watch this, yeah Yeah, I know. Did you see that? Yeah Bit of dust but the house is old Cornelia doesn’t own a vacuum cleaner Preferring to use a dustpan and brush these carpets have been vacuumed twice in 29 years Well, the problem is if you pulled this carpet up it wouldn’t it would just fall apart Cornelia obviously there’s a lot of dust so I think this Heath is gonna be really good to pull it out because it’s got a soft Mike so it would be really Really gentle whereas other Hoover’s a far too powerful That’s why the pipe yes is this because it’s gentle and his lovely red carpet, but he doesn’t have to do her I’ll let you have a tiny keyboard Hayley was diagnosed with OCD in 2007 she uses this 1,400 pound vacuum cleaner on her carpets five times a day Can you see the change in color but it’s not wrecking your you know, the rug isn’t it? Amazing how clean it is? Really? Really? I didn’t think you’d look like that when I bought it new I Can take the door – but even Your face is City as well after two hours of vacuuming.

Haley has done just a quarter of the carpet Look at that Dan that is just full of dust I just don’t want to use my home for any more because I feel like it’s gonna break The cleaners decide to give the Hoover and themselves a break from the dust They agreed to divide and conquer for the next stage of this massive clean so dirty It’s just day upon day upon death Council worker Dan is starting in the pantry cleaning Cornelia’s 300 piece collection of Staffordshire Carlton where China I Mean look at that. It’s the date on it Oh, February 2010 so five years our date Upstairs Haley’s been cleaning the bathroom for two hours under Cornelius strict instructions using just soap and water I’m gonna be like an absolute mushroom later. Yeah, I can’t I’m not like one I can’t do it. I can’t cope with that Instead of helping with the clean inside Cornelia is outside standard as ever Tending to her 2.5 acres of grass I must spend at least four hours a day pulling the weeds out because there’s so many I Can’t afford to have a garden using fluffy ginger would help if he could Cornelia yeah Join me to help you no, no, okay.

I’m so Connie Lee I’ve been doing the coral bar fern and I’m just struggling a little bit So I just wanted to check if we can use a product. No impossible to use a product but it’s really difficult to clean with just soap and water when the dirt is so like Ingrained but it will cause it’s so long. Yeah news fitnah such a long time. Um, I just feel like at the moment I’m a bit of a loss as to what I can do to help you. Why don’t you just read a nice book? Then you’ll be happy At home hailey uses two bottles of bleach a day 48 hours into her time at Plaza take she hasn’t been able to use a drug. I do feel like being in his house He’s like pushing my boundaries so far, but I so desperately want to help her that I’m willing to You know put myself in this unbearable situation.

I Go out into the garden to get away from everything of all the problems of anything of lie Cornelia committed herself to restoring closet a 29 years ago Heartbroken after the breakdown of a relationship what happened in London was that? my dearest friend George died of AIDS and lots of other friends and Christopher the love of my life left me Now alone Cornelia lives without heat and hot water Her only income coming from her state pension Paranormal evenings and historic tours charging just seven pounds a visitor. All this left in life is working here Keeping it going and I’ve got into that routine With work on the bathroom at a standstill Haley and Dan are in the kitchen which has never had a deep-clean Sort of thing. We’re gonna start with the table. Don’t use any any bleach on nothing. Okay. No bleach there. No No, I’m gonna move the China so it doesn’t get broken It was only cleaned Jessie anyway, so it’s not too bad I Wouldn’t let a badger live in here I wouldn’t it’s just awful look at this look these years of like bread crumb and Whatever it’s dismissed then While Hayley and Dan sought the kitchen come on boys.

Come on joke, they’re gonna be a bit shy gingers coming As well as a house cat Cornelia also has 12 outdoor cats for gingers four tortoise shells and for black people I’m gonna come back as a cat in the next life. I think that’s the best place Thing was getting quite repetitive Is there she’s got XQ. She’s always doing some tales For the last three hours Haley and Dan have been unsupervised in the kitchen Allowed to clean using only soap and water. It’s just our own dog Everything I don’t even think she uses this toaster Haley. This is actually like a massive cobweb Inside the toaster. I just feel like I need to wash my hands now, dan Just give me that blade a Symptom of OCD is performing rituals and some sufferers use bleach to reduce their anxiety Although bleach can kill nearly a hundred percent of bacteria Direct contact on skin can cause very severe burns they smell fresh I I did bleach my hands today and I feel like that was a Tiny step back for me, but I’m not now standing here thinking I need to go home and bleach my hands now It was a spur-of-the-moment thing that I felt like I needed to do it to make me feel better And I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that from time to time as long as it doesn’t become a spiral out of control and become a Thing again in my life and it why because I won’t let it Every cupboard has caught I did a set 400 people how many people to share in this house air time what I Think she’s a hoarder It’s not every day I spend a week of my life in a foreign material house, but Even then my expectations of a house so grand and a family that would live in there would be it’s a half an immaculate Beautiful kitchen at one point.

We’re gonna have to rein him in to say hello You come in to help or are we just here as your servants? I’d like it to look like an old place It’s always been like that. So, you know, it’s it’s a kitchen It’s essential that plastic is clean to attract more visitors But six hours into Haley and Dan tackling the kitchen she’s concerned her 17th century vision is being altered I don’t like them With you know, all my collections of things and she’s probably moving them or anything. I mean, I don’t like it at all Downstairs Haley and Dan have rearranged the toaster and microwaves to make them more accessible and can finally see some results I tell you what dad. Yeah, this is coming up lovely with a bit of washing-up liquid in a hot water I thought it would need to bleach but it actually doesn’t Oh shocked about Hello You’re not polishing all under there, but you don’t see that’s madness. Yeah, I was just clean enough for the Cobwebs and yeah, are you gonna help us clean at some point? Help you clean.

Are you gonna help us because we need other thing is we need your assistance We need to know what we can moved, you know to make a bit more space for. Oh, no I don’t want it anything moved. No, it’s good to go exactly where it was I mean we must put those back on the floor where they belong but what are you done there? Oh That’s just the body clean enough, isn’t it? No, we were going to leave it like no hmm.

We were going to leave No, it’s awful. It’s visually it’s dreadful You know, you can’t come to someone’s kitchen my private room and stop putting things where you want them Well, it’s my house. I’m the person that lives here. And this is where I have breakfast it need I mean what right do you think that you have? To change how I want to live Well, what if someone did it to you? What would you say hmm, we’re not trying to change the way they Can you get it back to as it was? Okay? Honestly Everything has its place in my life and any put anyone I know Would feel the same as I do about things Would you have someone come in with all the other things in your kitchen and your knife? So no one can alter things for me.

I’m really annoyed The sooner they could go the better For the last two days OCD diagnosed Halley and order obsessed Dan have been challenging their own obsessions and Trying to turn around the fortunes of antique collector Cornelia Bailey’s four hundred year old home Only one had enough money for feed that’s the biggest luxury in life In three days time Cornelia will be opening plows tag for a house tour, but the deep-clean has reached a stalemate I Just feel like She’s sucking the life out of me and I have got nothing left to give right now Earlier Haley and Dan rearranged Cornelia’s kitchen, which was not liking The frustrating thing II knew she was there for a bit of guidance and she told us like I don’t want things there Then we would accommodate that and the whole thing would be done so much quicker so much with her For the last hour Haley and Dan have been restoring the kitchen back Under Cornelius strict instructions come in for Danis Putting it into the way that didn’t work that was cluttered.

It’s ridiculous 48 hours into their time at plas tag, they have failed to stay over and only the kitchen has been properly cleaned You couldn’t remember how that was, you know because you know, I don’t like to see the microwave and I’m sitting in it Yeah, I don’t like to see any modern thing. Yeah, is this okay. Yeah, it is much better. Yeah Yeah, I’m amazed that you enjoy cleaning Yeah, I don’t actually enjoy cleaning. I’ve got your name. I’ve got an illness but people have because I’m I’ve got icy day, which is very common so many people suffer from it and Find it really hard to live a normal life It’s not something I enjoy doing. I don’t wake up in the morning and blink I know but I’m compelled to do it this illness this illness Forces you and pushes you to clean.

That’s what it does and By doing the cleaning It takes away my anxieties. I’m actually here not I need to help you but to help myself and I have today I’ve cleaned with Your way with soap and water. Yeah, and I’m really happy because It works it works Yes, yeah Okay, no so you don’t enjoy cleaning no But that’s all you should find some other solutions I’ve tried everything cuz I’ve lived this way for so many years and I feel like being here is helping me I’ve cleaned your microwave today with washing up liquid and that’s the mercy break free for me cuz it works years ago I wouldn’t of I wouldn’t really have left my house. I didn’t hold any of my children when they were born Because I was dead. Yeah Hmm I didn’t realize any of those things obviously, I mean you don’t realise do you John and there’s someone tells you Diagnosed with OCD in 2007 Halley now manages her obsessions without the need for treatment.

I feel like with my iced tea. Yeah, I do every day, it’s like I’m Battling this illness and I feel like every day I get stronger and stronger against it and then like I have moments where I fall but I feel like I’m Doing so well now Over halfway through their time at plaz take Dan and Haley have just two days left to make an impact and change The fortunes of pensioner Cornelia, it’s really nice in taps So they’ve traveled 50 minutes away to see how another stately home is run And how it generates money. I Think cleaning isn’t gonna be enough to sort camellias problems. I think she needs money for water She needs money to pay for the heating Our Lee Hall a grade 2 listed house that holds over 60 weddings a year Owned by Lord Ashe Brook and his family for the last 800 years They employ 22 staff and general manager Steve Hamilton. We’re in the wedding business We’re trying to get more ways because they are very profitable They’re very profitable. What do you charge them per? Wedding a Saturday in July or August at peak you’re looking at about seven thousand four hundred for the facility fee Lor – Brooks home and gardens have been open to the public for the last thirty years But to maintain the property he decided to start holding weddings here ten years ago So this is the gallery and this as well we hold when the wedding breakfasts although it takes up to a hundred We’ve had weddings here that have gone beyond them Yeah, I think this room is definitely the same size as Cornelius.

The mission in life is to maintain at the earliest age So we’ve tried to move with the times and I think now that it’s right that places like Ali should be available For as many people to see as possible Lord Ashbrook said that you know weddings here Have guaranteed the survival of his hearty and I feel like if Cornelia could do something similar then it would you know I guarantee the survival of her property. The only thing that’s holding Cornelia back from making money and doing the things that she wants to do is Cordelia Weddings could be the answer to plastics financial woes In two days time, it’s Cornelius house tour Haley and Dan want to turn it into a more lucrative earner by holding a wedding fair all they need to do now is convince Cornelia a Primary goal is for you to be able to make the maximum amount of money with this amazing house Say if you made ten thousand pound of wedding.

Yeah, and you have 20 weddings. Yeah, that’s 20 weeks Yeah, that’s two hundred thousand pound that’s enough to have hot water all year round all the bird feed You could ever think are the cats really cheese pastures cats eating caviar You’d have a better standard of living wouldn’t you? Yes Yeah, so it sees that’s something that you want to aim for then to be able to have the weddings here. Yeah Yeah, because then we get the right people With Cornelia on board the pressure is on to get the mansion ready to showcase weddings to prospective brides and grooms While Hayley finesse is the perfect spot for a bridal photographs Cornelia is dealing with a problem that could get up the noses of prospective brides and grooms The drains are broken.

We can’t get rid of the sewage and the water everything. Have you stopped? It’s one of the disasters of own in a country house But a few stressful hours later, the drains are fixed The wedding flower plans back on track Haley and Dan have joined forces to tackle the bathroom To create the perfect dressing room for potential brides. I Dive my toilet lid like that quite honestly word it just didn’t a speech I Think there’s so much way on it hasn’t been cleaned off and that’s why it smells so fishy. I’ll finish it. I’ll finish it We just promised Eva place And now it’s not my plunger that was my thunder Dan, cleans the toilet in his house five times a day and buys a new loose eat every month.

Just do it quickly Don’t come near me with behind my comedy just put that down there I Need that’s right You’ve got a really funny color in your face Nice maybe better It’s now completely dog we’ve been there all day you have been in the bathroom for six hours and it’s just been the hardest day in the world Just as Haley’s about to leave please take to spend the night at her hotel Cornelia comes to find her I’ve seen the bathroom Cornelia. Yeah, it looks lovely Are you happy with it? Yeah, definitely. Yeah, you’ve done a good job. It’s made it worth it now Yeah, because it was really hard. Yeah, it looks clean and polished which is nice. This really makes me smile. I’m So happy you like it goodnight Cornelia Cornelia seeing the finished project in one room has Actually changed her mind slightly because she actually came and firmed me to say thank you and how happy she was? I don’t even care that it’s dark now. I feel like it was a worth it For the last five days Hayley and Dan have been challenging their obsessions by battling the decades of dust at 400 year old Plastic this really is the last chance that we can make a difference here.

We really want to make this place a wedding venue They may have failed to stay the night But the kitchen great hall and bathroom have now all had their first deep clean in 29 years Ready to launch plows tagged for weddings Haley and Dan have arranged for Cornelia to have her heating back and get the boiler fixed So, when did she last clean this boiler? In its current state the boiler company won’t services due to health and safety There is now four hours till plastic opens its doors to the public Haley and Dan of kept Cornelia’s 17th century look for the house, but are adding their own modern touches And even Cornelia who hasn’t bathed in three years is sprucing herself up for the occasion What I would not having laid out they look dreadful I mean it’s so it’s ridiculous Things like this around I don’t have anything on there that you know, it’s it’s it’s it’s not a cafe stop doing things that interfere I Don’t allow anyone to put things that ruin fast egg Can’t have things like that.

It’s just no no It’s my house, I’m not having all this clutter and rubbish put about No country house anywhere would have such things. I mean, it looks like it chatty cheek plays I Like using old things every spoon everything I use it’s all secondhand and old because I like the atmosphere Looks like this sort of thing is seeing upon the pound shop It’s ridiculous that they’ve got no taste Haley and Dan’s contemporary furnishings may have dive-bombed but the house is now clean and ready for the guests to view Cornelia’s close friend and local historian mark has come to see the houses cleaner image Looks amazing The Great Hall hadn’t been deep cleaned for 29 years and was layered in decades of dust It’s now been vacuumed the furniture polished and Cornelia’s 17th century vision has been preserved the carpet looks good carpet looks good Look at the colors.

Yeah, probably only about 100 years old. It’s no it’s not a good one, but it was from Lady Salisbury We need father for the next six months anyway, so The kitchen had never been spring cleaned and the surfaces were piled high with books antiques and China after 24 man-hours the kitchen has had its first ever scrub It’s now a hygienic and safe place to prepare meals This looks really good Looks really lovely. Actually I can’t wait to eat from here The bathroom hadn’t been deep cleaned for nearly three decades and had no running hot water It’s now been scrubbed clean with soap and the boiler has been fixed Cornelia can wash in her 19th century bath as much or as little as she wants It’s all being lavishly pleased you think you’ll never know I Think it looks really really good and I think deep down she is very happy and I think that everyone who’s going to be visiting will be amazed as well This great stately home is finally ready to receive the visitors.

That could be the key to plows tEG’s financial future Can I just have your attention just for two minutes, please? so we’ve been helping Cornelia awake and we’d really like people to kind of come here and Potentially look at plastic as a wedding venue because both myself under and think it’s an amazing place for weddings We definitely consider something like this house being absolutely beautiful I Think plans take make a brilliant wedding venue I mean as a young bride, can you imagine anywhere better to be photographed with that has to take as a backdrop? I mean, it’s absolutely fantastic. Plus I could make a really good wedding venue for people that want that little chance acquire Just something a little bit different. Oh my god turnout. We’ve got loads of people. I feel like we’ve achieved the unachievable today We’re off now Cornelia and I hope that you’re pleased with what we’ve managed to do Done a good job Really whether you realize it or not.

It has massively helped me being here. This wakes. For example, I’ve used less bleach. Oh good I’m glad about that We have learned a lot and we will take a lot away from this and we hope that we’ve opened your eyes a little bit That’s whirlwind factual we go. Yes. Oh, I think or need very much coming here Being here in Cornelius home and kind of living in a dirty environment Feels like actually I finally taken not a baby step and actually quite a huge leap if I can go whole week With using a small amount of bleach then I think I’m well on my way to not actually having the illness anymore I’m hoping this week that Cornelia notices the changes and it just recognize it’s a bit cleaner and it’s still okay It still looks like the 17th century property at once was but it’s just a bit less dusty They have done a good job.

They’ve made it much cleaner got an end result. I think presence could be part of Future I’ll keep fighting the battle for this house because I love it Their standards all completely didn’t meet mine Next time on obsessive compulsive cleaners country has rescued. I do not think that you are grateful I think that you’re treating me like a servant. I think we should just call it a day. It really pisses me I don’t know why she’s gone her problem. Not mine If you’re interested in taking part in the next series of obsessive-compulsive teeners, you don’t need to live in a grand mansion Our trainers are keen to tackle houses of all shapes and sizes Go to www.hsn –is Oh See see same time next Tuesday Thursday from 8:00 You gotta be ingenious to make it work Grand designs of the urban kind new series space at a premium for those living in this city Now next night to give you an idea of the standards were talking a level maths at the age of 10 child and genius